Where are they now?

October 29, 2007


(Oh, bloody hell. This is another old one. How come I’ve never seen it before?)


  1. Ha! Well, I was hoping to piggyback on that so I’m out.

    Oh go on… “I guess he was having a shot at a number one.”

  2. They split due to creative differences.

  3. apologies for irrelevance of this post to the topic at hand, but graham, where the hell are these easter eggs on the new IT crowd dvd? :D i’ve been attempting to find ’em for ages but to no avail! x

  4. never noticed the dead kennedys logo on the wall before. jello biafra would have been five years old at the time. he is a self-proclaimed anarchist who advocates civil disobedience. we need to know the truth.

  5. killer tunes…

  6. This reminds me of a video I was made to watch in high school of President Kennedy getting is head blown apart.
    Stayed with me. But not as bad as the birth video I was shown in primary school. Oh, the screaming…oh, the blood.
    Why would they show these things to an innocent child? Why?

  7. “Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! Aaahh ahahaha hahah
    Oh do ya do ya do ya do ya! Aaahhhahah hah hhahha
    Know what you’re doin to me? Aahh ha haha hahhahahh”

  8. In Ireland they made us watch carbombs go off…. I’m not fucking messing. I’m not saying it was on the syllabus, just that it happened.

  9. The bloke whose been charged with blacmailing Prince
    E.., I’m sorry, I’m meant to say blackmailing a minor royal is the dead spit of Douglas in the IT Crowd.
    take a look:http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1728222007

  10. Hahaha! Jamie, my producer, sent me the same pic. I’m posting it up now.

  11. MxBeard, is this picture a million years old, then? I’m sick of posting up ancient memes.

  12. remember seeing it a few years back i’m afraid. where its origins lie i do not know.
    have you seen the one with the tennis player scratching her arse?

  13. ancient memes and their repetition or rebirth are what makes the web fun.

    I’ve a mate whos a web developer and inventor of internet crap, and any time I send him something fun he goes “old” or “meh” to which I reply with the finest internet epithet: STFU! n00b¬! then he goes for either “Your ma!” or “meh.” It’s like open ended rock paper scissors.

    I digress.

    I think originality is a myth. (as Plato or Terence or someone said, probably copying someone they heard)

  14. Does that mean my caption is a million years old too? The shame.

  15. Graham, the picture is called “Inna Gadda Da Oswald” and was done back in the mid 90s. Can’t remember the artist’s name, but he did a bunch of pics like this – all of them quite good. I know the guy and this picture were featured in Wired Magazine in the mid 1990s.

    A few of his pics that I remember: Picture of the monk who set himself on fire, with Jimi Hendrix over him from the pop festival where Hendrix set his guitar on fire. It just worked really well together.

    The other was a combination of the Iwo Jima soldiers raising the flag and the pic of the girl bent over the dying student at Kent State.

    Well worth trying to find them both.

  16. I saw this on Fark the other day. I thought it was an original. Still funny though.

  17. I just love the look on mateys face on the left. “Fuck, he’s got a gun! I’m outta here!”

  18. Hmm.

  19. That’s nothing compared to this dramatic recreation of the scene by a group of senior citizens: http://h8w.net/work/IM/im-3.jpg

    (More here: http://h8w.net/work/im.html … it’s oddly breathtaking.)

  20. […] Microswald […]

  21. This image was created by George Mahlberg, aka Dr. Cosmo. He was a DJ on Princeton University’s radio station WPRB, where he played late on Friday night. He’d mix tracks together with sound clips, play things backwards and at the wrong speed, and create a psychedelic web of sound that was sometimes profound, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. He also worked in Hollywood and had some bit parts in obscure movies. He was an avid astronomer and traveled the world to witness eclipses. He died last month. Yesterday was his birthday.

  22. Here’s a page with the Jimi Hendrix image:


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