Things that are over. Collect them all!

November 16, 2007

1. Captioning your single-panel comics using that Gray Larson, 3rd person prose style; “Jim realised that he was being watched”; “Edward never forgot his eighth birthday”; “It was at that moment that Selma realised she had made a terrible mistake”. This wouldn’t be over if its practitioners ever made the style work for them… but the jokes always suck. The cartoonists responsible seem to feel that there is something about the style that is automatically classy and Larson-esque, and no more work needs to be done. Of course, the opposite is true; if you’re going to trespass on Larson’s turf, you need to make sure the gag is extra special.

Here’s two cartoons by the same guy, Not how one cartoon, executed in the ‘classic’ style is pretty funny, while the other, using the Larson patent, is super not-funny.


Not like Larson, pretty funny.


Like Larson, super not-funny (it also doesn’t quite fit on the page, but that’s not his fault).

Proved! It’s over!

(I also realise that saying things are over is over. I also realise I may have posted something about this before.)

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