The Golden Watch Theory

November 13, 2007


So much to love in this wiki on how to ‘turn’ an athiest, but the following tip is the reason I wanted to post the link.

“If the person is atheist, they will most likely use logic against you (!!!)… so why don’t you use logic against them? Ask them: OK, imagine you’re in the middle of the desert, just walking along. You’re looking around when bam, you find a golden watch in front of you. The watch is working perfectly and tells the exact time no matter where you are. Do you think the watch was made by someone and dropped there, or do you think it “evolved” from sand into a perfect working watch? The person will, of course, say that it was dropped there. Then tell them: “Well, how about us humans? Do you think we were made by God, or did we just evolve from something in the middle of the universe?” Finding a working watch in the middle of the desert is like finding a human in the middle of the universe, not possible. We had to be made, like that golden watch, because we work perfectly.”

That’s that, then! (Hear that, Dawkins? Yeah, that’s right! You just got POWNDED, pawned, owed. You just got owed! Powed?)

Here’s my Golden Watch Theory–if a friend starts talking to you about a Golden Watch, it is always a good idea to reach into your pocket and quietly dial for a cab.

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