Very black water indeed

October 25, 2007


“How on earth were the deaths of four corporate personnel worth the death of an entire Iraqi city? That siege had an incredibly devastating impact on events on the ground in Iraq. It gave rise to the Iraqi resistance, it fuelled it, attacks escalated against US forces and it was really the moment the war turned, over the deaths of these four Blackwater guys.”

The truth, or some of it, anyway, behind creepy scumbag Eric Prince and his creepy scumbag company, Blackwater. Here’s the second part of the interview, which is even more interesting.

Scahill’s book looks essential.


  1. Yesterday you made me very happy what with that lovely video and today you have to go and spoil it all by getting me all depressed and more than a little unnerved.

    More importantly, in the accompanying picture, why does Mr Prince look like he’s playing an invisible trumpet?

  2. I’m sure the right-wing media in the US will up its efforts to stifle any anti-war sentiment.

    Fortunately, the truth will out, and books like this can only be a positive strike for making that so.

    As for the trumpet, it rather looks like he is attempting to play it using a different exit point on his body.

  3. *heh – trumpet*

    I still think he’s that fecker from the O.C

  4. not to just joke about these things:
    the industrial military complex = mega evil and before anyone starts bleating on about anti-American sentiment, Europe and anyone else with the means is just as bad.

    Anyone remember Sandline?

    I can only use the c-word to describe these people and those who would defend them.

  5. Ok, pulling a funny face, got it. Looks like the guy from the OC, great. Did anyone watch the frikkin’ interview? There’s some amazing stuff in there!

  6. I don’t like his tie.

    Its Friday, you know that serious issues are discussed in the blah-blah-blah-gosphere on Tuesdays and Thursdays only! Jeesh! :)

    Having said that, yes, I’ve been ‘following’ Blackwater for a yonks. Nothing new here for me, but the book does look like a must read. Thank you.

    What element of exposition did you find most amazing?

  7. The interviews left me cold and uncomfortable under my skin.

    ’27 of his men killed in Iraq, but unkown how many he has killed’ It seems to be that civilian deaths are recorded as women and children, whilst if a male Iraqi is killed he is an insurgent or terrorist.

    Scahill made the Orwellian reference that “Blackwater says they’re not a mercenary company. They’re in the peace and stability industry.”

    As far as the detailed analysis of the Fallujah incident goes and its subsequent effects, it makes me angy and sick.

  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snow_Crash

  9. Prince of a very certain darkness……

    I could write for the Sun you know…..

  10. LOVE ‘Snow Crash’!

  11. They say ignorance is bliss, people. And when have THEY ever been wrong? Why lose much needed sleep, sanity and hair pigmentation listening to guys like Scahill here deliver bad news (that nobody asked for) with dizzying clarity when it’s much more easy just to bury your head in the sand, stick on a life-affirming sitcom and actually enjoy life for once.

    Scahill’s probably one of those people that think movies set in dystopian futures are actually “allegories about the present.” I do believe that disturbing the peace (MY peace) is a punishable crime and he had best remember this next time he starts thinking about terrorising innocent viewers with unwanted education.

    Lets everyone just leave this little predicament for our children to sort out and never speak of it again, okay? I’m sure they’ll be up to the challenge. It worked on Nightmare on Elm Street, right? …with only few casualties.

    And now for a Friends episode to erase all the thought-pain.


    Look… at… all… the… pretty… people…

  12. “Bad things don’t just happen on their own…”
    Poor Blackwater are trying to rebrand themselves. If you’d like to help them design a more appropriate corporate logo check out :


  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7068600.stm

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