Straight, the new gay

November 4, 2007


(click for larger size)


  1. Ah yes, the Barrymore Defense:

    “What? This is my wife!” “Exactly!”

  2. off topic i know but – *wishes for it crowd christmas special!*

  3. Enjoyable. Especially the “listen to her” box.

  4. This so called “homosexual agenda”… Is it written down somewhere for us to read? Or is it like the Masons, and when you become one you’re given the secret handshake and a copy of the agenda on rice paper which you must memorise then eat immediately?

  5. Very funny.

    Squinted through the whole thing only to find “Click for larger image” at the bottom. Doh!

  6. Hi Graham. Just back from the Animal Collective and I spotted you in the crowd there. How did you enjoy the gig? Shame they had to cut the set short because of flu boy.

    I was going to apologise for going off topic but, now that I think of it, you were wearing a nice suit jacket, were there with a lady who may be your wife, and , dare I say it, you’re in a middle ground between youth and old age. Is there something you’re trying to tell us with this latest post?

  7. I think Karl Rove is gay and that many high ranking republicans are pedophiles.

  8. I think Mik is right. His ideas intrigue me and I would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

  9. It’s deeply deeply tragic, isn’t it, that these gay Republicans hate themselves so much that they have to conceal their shame by persecuting other, healthy and unabashed homosexuals. What pushes it over into the absurd is that this is happening in a western world which has largely ceased to be bothered by what consenting adults do with their bits. That and the loathesomeness of the “Republican gay agenda” make it ultimately hard to feel sorry for these guys. It’s still kind of sad though, in the abstract.

  10. haha, “what? This is my wife” “EXACTLY” thats perfect. I run my blog to help others make money but this is sooo entertaining =]

  11. why that’s delightful.

  12. If Graham will forgive me, I think Drood is my new favorite person…

  13. Why thank you… *blushes then bows*

  14. With all this sneaky new gayness about, perhaps now the church will increase funding for this little doozy


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