The new ‘Father Ted’ DVD

November 2, 2007


It has a few extra features and all that shit, and thank Christ it’s finally navigable, but really, if you’re happy with the old one, I wouldn’t buy it. However, if your old copy went on fire or got sat on or something, then this is definitely the one to get.

And I swear, we won’t release it again.

(Another thing–I’m sorry we had to include some of the terrible ‘extras’ from the original DVDs. Like the biogs. Think of it this way– they give the show that authentic ‘produced on Craggy Island’ feel).


  1. I just saw this in HMV for £49.99 and they still had copies of the older set, which is a good few years old now, for only £24.99.

    I almost bought it but it wasn’t clear if there were any new decent extras etc so I will be keeping the old set for now.

  2. Oh Graham, when I went in to look at the new Father Ted DVD in HMV, I picked up the HMV Exclusive copy of IT Crowd 2.0 and it had 4 postcard photo things inside with some extremely odd dialog on them. For example one has Moss on saying “I can has Sand-wedge?” Did you write these? Are they lines from the show?

  3. I would assume they are a parody of ‘lolcats’.


    I’ll have to search around the net to see if I can find images of these IT Crowd ones since I’m in the US.

  4. Hey Shawn I just scanned one and put it on my website, is this the sort of thing you thought it was?

    P.S I messed the scan up a bit so no one can get a free copy of the image.

  5. No need to do that, Mark. I don’t mind people having free copies.

  6. Yep… I just found them online too.. I love the Ceiling Goth one.. lol.

  7. If I saw that in a shop I’d probably walk past it without picking it up – it looks a bit like one of those unofficial releases that try to piggy back on the success of bands, films, actors and TV shows (like those CDs that are full of archive interviews with people).

    The main reason I’d think that is because of the logo – it looks like it was made to look similar to the original Ted logo, but not so much that it would breach copyright law!

    The fact that there’s a drawing rather than an actual photo or image on the cover, and the fact that ‘The Definitive Collection’ is so hard to read at first glance makes it even harder to realise what it is straight away.

  8. Awesome. I keep looking at the box for the new Ted DVD and wishing I had bought it now. We consumers can be real suckers sometimes.

  9. I never kept up with Father Ted when it was on, but I liked it. I think I was too young for it at the time and I don’t have it on DVD so I’d be best getting this latest boxset, right?

  10. Looks like it’s just the Comic Relief and the Comedy Connections – both lovely and all, but I’ll hold off on the purchase for now. For the time being, my DVD boxset of Ted is probably the first thing I’d grab if my house went up in flames. Really quite a good show.

  11. Yeah get the boxset WrongHeaded, Father Ted is simply the funniest work I think Graham has ever done. Sod it, I am off to buy the new set!

  12. I saw this when I was rushing out of a Virgin Megastore down the country the other day and it made me sad. I bought the other one years ago with my confo money and a HMV voucher after much “will I won’t I?”. And I love it. But this one is all shiny and different and Idon’tknowwhattodooooo..
    definitive collection > complete collection, is it not?

  13. In the extra features, can we expect french subtitles ?
    Oh please Graham, tell me we can!

  14. Your “confo money”? I love you.

  15. do you haz lawyers?



  16. Whenever it’s on the telly now I never bother watching Father Ted because I think I’ve seen them all hundreds of times anyway, but recently when I’ve had it on before Studio 60 on More 4 I find myself laughing at bits I missed and bits I knew were coming anyway.

    In my opinion Dermot Morgan is up there with Tony Hancock and David Jason as one of the most spot-on comedy actors that was ever on British television.

  17. Drink.

  18. Arse!

  19. That would be an ecumenical matter! said the priest to the priest.

  20. Will I have the option to hear Mr. Linehan’s lovely* commentaries on all series? Amazon doesn’t say…

    *said with german accent

  21. Yup, Arthur and me did a commentary on series 3.

  22. So there’s now finally a commentary on Series 3? Ooo….. that could make it worth it.

    No doubt you’ve been asked this a billion times but why wasn’t there one on the initial release? Is it because the Series 3 disc had no more room? Cause compared to the other three discs, it’s very full!!

  23. Arthur too! I thought he was very anti-commentaries, although his contribution to the Big Train DVD’s are very good indeed. It’ll be great to hear his thoughts on Ted as well. It’s a buy!

  24. Long boring story. just missed the chance to do it though my own stupidity.

  25. Aw brilliant, more commentaries! I’ve been meaning to get the whole Ted collection for a while. I think I will now.

  26. I am listening to series 3 commentary as I type this and Graham it is so obvious you two are friends. Aww!

  27. Can I just take this opportunity to say that I think the commentary on Christmassy Ted is one of the funniest commentaries ever.

