What’s it like your end?

October 27, 2007

Here in Dublin? Nearly October and you could wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Way too warm. Waaaaaay too warm.

Not long left now. Y’all better be getting a lot of sex in.

(P.s. Hello to all my new Guardian Guide readers! Welcome aboard!)


  1. London… cold and wintery. Not harsh, but nippy.

  2. It’s ‘aright’ here in Bucks. Was damn cold earlier this week though.

    But yeah, I saw the little bit in the Guardian Guide. I can say I was there before the masses though ;)

  3. Fife, Scotland (the land of alcoholism and casual violence) is sometimes sunny during the day but mainly chilly and windy with odd rainy spells.
    We hardly had a summer this year. Curses!
    I thought Global WARMING made things hotter?!
    *pulls out deodorant cans* “I got a planet to kill…”

  4. Erm in Herts its just very cold and damp every now again too =(

  5. We’re on fire in California. We don’t like it.

  6. Take off your shirt and stop whining, Rikki Simons.
    Damn you, Californians! With your massive white teeth and fantastic skin.
    Try living in Scotland during winter, you’ll either die of frostbite or stab wounds.

  7. Germany – gray and shitty October weather .. bah

  8. Also in Dublin, and the warm weather is freaking me out. The clocks are going back tonight! I shouldn’t be able to go out without a coat!

  9. Well, exactly my point. It’s really, really scary.

  10. OK, I’m moving to Dublin…You lucky shites.

  11. You’re right, Mr. Wrongheaded!

    ::Runs into the flames::


  12. Way too warm in the Garden State of New Jersey, as well. But my just-bought 1995 Pontiac Sunfire convertible is in the shop, so I can’t even let the devil take the hindmost….
    On another abstractly related note, have you seen It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia ?

  13. Hey, thanks for the tip-off about the clocks, Stellanova – I’d completely forgotten!

    It’s a bit nippy ’round these parts (Lincolnshire) – frosty in the mornings, starting to feel more like Halloween/Bonfire Night type of weather, which I’m very glad about. But that’s only in the last week or so, before that it was unnaturally warm and I didn’t like it at all. x

  14. Lex, no, seen it but not watched it. Any good?

  15. Sorry, Rikki, didn’t know you were being literal.
    Don’t run into fire, it is bad for your hair.

  16. Austin, Texas. Cool and sunny with cold nights perfect for fires in the backyard.

  17. Some people on O’Connell Street today were wearing shorts & t-shirts.

    The uncanny heat + xmas ads on the radio = end of the world.

    Also: here on the Northside it’s nearly November — distortions in the fabric of time now??

    This might be a good time to reconsider your position on the whole “God” thing, Graham. Just saying.

  18. Perfect weather in Portland, Oregon, as usual. My greatest fear is the tidal wave of people who will move to our paradise as the rest of the country turns into a shitpile. STAY AWAY! (Not you, Graham, you’re welcome to come hang out.)

  19. Paris, and it’s quite cold, but all year this has been one of ‘meh’ weather. Neither warm nor truly cold. I’ve not been freezing nor boiling and that’s just plain wrong.

  20. It’s about 60 here in Chicago this weekend. Very nice, a bit chilly but WAY warmer than I can remember for the same time period over 10 years ago.

  21. Tasmania, Australia here and it’s just now getting over 20 degrees. Winter’s held on too long here.

    But hey, global warming has been a myth until this year. Just ask out (soon to be ex-) Prime Minister.

  22. “(P.s. Hello to all my new Guardian Guide readers! Welcome aboard!)”

    I had them all round mine a few weeks back. Terrible mess, organic crisps wrappers, fairtrade coffee cups, and sandals everywhere. Saying that they did some lovely recycling before they left. And they did leave. Doubled my numbers for a week and never returned. Now I cry at night huddled up to my Guardian Guide…

  23. Re: Always Sunny
    What I noticed that it falls into the exception of “Americans don’t accept absurdity in their sitcoms” (a la Sarah Silverman) and “No Learning – No Hugs”. A tripping Danny DeVito (Frank) shitting himself while standing in a barrel is hopefully a defining image. The characters putting brown shoeshine on a foundling because Latino babies get cast in commercials more often is another. They are a reprehensible bunch, and the sick and wrong of it all is , this is hard to explain – not gratuitously sick and wrong, but intelligently sick and wrong, without diluting the humor-provoking offensiveness….. it’s burst-out-laughing funny. It’s gourmet stuff, in my opinion. I have recorded the third season on DVD and will buy the first two shortly, because my whole family is addicted.
    Whew, long winded,eh?

  24. Erm, sorry Graham but shouldn’t that be ‘nearly November’? As that’s what it nearly is in North Yorkshire.

  25. South of England is freezing, though not literally.

  26. I want some of this sex I’m hearing so much about. I make this like this instead.


    …my life.

  27. I meant ‘things like this’. Sorry, someone moved the hands on my clock this morning and I am confused.

  28. Link recommendation.
    Hi Big man,m if you haven’t already, you should link to this guy’s work.

  29. North of France is freezing, almost literally. More than two minutes typing on the keyboard and my hands turn blue.

  30. Connecticut – It’s been quite warm here up until yesterday. I hear it’s supposed to cool down after today. Dryest summer/fall in ages, too.

    Global warming is obviously a large contributing factor, but let’s not forget that the planet’s been doing this sort of thing unaided since the beginning. Just ask the dinosaurs. I’m sure the last hundred or so years of human nonsense has hugely accelerated the process, though. No Future, indeed. Or maybe this “God” fellow they’re always on about will step in – if he’s not busy getting a kitten out of a tree or helping some athlete win a game…

  31. Birmingham – grey, damp, muggy and more than a bit rubbish. But Birmingham’s a bit like that even when its sunny………. too too warm for this time of year though. I hate the way it’s raining but it’s too warm to wear anything substantial enough to keep dry without melting. Don’t even suggest the menace that is an umbrella. Umbrella’s are just eye removing weapons and should be banned from all built up areas.

