Larry King shows how he earned those braces

November 6, 2007

(Thanks, ‘CNuts’!)


  1. Look at the pair of shoulders on that man, old Larry. This is even worse than when he had professional wrestlers on earlier this year and couldn’t understand that it wasn’t real.

  2. Larry is dreadful. There is YouTube footage up of him interviewing Paul & Ringo (you know, the living Beatles) earlier this year and it’s just a squandered chance to make something interesting.

    His usual musical question to an act he doesn’t know is “Are you a singer who writes or a writer who sings?”

    I did call up and get on the show once though, that was fun.

  3. Larry proved he has the worst interview technique in the world when he threw nothing but softballs at Paris Hilton last summer. He didn’t even call her out on her bald-faced lie about never doing drugs. So why should we expect anything different when he interviews a guy like Jerry Seinfeld?

  4. i don’t know, even ignoring Larry King’s appearance in Bee Movie (as “Bee Larry King”), isn’t it pretty clearly a put on?

  5. I keep being told by people that Jerry is just playing at being an idiot about the question. but to be honest it just seems too well acted to me to be anything but an honest reaction which makes him look an ass. thats the impression i got anyway.

  6. I think Jerry Seinfeld looks like the arsehole here. Yeah, King is terrible at his job but I have a feeling that Seinfeld is one of those tortuously self-important got-lucky son-of-a-bitches that think he should be treated like a world statesman.

    “You ever notice the way people who say other people’s words on TV end up giving that the equivalency of curing diseases? What’s with that?”

  7. I’ve never seen a Larry King interview that didn’t feel dumbed-down.

    he’s just trying to get a clever little soundbite in (“you cancelled them”), and ends up asking a monumentally stupid question to justify it. Of course Seinfeld is annoyed; his show was a tremendous success and King is basically challenging the story of how it ended.

  8. Since day one his braces have been holding up is oversized clown trousers and it’s only with interviews such as this that the truth is beginning to out.

    Either that or he is suffering from the writers strike and has had to resort to relying on his sharp intuitive instincts and encyclopaedic knowledge that he has gained over 25 years of broadcasting.

  9. Seinfeld ‘got lucky’? He co-wrote one of the greatest sitcoms ever made! He’s one of the best stand-ups alive!

  10. I think Cosgrove’s theory about the soundbite is on the money. I’ve never really seen Larry King before, pretty amazing he’s been on all these years if this is what you can expect.

    Can you imagine how snooty any British person would sound if they said “Do you know who I am?” on that show? Even if they were in the right.

  11. Bahahahaha!!
    Is it just me, or as Larry gets older he’s getting smaller, yet still keeps the same clothes. . . he’s gonna dissapear inside them soon!!!

  12. I like ‘Seinfeld’ as much as the next man but it owes as much to the work of Larry David, Larry Charles and the numerous other writers that worked on it as it does to the fella it’s named after. If I’d earned $60 million last year I’d be pretty sure I had got lucky.

  13. Larry King is a complete idiot, as are most of the “respected” TV journalists in the America. I’ll never understand why people listen to him, he talks crap and asks random unrelated questions of those he interviews. Same goes for that Charlie guy who interviews all the film people.

    It seems that the general rule for being respected as a “serious” broadcaster is being old, talking slowly and asking stupid questions while not really listening to your guest’s answers.


  14. I don’t think JS was either
    a) claiming the success of the show was down to him and no other person involved, so when he is defending its track record he is celebrating the team efforts
    b) being egotistical with the ‘do you know who I am?’ quip as it is quite obviously a dig at the interviewers incompetence and not some maniacal rhetoric from Emperor Ming

    I honestly think he was defending the success of the show and not having it entirely misrepresented by a filthy media hack. I think Seinfeld was quite mild.

    If King really wanted to pinch Seinfeld he should have asked him about his movie ‘Comedian’ that grossed about as much money as your average Devonshire couple at a Car Boot Sale. Fascinating film, just not remotely successful.

  15. I think Seinfeld is just completely flummoxed and frustrated by King’s complete incompetence… and understandably so.

    The same question put another way: “So, er, your TV show Seinfeld, was that a successful or did it do badly?”

    He’s a world famous journalist, for Pete’s sake! He should be ashamed of himself!

  16. I do think Seinfeld was being a bit of a tit, however. I think someone like Ricky Gervais would have turned the situation around and made something potentially embarassing into something genuinely funny, not just awkward. But Larry King endorses that Jabba the Hutt-inspired bipedal haemarrhoid Sylvia Browne, so fuck him.

