“I was uncalled for.”

October 29, 2007

I know the phrase “that was uncalled for” but someone in ‘Heroes’ (the ‘Six Months Earlier’ episode) just said “I’m sorry. I was uncalled for.”

What? What does that mean? How did that make it all the way to the screen?

And listen, does ‘Heroes’ get better? My patience is wearing thin. It’s like ‘Dawson’s Creek’ without the violence.


  1. If you find it trying now (I assume you’re midway through season one) you’re not going to start liking it.

    That said, Episode 17 (“Company Man”) is some great TV.

    But the climax to the first season is spectacularly unsatisfying.

  2. Yes… they start Season 2 before Season 1 finishes…

  3. Don’t watch the show myself, but I remember when the first season finale of “Heroes” aired very close to when “Lost” aired their third season finale here. The concensus was the Heroes finale was crap, whereas “Lost” was great, and highlighted the many areas where the “Heroes” finale fell down.

  4. I can’t believe someone of your talents is watching such utter dross in the first place. Did you ever see the Denis Leary show “The Job”? Now there is some truly hilarious US TV. Of course it didn’t make it past 1 season.

  5. I think it gets quite good, but I’ve been around comics and around people who write and love comics for years. I think that might have something to do with it.

    What was that line in context to? I don’t remember that one.

  6. — And listen, does ‘Heroes’ get better?

    No, it only gets worse, IMO. I dropped the series after the awful Season 1 conclusion. I can’t be bothered with it anymore.

    But as someone already said, “Company Man” was good.

  7. The really annoying, wimpy guy who ‘absorbs’ powers said it to someone.

  8. My friend and others have been raving about ‘Heroes’ for quite some time so a while back I thought I would try and get into it. After watching 4 episodes though, I came to the conclusion that I hated the show and would probably never watch another episode. Apart from the character of Hiro, who was quite comical, I just found it really really boring and quite unoriginal to boot. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  9. I don’t watch anything that has 24 episodes in a season any more just in case I like it and give up half my life. Or even worse get some sort of attachment to something which i don’t really like but still want to see what happens. Is there a support line for this?

  10. Well, I liked it, but that’s because I’ve been reading superhero stuff since I was a nipper and I just love superpower stuff. I have to say, though, that there are a lot of plot holes in the series and the finale of season 1 was an anticlimax (didn’t deliver on the promises made in the previous episodes).

    You’re better off watching Armstrong and Miller’s latest sketch show. Very polished.

  11. ContainsNuts: That’s largely how I got hooked on bloody “Lost”. In fact I DID give up early in season 3, but then my wife said some friends of hers said how good a particular episode was, so I got caught up (Yay Bit Torrent!) and I’m still bastarding well hooked. *sigh*

    Only other US show I love is “Scrubs”, but I just pick up the new DVD’s when they come out. Fuck watching it with commercials.

  12. The only good one in Heroes is a heroin addict. Even the gay bloke off Dynasty can’t save it.

    By the way Graham, I saw you coming out of O’Brien’s in Rathmines a month or two ago (could be more, my perception of time is not great) with a coffee and you looked very unhappy. Is the coffee in O’Brien’s that bad and if so, why did you not get a coffee elsewhere?

  13. Yeah, Lost nearly got me but I went on holiday and didn’t have my almighty Sky+ at the time so wasn’t able to get back into it. Save yourselves!

  14. I am currently watching Series 2 of Heroes and it is a bit shaky. It feels like I’m watching a dodgy special effect B movie Dawson’s Creek with a hint of Torchwood.

    However, as someone said earlier that LOST’s season finale was brilliant and again, I’m fed up with watching that show. It is going to drag on for another 2 years. I blame LOST for inspiring me to read a crazy book named “The Third Policeman” and it took me about a month or so to read (it’s that insane).

    I’m spewing crap… I should sleep!

  15. Heroes does not get better. There are plenty of other things more worthy of your time.

  16. Heroes was great until they decided they needed to string it out for a second season, and gave us a terrible season 1 finale. Just like Lost and the X-Files they show no real commitment to any character or plot line.

    Does anyone remember Wifi girl who vanished from the show in the middle of a scene?

    Season 2 is crud unfortunately, and goes even loonier with the evo-science stuff, returning to that horrible plague that has so far killed exactly one person (the Doctor’s sister mentioned in season 1). Biologists must really hate this show (or find it hilarious).

  17. BTW the first line of the opening narration to Season 2 is “The sun rises on a new dawn” to give you an idea of just how sloppy the writing gets

  18. If you like Heroes, then you’ll love Smallville….
    Seriously, both make me want to vomit into my breakfast of champions ™.

    Watch ‘The Wire’ and nothing but the Wire, so help you Allah.

  19. I don’t get the appeal of “The Wire”. I’m halfway through the first season, and it’s good, but not great. Either a lot of people (Charlie Brooker included) are fucked in the head, or it must kick peoples asses later on in this season.