    Anyway, I like the cover, I’d like to hear the new commentary and if this box will take up less room on my over stuffed shelves I may well buy it. In January. In the sales.

  28. That’s going at the top of the list in my letter to Santa this year! x

  29. Seeing as we’re talking comedy here . .shameless plug coming . . http://www.petitiononline.com/chortle1/ online petition to get ITV to show the British Comedy awards, sign it people, we need more drunk comedians!!

  30. […] The new ‘Father Ted’ DVD « Why, That’s Delightful! [From the writer, GRaham Lineham] …but really, if you’re happy with the old one, I wouldn’t buy it. However, if your old copy went on fire or got sat on or something, then this is definitely the one to get. (tags: dvd fatherted complete ripoff) […]

  31. Heh. “Went” on fire. You’re so Irish.

  32. I only just bought the last ruddy boxset! I really missed the commentaries on series 3 and all. Expect an angry letter. Unless you send me the new DVD for free of course. Hold me.

  33. The dvd is probably available as a complete rip if you look carefully on the net. But you should buy a copy if you know whats good for you:

  34. A Series 3 commentary featuring Mr Linehan and Mr Matthews! And one a Synectics certified genius Gah…must resist..temptation.

  35. Hi Graham, love this blog. Great news for this American viewer that there is long last a commentary for series 3. I’ll have to get my hands on this.

  36. Purchased!

    I knew deep down if I put off buying the pissweak Australian ones for long enough, something like this would eventually happen. Thanks Graham!

  37. Love the artwork… want the box and the new commentaries, but can I justify buying them again just for that? I think not :(

    Maybe one day :)

  38. I just finished listening to series 3 commentaries. Overall I would say the package WAS worth buying even if you own the old one. I forgot how much I loved the 1st episode of series 3:

    Man: I hear you’re a racist now Father… Should we all be racist now? What’s the official line the church is takin’ on this… Only the farm takes up most of the day and at night I just like a cup of tea. I mightn’t be able to devote meself to the oul’ racism.

  39. Still loving (and watching) the old box set…

  40. Just bought the box set for son’s ninth birthday – he has seen one episode of Ted and can’t stop talking about it. But now suffering parental guilt at the 15 rating. I’m not bothered by the swearing in the show, like “feck” “fuppin” “bollocks”. Racking my brains to think of other unsuitable viewing but can’t think of anything. I know he’ll love it as much as I do BUT…. Am I a BAD MOTHER????

  41. No. You’re a brilliant mother.

  42. there’s a story on the Guardian’s culture section today about a new group called The Priests. and they ARE actual priests. it isn’t clear whether My Lovely Horse is in their repertoire…

  43. Ooh. Who did the cover illustration?

  44. Dear Graham
    I’m not sure if I’m going to write this letter or not, so if you don’t get it, that’s why (Write and let me know in either case). I don’t know what the weather is like there but it’s the same here. By the way, we might come up there on holiday. If I don’t see you when I arrive it’s because I’ve decided not to come. We were going to visit last year too but as you hadn’t moved to where you are now because you were somewhere else, there didn’t seem much point. How’s the wife? No, not yours, mine (If you can see her from there, you’ve got bloody good eyes!). We were abroad last year – The Paris Hilton! We even talked to her but she didn’t recognize me, even though we’d never met.

    As I lay here writing this letter, I see Mary is in bed beside me, which is strange as my wife is called Alice. Oh yes, now I remember – It’s my cousin Micks wife, who’s come to visit and I’m in the wrong bedroom again. My eyes are not what the used to be – I think they used to be my armpits, which could
    explain why my sight stinks nowadays. Children grow up so quickly nowadays. Last week Donald, my eldest was fifteen and this week he’s sixteen (Birthdays – who’d have them except people who are older).

    My mother would like to say something but as she’s tied and gagged in the garage, that would be difficult. We tried to give her a respray, so we could get her deported as one of those illegal immigrants (She always wanted to see the Taj Mahal, so we thought it would be a nice Christmas Present for her but she wouldn’t hear of it. ‘You’re too generous son’ was all she said as I dragged her screaming and kicking outside. ‘No Turkey for you this year!’ I said (or India for that matter)).’Now where’s that spade?’ (She always wanted to be buried beside my father but I think she was expecting to be dead first. Still nowadays, you can’t always get what you want). Must go now. Someone is knocking at the door and I think it’s the police collecting for Charity and as she isn’t here, I’ll have to answer the door myself.

    Your friend,

    Pope Pius the tenth – only kidding Pope Pius the eleventh, no I’m fibbing again, it’s just me as you’ll recognize from the photo I didn’t send

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