  17. I find it even more amusing that people on here think that it’s Seinfeld that comes out looking the worst.

  18. Please, Graham, never ever thank ‘Nuts’ for anything ever again. You’re so much better than that. x

  19. Not the mag, Debs, the poster named ‘ContainsNuts’

  20. Oh that’s okay then!! :D xxxxx

  21. How do you get the little picture in the corner? I WANT A LITTLE PICTURE.

  22. Um, if you have a WordPress thingummybob, you can put a picture on your profile bit, and then it shows when you comment. I’m sure someone more technical than me can explain it better!

  23. Bobkins, what’s the magic word?

    Assuming you answered ‘please’ and not ‘abaracadabra’ or ‘fuck off’, you need to start a blog on wordpress by going here, like wot Debs said:


  24. Oh, has anyone noticed how Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t seem to age much? He just gets wider.

  25. Seinfeld always comes across as a pretty genuine guy in interviews, etc. I don’t think he’s being an arse here, I think he’s just taken aback at what he seems is King’s incompetence.

    At the same time, I thought that King was just using a clumsy rhetorical sentence to kick start discussion of the end of Seinfeld….?

  26. It looked to me like Seinfeld could have been just talking and talking and saying “do you know who I am” a million times in an effort to try and stop King saying anything else. Can’t blame him really.

    I’ll tell you who doesn’t age: Floella Benjamin. She was in ‘Run, Fat Boy, Run’ and she doesn’t look a day older than when I used to watch her on ‘Play School’.

  27. Way off-topic I know, but:


    Opinions? I for one, laughed like a schoolboy at the start…

  28. “Seinfeld ‘got lucky’? He co-wrote one of the greatest sitcoms ever made! He’s one of the best stand-ups alive!”

    Yeah, but he’s not in the 100 living geniuses list, is he?

    The prosecution rests. It’s also having dinner.

  29. Well now, this post has made you even more famous than before.

    Check out the front page of wordpress.com. You are “hawt” post of the day.

  30. “yeah but he’s not in the 100 living geniuses list, is he?”

    no one ever said he was a genius. He said he is a great stand-up and wrote a great sitcom. Just because he’s not a “genius” (which by the way, is a very broad term), does not mean he got lucky that he made money.

    The prosecution is a moron. ^

  31. Ah, now, I think Happy was being funny. Let’s not start with the name-calling.

  32. By the way, I think what’s happening here is that Seinfeld has decided it would be very amusing not to let King off the hook for his clumsy, though innocent, intro. And he’s right!

  33. Marketinghelper, I was referring to Graham’s position on the genius list in vaguely ironic manner.


  34. Aww, poor ol’ horrible Mr. King. He would perhaps be better prepared if he used the Internet now and then. But the buttons, they scare him: http://thinkprogress.org/2006/11/15/larry-king-internet/

  35. Larry King interviews have always been pretty boring to me. Nothing of interest is ever talked about in these things.

  36. “That Charlie guy who interviews all the film people” is unintentionally hilarious too. “Your last book: not a success. Why?” And James “Inside the Actors’ Studio” — what a creepy individual!
    I think some people are missing the meaning of the line “Do you know who I am?” It’s not, “You must let me into your club, I’m famous,” it’s “You booked me on your show and yet you appear not to know the basic stuff that everybody in your audience knows. Are you senile???”
    No little picture for me.

  37. […] Larry King shows how he earned those braces [YouTube] (Thanks, ‘CNuts’!) […]

  38. Oh, I’m not technical enough and don’t have the attention span for that kind of stuff. Thanks anyway.

  39. Dammit! There needs to be an edit button or something. I was talking to Debs and Happymutt in the above post.

  40. Yeah, Seinfeld needed to rib King for that goof, but…come on, “Do you know who I am?” Whether he meant it tongue-in-cheek or not he came across as a bit of a dick. Jerry definitely irked me more in that clip.

  41. I love ‘Seinfeld’ but was never sure about Jerry until I saw the documentary ‘Comedian’. I found that was one the most interesting entertainment docos I’ve seen.

  42. I think he just meant ‘do you know who I am?’ literally. An interview with him printed in The Guardian last week said he had a certain ‘earned arrogance’.

    If anyone’s seen the bumper Larry Sanders DVD box set that came out in the US earlier this year there’s a really good feature on him in that. He comes across as a bit of a dick when he’s out with Garry Shandling, but then really good natured and chatty when a guy seemingly comes up to them in a restaurant to ask a question.

  43. […] King, frighteningly ignorant for your pleasure, unsure as to whether Seinfeld was cancelled or not. Jerry stands up for himself in a pretty classy way I […]

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