A clarification

November 23, 2007

Someone sent me a link to some reviews of Father Ted episodes. The reviews are sweet and passionate and make Arthur and me look really clever, and I thank the people who took the time to write them.

But this comment caught my eye. “Going on recent form he’ll probably call us all sad nerds at even the slightest hint of less than glowing comments.”

Sigh. I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to explain this, but the reason I took umbrage at some people who were writing in when ‘The It Crowd’ was running is because they were being obnoxiously rude about me, my show and my friends, and I don’t really see why I have to put up with that. When someone writes “Matt Berry is a disgrace” or “Chris O’Dowd is absolute shit” or accuses me of plagiarism, where is it written that I have to give that person the time of day? Perhaps if their criticism had been couched in less obnoxious language, I might have been able to sift through it to see if there was anything worth considering, but the way they chose to express themselves marked them out as arseholes within the space of a couple of words, and therefore worthy of nothing but my spam folder.

As I said at the time, “…when you wrestle around with your ‘critics’, a lot of
whom are merely trolls who use forums in order to feel
like they’re on the inside of the process, rather than on the
outside tapping resentfully at a window, then you just get exhausted.” I use my patented ‘scan and delete’ setting to avoid spending all my time thinking up witty rejoinders to such people when I should be writing series 3 of my show. Look at all the effort I’ve already spent on the above sentence!

(Anyway, on the subject of Series 3 of Father Ted, Jonathan, and your comment that there was something really off about it? I can clear that up pretty fast; we were running out of ideas.)

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