Dickipedia on Dick Cheney

November 20, 2007

“In 1959, he matriculated to Yale University, where it was thought to be
impossible to flunk out. After flunking out, Cheney returned to Wyoming
in 1960. He ended up graduating from the University of Wyoming at the
age of twenty-four, the perfect age for a young black man to serve his
country in the army.
In 1964, Cheney married Lynne Vincent, his high school sweetheart. Mrs.
Cheney would go on to become an accomplished dick in her own right,
serving as the Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, a
senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and a writer of
filthy pulp novels about lesbian sex and rape. The Cheneys have two
daughters, Elizabeth and Mary, also dicks. Mary Cheney is an attractive
though somewhat tomboy-ish femme lesbian. Her partner, Heather Poe, looks a bit like Dad.”

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