He’s clearly exhausted

October 26, 2007


Police in Hampshire thought it would be a good idea to advertise on the back of a bus. Well, what could possibly go wrong there?

(Thanks, Joe!)


  1. He must be fuming!

  2. In case of emergency, push the Bobby.

  3. Good thing they weren’t using the big pink wanger-shaped tailpipe that day…

  4. I feel stupid; I didn’t “get it” and thought at first the problem was that it said “Rob Police Constable” as if that was a request to steal items from the police constable.

  5. Unleaded?

  6. I feel like such an arse. I didn’t get it either until Andrewdcs explained it. Now I have the uncontrollable giggles.

    Brilliant stuff.

  7. Graham, have you got your Policeman’s helmet on? Sorry if my second comment was inappropriate. I’m so ashamed, I feel like that policeman.

    Still, lucky the bus didn’t have a tow bar!

  8. I didn’t get it either until I came and read the comments.

    The thing that I found funny (probably because I’m American) is that in this day and age, they are still wearing bobby hats and bowlers. I have much more respect for the UK police though… how many cops would be on the force in the US if they didn’t carry guns? How many would be willing to chase down perps with only a baton, some pepper spray and their bare hands?

  9. *phew* glad I’m not the only one who didn’t get it! I was looking all over the photo thinking “what?” Ahem. x

  10. Much like Glengarry Glenross, I have a rule for internet humour: Always be seeking nob jokes!

    not anti americana – cos German / French / Canadian(?) police carry atomatic pistols too, but I consider an unarmed civilian police force a precept for civilised society.

    there, I’ve said it.

  11. automatic – atomatic pistols are for Space Patrols only!

    No shitting way! http://www.toyraygun.com/forsale/spacepatrolgun.htm

    is there a word for an unintentionally funny typo? like a spoonerism, but, like, textual ?

  12. I’d love to see exhaust coming out of that thing.

  13. when I got it I called over my Irish Catholic ma & she cackled like a banshee! Nice one, such a good feeling to know that no-one really has any idea about what they’re doing.

  14. Poor Rob.

  15. What a bell-end! (etc)

  16. I just pray to God that exhaust drips.

  17. It says this is in Hampshire – are you sure it’s not Littlehampton?

    Ba-da-boom-tish! Ay theng yow!

  18. That took me awhile too… Awesome!

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