Oh, Holy God, it looks so good.

November 3, 2007



  1. It looks good until the end of the trailer where Day Lewis delivers the “I can’t keep doing this on my own… with these.. people [laughs manically]” line – then it looks great.

    But with themes of religion, faith, loyalty, greed, oil and conflict I just can’t see what kind of relevance this film has to the modern world…

  2. “I look at people and I see nothing worth liking.”

    Now there’s a sentiment I can relate too.

    Looks good. Daniel Day Lewis is an actor who doesn’t get nearly enough credit I think.

    Love movies set during that sort of time period. Makes me want to go and watch “Ravenous” again.

  3. I like that bit in Ravenous where the characters are all introduced around the table as one-word stereotypes: “Johnson, the drunk. Smith, the cynic.” etc. And then they procede to live up to their cliches perfectly. Might be Antonia Bird’s best work because it isn’t trying to teach us all a valuable lesson…

  4. “Original Music By Johnny Greenwood”


  5. Looks a bit hammy to me. There’s something unreal about the perfomance in the trailer that puts me off. But then again, I watch nearly every film I can get hold of, so I’m still going to watch it.

  6. D Cairns: Nice to meet a fellow fan of “Ravenous”. We’re few and far between. The first time I saw it I hated the music, and thought the film was merely average. My “eureka” moment came when I found the DVD for a mere $10 at my local video store. Saw it was pretty loaded and figured I’d get it. Glad I did as it’s one of my favourite films now. Easily in my top ten. As for the music, it’s grown on me so much the soundtrack is in my regular MP3 playlist now. (Especially the piece as they discover the cave.)

    The era alone is enough to make me interested in “There Will Be Blood”. I also like how, unlike a lot of trailers, it doesn’t give too much away. I am so sick of trailers that basically make seeing the movie irrelevant.

  7. I got chills watching the trailer for “Blood.” Upton Sinclair, PT Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jonny Greenwood…I don’t know if I can take this much concentrated talent.

    Have you seen the trailer for “No Country for Old Men,” the new Coen brothers film? It looks very good too.

  8. Just found this with more about the movie.


  9. Rebecca, yes, I posted a link to the trailer and read Cormac McCarthy’s book soon afterward. The book is AWESOME and I can’t wait for the film.

  10. Drood, I couldn’t quite call myself a fan of Ravenous but I enjoyed it fine. I like the fact that it just establishes it’s daft premise and expects you to go along. The music is remarkable, it lifts it into another class. It feels like film music has become a bit homogenised since the sixties, so it can be a bit confusing to find something so different.

  11. Trailer looks really good, I work in a video shop and I know a good trailer (have to listen to them on a loop every day…)
    Just watched the entire series of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and was surprised to see you pop up as ‘Irish Hospital Porter’, Graham, you were great and I cracked up when you squeezed into that phone booth.
    Oh and “I forgot to flush” had me in stitches, I had to pause it.
    Give yourself another pat on the arse!

  12. I agree, this looks incredible. Finally PTA gets the chance to really fucking do it. I’m currently reading Oil! in anticipation for this. Did the same for No Country, which I’m seeing this Friday.

    BTW D Cairns, I agree. Ravenous is a decent film that was brought to a whole new level by the score.

  13. D Cairns: I think that’s what threw me with the music on first viewing. It was just such strange music. Throwing together Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn was such an odd pairing, but not I find it really makes the movie unique.

    And yes, movie music has become homogenised. For example last night I was listening to some MP3’s and assumed the music I was listening too was from “300”. It was actually from “Transformers”. Two totally different composers. Very similar music.

  14. but noW I find it really makes the movie unique, rather. (Stupid brain and keyboard.)

  15. It really does look brilliant, doesn’t it?

    By the way, I saw No Country for Old Men last week and although I haven’t read the book I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s really very good indeed, the first half an hour was so tense that I genuinely started to worry I might have some sort of panic attack in the cinema!

  16. Graham (and anyone else who cares to read this ) on the off-chance you have not read it, the power of christ compels you etc. etc. to read McCarthy’s “The Road”.

    Were I a literary critic, (and who is to say that I cannot be?) I’d say it makes Hobbes anarchy seem a Utopia by contrast.

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