Oh, Douglas…

October 30, 2007

Thanks to Jamie and Alistair, both of whom wrote to point out the similarity between alleged Royal Blackmailer Ian Strachan and my very own Douglas Reynholm!



  1. that is hilarious, except what is he doing in that giant bread basket?

  2. Similarity or Identicality ….

    Fortunately I’m not convinced that Ian Strachan reaches the same level of excitement when confronted with dead flies on window sills. Confusion averted.

  3. @Josef K

    Everyone should have an “Evil Twin Test” agreed with their family / friends in case of, err, evil twins and /or time travel fuckups turning up and assuming their identity.

    Now theres a meme!

    I’m off to think of mine, before its too late!

  4. He’s sitting back as if to say, “I’m blackmailing the royals, HA-HA-HA!”

  5. Ooooeeerrr, now you mention it . . . has anyone ever seen Ian Strachan and Douglas Reynholm in the same room together???

  6. I saw the comment on your last entry telling you about this and was shocked into fits of giggles. It totally is though. But the Berry’s much better, obviously…

  7. The top one is Berry but with his facial hair moving down a bit. Graham, do you have any input on your characters looks or wardrobe? Always spot on.

  8. I’m going to marry matt berry. He doesn’t know it yet.

    lmao @wrongheaded’s blog, your too right about karen taylor’s show, what a load of rubbish! I hate her to bits.
    And I like how you mispell Friends as Fiends lol!

  9. Bet his alleged co conspirators were nerds so that the blackmail video file was in the right format

    Mpeg4 for ipod of course!

  10. A midget and a monkey! Welcome to The IT Room


    Boy that trailer sucketh most verrily

  11. the trailer for the it room looks ridiculous but I guess final verdict will have to be held out till an episode can be digested to verify. (why have they shot it like the office)

    I hope this isn’t as bad as when they destroyed my ‘love’ for one foot in the grave by casting bill cosby in the US version.

    The only thing you could do to now save the american version is make shatner the chris morris counterpart.

    … but then again shatners the answer to everything these days.

    why didn’t you put out the garbage? .. shatner

    why are you smoking grandmas ashes? .. shatner

    why are you still wearing that star trek outfit it smells like bums .. NIMOY!


  12. Douglas Reynholm gives me a sort of Bizarro-Universe Barry Gibb vibe.

  13. I just saw the trailer for The IT Room too, I tried to find some more information but couldn’t see anything.
    It looks like an online version of The IT Crowd, although it looked so lame that I have to apologise to Graham for even mentioning it in the same sentence as The IT Crowd.

  14. Wow, the IT Room looks really, really bad. Just awful.

  15. Hey Graham, you’re a genius. You made the Top 100 living geniuses in the Creators Synectics poll (which is a pretty random list to say the least). At joint 83rd you’re tied with JK Rowling and the guy who invented the Kalashnikov. Fair play!


  16. Hahahahahahaaaaaa! At last!

    Ken Russell?!!!

  17. A name check on GL’s blog along with Jamie for spotting Douglas lookalikey, my life is fulfilled…..
    While I’m here, I’ll try again with if you haven’t seen this guy’s work go look:

  18. For heaven’s sake, I mentioned that Synectics poll a couple of days ago and Graham’s said nothing! I wonder, do blog owners get a list of all comments from all posts each time they log in, or are comments just buried wherever?

    Because I would have expected something by now! Perhaps along the lines of “about bloody time I was number 83 somewhere” or “haha! Mathews didn’t make the list!”

    Regardless, congrats Graham; the points system used in the poll took into account the following factors:

    – paradigm shifting
    – popular acclaim
    – intellectual power
    – achievement
    – cultural importance

    There’s something to mull over! You were awarded 5 points by the way; not sure if there was an even spread over all 5 categories, but I’d wager that the bulk of the points were given for “paradigm shifting” and “intellectual power”. You beat Morrissey, Tarantino, Alastair Hannay and Ranulph Fiennes.

    Of course, the more cynical among us might say these polls are as worthless as a poncho in an earthquake, but it’s nice to see your good self in among the Meryl Streeps. In this era of “multiple intelligences”, I suppose it was inevitable that Damien Hirst would sooner or later be named the 15th greatest genius alive.

  19. Thanks, unwanted guest!
    But I hope you realise I’ve just stolen the idea from Charlie Brooker’s TV Go Home website.
    Touch Me, I’m Karen Taylor is indeed very irritating but not hate-worthy. Two Pints Of Lager And A Used Condom on the other hand is extremely hate-worthy.
    While I’m typing, I finished watching IT Crowd Series 2 the other day and enjoyed it very much, Graham.
    Give yourself a pat on the arse.

  20. Congratulations! Of course, WE already knew. But now you can finally stick it to both Morissey *and* Dolly Parton with impunity!

    Thank god it was a list of *living* geniuses…

  21. Douglas gets around!

    Here’s a screencap from the Channel4 series “Ban This Filth” from a few years ago.

    Apparently, Douglas attended the ‘masturbate-a-thon’ in San Francisco.

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