  32. oh and re: guardian guide. Anyone else notice how Beirut are mentioned directly below this blog? Ever get the feeling the writer discovered this site first?!

  33. In Essex it’s chilly, dim and pissing it down. Thankfully my friends and I shall be sitting in a nice warm living room doing pen and paper RPG with some beer and pizza to hand. Isn’t life great?

  34. London, been cool and drizzly.

    Although, I was able to stand outside drinking for hours last night, so the weather isn’t too bad at night.

  35. Wrongheaded; How did you not know he was being literal??

  36. It’s warm and random-shite weather here in Italy… A lot of turn on the heater I’m freezing / Turn it off 5 minutes later ’cause I’m melting.
    By the way, Chris Morris was so cool, why he got dumped from the IT crowd?
    The scene where he “enjoys his cup of tea” made me laugh to the tears (well, everything he does in the show was always jolly good).
    Good show nonetheless… I’m eagerly wait for Season 3!
    Keep up the good work


  37. Here in Brea California, it’s been cool for two days of course for the week before that we had winds of up 80 miles per hour about 128 Kilometers and 0 % humidity so in certain spots it was very hot. It was in fact on fire. Just think of a little lot on the corner in Dublin, and then thirty sixhours later the entire city burnt plus alot of the surrounding farms and small cities. But this seems to happen every year.
    I liked the weather a lot better when I was a kid in NYC rain all summer beautiful weather for the whole
    school year, made playing hooky very tempting

  38. Indianapolis:

    Been an overly warm Fall until this past week; now its finally seasonal weather around here. Slight frost on my car windows this morning for the first time since Spring.

  39. Hi Graham.

    It’s pissing it down in South London.

    As regards the sex, I thought this story might appeal to you – guy was put on the sex offenders’ register for having sex with his bike in a locked hotel room.

    Seemed a little harsh.


  40. Portland Oregon – where it is crisp outside but dry and sunny. The rains will surely come though hopefully not till after Halloween as I have a shed load of lights, lasers and smoke machines in the front garden for the kiddiewinks. Yeah ok and for me.

    I always fly United, for the points, folk on Southwest seem to be having more fun:

  41. I googled “Californian fires”…Egg and my face were in alignment.
    How can you have sex with a bike?

  42. Another Essex dweller here and also a new reader courtesy of the guide.

    It’s been pissing it down all day here in clacton-on-sea (aka land of the chavs), I definitely won’t be venturing out in shorts and a t-shirt.

  43. Oh no! We’ve all revealed where we live! Graham is obviously collating this valuable information in order to sell to sinister third parties who will then take advantage of the situation by being able to reading our thoughts!

    How could we have fallen for something so obvious?

    I can see Graham’s next posts now: “Isn’t it grand being born in 1969?”, “Tell me your telephone number and I’ll tell you what it spells” and finally “How do YOU remember your PIN number?”


  44. Teesside – worryingly pleasant for this time of year. I was at a market today, happily wandering around in my t-shirt. Plus there’s a nest of bees next to the conservatory that should’ve died yonks ago, surely – but they’re still buzzing merrily away. It’s all just too weird. I guess we can kiss any hope of a white Christmas goodbye.

  45. My end’s been grey and drippy all weekend.

  46. Here in Alberta, Canada, on Wednesday it the hottest October 24th since records began. 24 celcius. Then it dropped to 5 the following day. It’s been hovering around 10-14 every day since. It’s dropping into single digits tomorrow.

    We have, however, had our first sprinkling of snow the other night.

  47. Yeah, I keep hearing “The hottest — since records began.” Hearing that way too much.

  48. I believe that one endless, balmy, moist, drippingly eco-confusing season makes far more economic sense than the tradition of four distinct ones. Wait I think I see some daffodils in the garden…

  49. Colder than a Bailiffs heart here in Wales…

  50. Congratulations, you are all now middle-aged.

  51. What’s wrong with being middle-aged? I think I was born middle-aged!

  52. I was born Senile, and it’s been steady decline ever since.

    Weather here: mild, with sun, some rain, and wind, and a bit cold.

    But Autumn definately arrived earlier than last year in my next of the woods. As does my free local paper, for some reason.

  53. I think the phrase “The hottest — since records began” is now the most popular phrase since records began.

  54. London: Grey, full of sirens and CCTV cameras.
    I work in the ‘City’ and it’s a bit like “Brazil” the movie. Which is fine by me. I can’t help loving it here.

  55. Uncomfortably hot as usual in Florida. Forecast predicts neither cool weather nor sex for me. Thanks for bringing it up, Mr. Linehan!

    Nothing to amuse me while the oceans rise and submerge my beautiful state then these 50-something comments about weather…

  56. Slightly off-topic (but pissing it down in the people’s republic of South Yorkshire, since you asked), I was wondering if you could either confirm or deny the rumours that several Father Ted storylines were inspired by old episodes of Terry & June?

  57. Hey, Trevor—that link was great!

  58. Here in Sweden it’s rainy and pretty cold. Not cold enough though. I remember when I was younger I used to ski to school at this time of year.
    ps. This is very funny http://break.com/index/absolutely-hilarious-bathroom-mirror-prank.html

  59. In fairness, the “hottest since records began” October 24th here in Alberta… 24 degrees. The previous record was 21 degrees in 1966. So it could be a lot worse.

    A balmy 6 celcius today. Next week it’s SUPPOSED to go down below freezing. We’ll see.

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