    As for Lost, now they’ve got a definite end point agreed, I am more confident the show will go somewhere now. Early in season 3 it did seriously start to disappear up it’s own arse. However it’s slowly turned it around the third season finale was just great TV. It’s not up there with Twin Peaks (my favourite TV show of all time. Waiting for the new boxed set to arrive right now) or Band of Brothers. I don’t imagine I’ll ever buy more Lost on DVD. (I have season 1, but only because it was ridiculously cheap a couple of Christmases back.) Whereas Twin Peaks, Band of Brothers, and to a lesser degree, Babylon 5, I can watch many times over.

  20. @Drood, Its appeal is that (In it’s own words) it’s a big juicy g-pac of TV that owns all the corners and supplies constant re-ups for yo’ real dawg. Or should I say, the characters, the script, the story lines, the politics, the realism, the social commentary, the humour…. I could go on.

    Perhaps its just not your thing, Season 2 dips a good bit below 1 3 and 4, but by the End of Season 1 you’ll either be so hooked that compared to you Bubbles will look like a Bible salesman, or so over it you’ll just crawl back to Babylon 5 and Lost, like the redemptive Telly junkie you so clearly are.

  21. Wow…

    It’s horses for courses but I’m loving it so far. Shame I’ve heard nothing but bad stuff about the ending.

  22. It must start from the writing … and this is just one morsel from a large offal pot.

    I truly can’t wait for the new dawn when all the US big budget, large ensemble, 26-part, formula driven dramas are finally put to rest.

    The only blessing I foresee is that all the actors become typecast and never find work other than regular appearances on Celebrity Squares.

  23. I have to agree – I’m getting very tired of waiting for it to get good…it really is just a bloody mess – and when things aren’t messy enough they chuck another character into the pot…maybe I should give up and dig out the “Dead Like Me” DVDs again instead…

  24. ‘The Wire’ is STUNNING, a million miles better than ‘Heroes’ and ‘The Shield’ and anything else you care to mention. I didn’t grok it either until about halfway through series 1, and then something clicked and that was it for me.

    By the way, I disagree that series 2 dips. I thought it was brilliant.

  25. Nah, Season 1 was pretty good. The stuff with Hiro is excellent all the way through, but I’d agree that the finale was a bit of a disappointment, except for the very end. Season 2 has been a bit lame so far, but there’s good bits through it.

  26. Glad to hear The Wire is good, Graham, as I’m bringing Season One with me today on the plane flight back to Ireland. I’d have been stuck if it was crap.

  27. I like Heroes, it does get better , then a bit shite at the end of season 1 , then a bit better again. But hey!, I love any kind of sci-fi gubbins so I’m probably a bit biased.

    …Anyway wait until you get to series 2 (in the seemingly unlikely event you keep watching), it has scenes set in “Cork,Ireland”.
    Its worth watching for the hilarious accents.Mind you someone should point out that Cork is infact nowhere near Belfast (as thats where the actors seem to be vaugely aiming the accents at).

  28. I wasn’t very into Heroes the first season but kept watching out of boredom. The second season is less good, in my opinion. They’ve got some of the most trite TV writing out there and some really weird directorial calls. Hiro’s mission is the only good bit so far, because he is a pretty good comic character. But the rest of season two is unbelievably bad.

  29. re season 2. I dunno, when held up against the other seasons it’s the “least greatest” if ya kwim?

    It’s Ziggys fault. Only unredeeming character in the opus, which is saying something considering his peers.
    Having said that, he’s brilliantly played by (imdbs name) James Ransone, I hated him so much I was blinded to everything else that was going on.

  30. The ending to Ziggy’s story is great, i think.

  31. agreed, *wink* but lets not give it away eh? *wink*

    (terribly sorry, I’ve literaly gotten something in my eye!)

  32. Season 1 does get quite good, but the finale was awful. Season 2 is off to a good start but be prepared for the worst Irish accent atempt ever.

  33. re: Accents and cruel stereotyping (in the true sense of cruel)

    Have you seen this:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQJrovKgrTw ?

    “I tink we gat a Cat-lick in de neighbourhood!”

  34. That was brilliant! I’d forgotten that Captain Planet had a green mullet.

  35. […] before the awesome season one finale because it was a big piece of crap so I can’t answer this question: And listen, does ‘Heroes’ get better? My patience is wearing thin. It’s like ‘Dawson’s […]

  36. yes its a big sweaty bag of puss. like x-men, but sillier. and serialised.

    on the other hand, i find it deeply compelling, if only for the (frankly embarrassingly funny) pseudo-profound voiceovers (delivered in that ‘im terribly sorry madam, your husband is dead’ gravitas tone).

    shitty acting, shitty script. and the most absurd idea of evolution/mutation since the toxic avenger. but theres pretty people! and hollywood sfx! it MUST be good!

    in fact, although i hate it, im completely addicted. this is what orwell called prolefeed.

  37. Having never watched Heroes or The Wire, I can’t comment. I am one of the few Lost fans left, and pretty much now the only person I know that watches it! What’s up with that?? It’s still brilliant TV…

    Also, anybody here familiar with Dexter? It’s shown on FX here. Even as a Lost fanatic, I concede that Dexter is possibly the best thing going on the telly at the moment.

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