How to make crackhead pancakes

November 1, 2007



  1. Intriguing but Websense, the internet filter in my office, has blocked the link (“Category: Sex”).

    I guess I shouldn’t click on links about crackhead pancakes and expect something cute and cuddly.

  2. What, you mean you’ve never tried the ‘crackhead pancake’? Sure, it’s not as satisfying as the reverse cowgirl, but it has its own charms. Puts you in mind of a naked picnic on ketamine.

  3. hehe peter serafinowicz is making me laugh =D

  4. Apparantly he’s (peter) is doing the new Woolworths christmas ads .. . . . sorry has absoloutly nothing to do with crack pancakes . . . . . or does it???

  5. Now that is funny! Although I do feel curiously peckish now. Strange.

    However, the following is decidedly unfunny… There is going to be a US TV version of Spaced. It shall be produced by McG – the understated auteur behind both Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – and written by Adam Barr, a former writer on Will & Grace.


    I feel ill. Thoughts?

  6. Is this post related to the ‘genius’ picture posted earlier? Those pancake comedowns are a bitch.

  7. Mmm… Crack… Er… I mean pancakes…

  8. The US version of “Spaced” has neither Pegg nor Wright involved (not to mention Jessica), and is sounding like another “cancelled within 3 episodes” Fox show.

    McG did the ludicrously overblown “Fastlane” on Fox, which was actually pretty good if you took it for what it was. (Stupid cop show that valued style over substance. Oh yeah, and Tiffany Amber Thiesen’s breasts).

    US TV needs to come up with it’s own ideas instead of stealing the UK’s. I mean for every show that works (The Office, which I prefer the US version, but only because Gervais is a twat), there’s many that don’t. NEVER EVER check out the US version of Men Behaving Badly that was made. Horrendous. Took the scripts for the UK version, then took out all the funny and all the crudity, and put what was left in front of the camera. Rob fucking Schneider was in it for a fucks sake in the Neil Morrissey role. And Caroline Quentin, who I think is very hot and very funny… Who replaced her? The walking goddamn zombie that is Justine Bateman.

    I’m shivering from the horror of it still, ten years later.

  9. Wasn’t there a show that copied ideas from Black Books a few years ago? Stacked or something?

  10. Don’t know how else to message you … but have you seen this ?

    Worst acting ever!

  11. Off topic, but – http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2007/11/01/5985/linehans_label_to_develop_new_comedies

    More info please =)

  12. Say, Ornsack. Don’t you agree that article would have been that much more compelling if they had used the photo from “portrait of a genius” instead?

    Crack aside, I want all my pancakes to be that tiny from now on! And I’m going to spend the rest of my life stealing eggs from little songbird’s nests to make sure that happens!

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