It’s the good news bear!

November 1, 2007


Lots of good news out there for a change, apart from me being recognised as one of the top 100 living geniuses, that is….did I mention that, by the way? That I’m one of the top 100 living geniuses? Well, anyway, I am, but I want to move on from the whole thing because, you know, I wouldn’t want to just keep going on and on about it. Here’s the link in case you missed it. I’m number 83. I think I probably would have been placed higher but, you know…it’s all politics.


The Westboro Baptist Church been fined $10 million for their mind-blowingly evil funeral-wrecking behaviour! Whoo-hoo!

The Democrats are definitely against torture! Hurray!

A kindly policeman is using is powers for good, not evil! Ka-Pow!

And finally, Ben and Jerry’s have created an amazing new ice-cream flavour!


  1. Did you see Louis Theroux’s documentary about the Westboro crowd? Theroux seemed to be placing the blame squarely at the feet of Rev. Fred Phelps, and it’s hard to disagree. Phelps is a vile piece of work.

    A great day of news!

    Here’s something that may be of interest:


    And from Wikipedia:

    ” In October 2007, Comedy Central ordered at least 6 episodes of “Important things with Demetri Martin”. The show featuring Demetri Martin, is being co-edited personally by Jon Stewart. It is slated to run sometime mid-2008. ” (could be fun)

  2. The last link is wrong, it points back to the Top 100 Living Geniuses page. I know you want us to go look at that page over and over again, but I’m dying to know what the new flavor is! Augh!

  3. I was out in Topeka this past Friday night to attend a silent film festival. Usually, anything having to do with science, art, education, etc., in Phelp’s town draws him and his minions out so they can protest. Well, not a single one of his followers was there, and I even arrived really early! They must have all been back at the compound trying to figure out what they could sell to pay their fine.

  4. Well if an ambiguously-denominated church aren’t even allowed to gay-bash and spread God’s message of hatred any more then I’m beginning to wonder what’s the point in having religion.

    Speaking of religion, now that you’re officially a genius I feel like I should re-watch Father Ted with closer scrutiny. As primitively minded as I am, I clearly missed out on the intellectual subtext befitting of such a great mind. There was me laughing like a fool to what must have been a sophisticated masterpiece.

    ps. Have you considered co-writing a sitcom with Prince? Only, the list says he’s considerably smarter than you. And I’m sure he sees the funny side of that Big Train sketch…

  5. Westbro (along with the KKK) has been and continues to be my perfect go-to church when trying to point out to the “Christianity is a lovely religion and Islam is evil” crowd that a small crowd of fanatics does not reflect an entire religion.

    Still…. I prefer atheism.

  6. Westboro getting their ass kicked like that is glorious. Hope their appeal fails. They’re scum, end of story. Saw that special Keith Allen did a while back.

    They’re going to be in for some serious disappointment when they stiff it and realise there is no great reward. (And if I’m wrong, and heaven and hell DO exist, I have a feeling that they’re going to be very surprised when they’re told to board the express elevator to the basement when B.L.Zeebub is waiting to greet them.)

  7. Just watched the “Dearth of a Salesman” episode of Coogan’s Run for the first time (remember, I’m American), and it definitely could be classified as “genius.”

  8. For the record: I hate those WBC guys.
    Sadly, I fear this will turn out to be a good thing for them:

    1. They are true publicity whores, so all this attention fluffs their collective ego.
    2. They’ll just use the first amendment. As they always make sure that they protest in a public place, they will simply claim freedom of expression/religion and, once there’s no emotional input from a jury, an appeals court will reverse this ruling.


    ps congrats on being a genius ;-)

  9. I often think that the WBC end up doing good by accident.

    They offend people from such disparate groups with their protests that they seem to unite people through a shared dislike of them.

    It’s rare to see gay right groups and rednecks protesting on the same side at a demonstration, as you see in the anti-phelps gatherings. It’s quite a heartwarming sight.

  10. Don’t joke about new ice cream flavours, that’s just mean.

  11. I thought, in true Ben and Jerry style, that they’d named a new ice cream in your honour, an intresting blend of vanilla ice cream with lime zest and bacon nuggets, called the Graham Lime-n’-ham, but sadly it was not to be.

  12. Is there a bad news bear? I hate him. I hate him so much!

  13. He is the good news bear!
    “Graham Linehan to nurture new comedy writers”
    Pick me, me, me!

  14. Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile ‘servers’:



  15. Ha! Having that! Thanks, Mark.

  16. […] It’s the good news bear! [image] Lots of good news out there for a change, apart from me being recognised as one of the top 100 living geniuses, […] […]

  17. Although it is true, you are a genius I maintain that any list with Damien Hirst being named a genius on is invalid. Plus you are way higher than no. 83 in my books.

  18. […] just discovered Graham Linehan’s blog. Graham Linehan is an absolute genius. He’s one of the creators of Father Ted, which in Ireland has the linguistic status of Monty […]

  19. The Westboro Baptist Church represent everything that’s wrong with religion.

    I can’t believe it’s taken so long for anything to happen to them.


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