Holy shit! Rumsfeld charged with torture!

October 26, 2007

Oh, wait, in France. Still, though!



  1. Wasn’t he already charged in Germany? Pretty soon he won’t be able to even set foot on foreign soil without being arrested and put on trial.

    Oh, god, the world must hate America so much…

  2. I’m not sure if Americans are so much hated as being held responsible.
    War has never truly changed in 100’s if not 1,000’s of years. It is the nature of war to be uncivilized and barbaric.
    I still find it humorous to learn in history of how the British and the French would lineup man for man and shoot at each on an open plain. I mean please, if that were the way war was suppose to be fought… we could settle our battles with a census.
    But back to what I meant to say. Because of the nature of war these types of things will happen. But should not be ignored. Individuals and even Countries should be held accountable. If the the United Nations was a truly useful organization they would be able to hold the USA accountable.
    I as a citizen of the USA accept responsibility for the misdeeds that have been done as well as the good that is yet to be accomplished if we as a global community stand firm this can be accomplished.
    I think it is short-sighted and irresponsible to assume the USA can win this battle alone.

  3. The opposite of torture is watching “The Peter Serafinowicz Show.” Thanks so much for giving us the heads up on that one. I’ve managed to get my hands on the episodes and it’s fucking genius.

  4. You got me all excited with the title in my rss reader, grr..

  5. “he wrote memos, he set down the Rumsfeld techniques”


  6. Piss in the wind, agit-prop at best, a mockery of ‘justice’ and the social contract at worst.

    Until fascism (or corporate ‘democracy’ or rule of the wealthy or plutocracy should I say) is destroyed no justice will be had.

    Read Bertrand Russell. All of it. You’ll go through paroxyms of anger and raptures of insight and understanding and end up just like you started, but infinitely better for it.

    I have to stop drinking and going online.

  7. With Kissinger still at liberty, I have little hope that Rummy will be brought to justice. But there’s no harm in trying – in fact it should be fairly high on our to-do list!
    I’m basically a pacifist, but I think things have reached a pretty pass when I can ask myself, “Would I mind much if somebody kidnapped this man and tortured him to death using his own techniques?” and I find myself answering, “Not sure. Probably not.”

  8. I can see the headlines now, “The Bush Administration Charged with torture in “. A good way to keep neo-cons out.

  9. Finally something that makes me proud of my country. I hope it will do something consistant and not only a good headline in the newspapers.

  10. Rumsfeld, eh. Anyway, Graham – thanks for answering my Blue Jam question. I’m also curious about your contributions to The Day Today and Brass Eye. I remember reading either you or Arthur saying that the entirety of your involvement on TDT was that lions/party sketch, but I can’t remember whether you were joking or not. As for Brass Eye, I have no idea, there isn’t much info out there about the creation of the show. Anyway, thanks, cheerio.

  11. Is he not Benny Hill’s evil twin brother?

  12. Hooray! I think they should use the waterboarding technique on Donald Rumsfeld to get the truth out of him about his role in ordering torture. If that doesn’t work, then they should use the dogs and the electroshock methods and smear him with his own feces. Maybe then he will tell the truth and we can get some real intelligence we can use to protect American citizens!

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