Funography–YouTube special!

November 5, 2007


Some ‘Balls of Steel’-type humour from Singapore.


  1. That’s the fundamental problem with Balls Of Steel, they pick on the vulnarable, whereas shows like Punk’d target celebs (I don’t like Punk’d, by the way) but that candid camera show on the BBC, the one you have posted before, is a good example of how pranks should be done– No malice.

  2. There is a show that’s been airing here in Canada along this line that I think is exceptionally cruel and sadistic. By far the worst example of the “prank” is onboard a light plane. (And I’ve only seen the trailers. That was enough to indicate to me that I didn’t want to see the show.) They “fake” the pilot of the plane dying. The “joke” is that everyone on board thinks they’re going to die as the plane spins out of control. Seriously, I’m not kidding. That is the big “prank”. Convincing people they’re about to be killed.

    Absolutely fucking sick.

  3. Totally unrelated comment but you were at Animal Collective last night yeah? I just need to know because I spent a good 20 minutes arguing with a friend about how I recognised you before the show.

  4. I thought Graham would appreciate this one… More Jerry Springer than Jerry Seinfeld but rightly!

  5. Morons abroad.

    When you read the article first it sounds dramatic and shocking, but then the video is of three prats being boorish and actually quite dull. Not exactly a major international incident.

    And what sort of fool responds with death threats to this?

  6. The threats are completely ridiculous, and I agree that there’s nothing but drink and stupidity at work here, rather than anything sinister. It’s just depressing they thought nothing of posting it online.

  7. Oh, and Ray, yeah it was me. You were standing right behind the sound desk when I came in, right?

  8. The only thing I’ve ever seen from Balls of Steel is Neg’s Urban Sports, which I admit I like because it’s so insane. But this is awful, I agree.

  9. I like the way everyone’s reacting to this as if it really were a TV show!

  10. What did I do?

  11. Cheers for clearing that up! yeah I was behind the sound desk. What did you think of the gig? Getting to hear some Panda Bear songs at the end was probably what made it for me despite the problems with dave and his flu.

  12. Didn’t make it to Animal Collective cos I was too busy with shtuff – hopefully my friend managed to sell my ticket! Nialler9 said on his (superb) blog that they waited nearly an hour to announce the flu thing – tut tut. Although the Panda Bear material would have been a nice way to end. What did you reckon, Graham? Did I miss much?

  13. Great gig. The Panda Bear stuff was a fantastic bonus. And I didn’t mind it being short–too many bands play until you’re sick of them.

  14. Yeah, the short’n’sweet approach can be really effective – I saw The Knife play a 50 minute set last year in Paris, and boy was it worth the flight over! Leave ’em wanting more, I say.

    Shame I couldn’t make it to Tripod. I believe I’m owed some ticket money!

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