Ha, ha! They…they have a monkey!

November 4, 2007

Thanks to everyone who keeps sending in the link to The It Room. I wasn’t going to mention it because… please, look at the thing. But I sort of have to now in order to say, yes, I’ve seen the trailers, and I’m not too worried. Seriously, look at the thing!


  1. Two words spring to mind: “Viral Marketing” – notice Dell stuff EVERYWHERE.

    Whatever it is, it looks poo.

  2. Schindler’s List was funnier.

    And yes, they can use that on their posters.

  3. It’s not even grammatical: FOUR UNLIKELY HEROES AND THEIR QUEST TO BATTLE IT COMPLEXITY. I think that would read a lot better if it said “I.T. COMPLEXITY.” If this is the competition…

  4. I’m sure I saw a couple of faces from the Channel 101 crowd in there.

    Ignore this unlovely corporate-sponsored thing, and check out some of that old Channel 101 stuff, much of which is wonderful.

    My favourites include Dohar: Lord of Beasts episodes 1 & 2, and Stripey episode 1, but there’s lots more that’s worth your time if you root around.

  5. D. Cairns probably means “It’s not even grammatically correct”. Just to make the comment correcting grammar, grammatically correct.

  6. I happen to know that they focus group tested this on prisoners in Abu Ghraib. And they say America doesn’t torture!

  7. They don’t just have a monkey; they have a dwarf!

    How funny is that?

    I’m a fan already.

  8. This is a piece of corporate marketing if ever I saw one. All the charm of a Bill Gates keynote.

  9. After watching this i had to poke my eyes out. Then I poked my wife’s eyes out. Then my boss’s. Then I put my own back in and they’re now both blind.

    I think I won.

  10. Hey, I did not see any hint of anyone on this viral campaign with the word “genius” after their name.

  11. Curb Your Enthusiasm last night have Steve Cooghan as the shrink who drops Larry even more into the marital shit. Very nice to see British talent getting US airtime.

  12. Have you looked at http://www.reynholm.co.uk/ ?

    I spent several minutes struggling to breath.

  13. ah ballbags, this is horrible, it’s kind of like Roman’s Holiday a while back it seems to steal only from things that will annoy geeky comedy fans and leave a mainstream audience bemused.

    Like a load of jocks had to make it for a class:

    “ah man we have to make this comedy thing for class….hey Friends had a monkey, lets have a monkey…
    what was that movie with a fat nervous guy and an asian guy, yeah Office Space, lets make it just like that, and that there Big Bang Theory with the slutty daughter from the sitcom with the dead guy from Bad Santa…wait a minute…Bad Santa, didn’t it have a midget?…let’s have a midget….sweet all done, let’s go to a kegger.”

  14. Good God Graham – for the good of all of us, sue them – please! Make it go away before the voices start getting too loud in my head again…

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