“Joey…did you checkmate my wife?”

November 8, 2007


What is going on in this picture? Well, the shock answer is…exactly what appears to be going on. Link


  1. I must admit I’ve indulged in sudoku sex. I’m not proud of it though, all those digits in boxes.

    And then, of course, there’s the sudoku…

  2. Ooh…someone’s been waiting a while to make a sudoku/sex joke!

    The image of Pesci doing the “I can’t believe you’d axe me dat – you’re sick, you’re a sick fuck” made me chuckle heartily there.

    Chess boxing’s been around for a while actually – I’d love to take it up but the chess is too scary.

  3. I think this sport stems from the common urge to smack people who are smug about being good at chess. I think the saying goes: Good at chess, bad at life. Or something like that. I’d like to change it to: Good at chess, in for a kicking.

    Completely off topic, but I’ve become addicted to manualism. This isn’t as bad as it seems, but I have the terrible urge to share. Here are a few fine performances starting with a classic (I particularly like the twins):

  4. As someone who loves chess but is absolutely horrendous at it, I like the idea, after yet another checkmate, of punching my opponent in the face. In fact chess club at school would have been a lot more fun. (Worst win/loss record in the history of the school, and proud of it!)

  5. Talk to the hand Graham, the face don’t want ta hear it!

    Ah no, best of luck with Series 3, I hope the research phase is fun.


  6. Sorry to comment when we’re not supposed to be commenting, and it’s nothing to do with chess or boxing, but just wanted to say I had been wondering how on earth you were single-handedly writing the 3rd series of The IT Crowd AND seemingly being on here all day keeping us all amused!!

    Good luck with the writing – can’t wait to see what you come up with! x

  7. Good luck with S3 Graham, fully understand turning comments off even though it means I can’t send you stories like this:

  8. Been away a while and just worked my way backwards through your posts and ended up here with something to say… So er, I’m gonna say it, damn it!

    Really enjoyed the Andy Kaufman sketch and the Army Man stuff was brilliant (where can I get the rest of those?).

    Ok, I admit that maybe I didn’t read all your posts, but these two were pretty good.

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