Oof. Absolutely. Yes, please. More.

October 24, 2007

This is Beirut. I’m going to marry them, somehow.


  1. That was fantastic!

    I hope that you and Beirut will be very happy together.

  2. They’re from my town! I’m gonna see them on the 11th of November.

  3. Graham, check out this new Adult Swim character- especially his dancing on the video at the bottom. Sorry to post it in this Beirut thing, didn’t know how else to make you aware of this exciting development in snake-handed, back-to-front-legged heroes.


  4. Very nice. That’s the 2nd great band you’ve introduced me to Graham, the first being Tokyo Police Club. Thanks.

    If I may return the favor, check out these:

    The Weakerthans (truly amazing lyrics)
    Band Of Horses

  5. Very, very nice. Glad your taste in music is just as good as your taste in everything else. Keep it coming yourself!

  6. Yes, please. More.

    Well, okay: http://flyingclubcup.com/

  7. Not related, but I was just wanted to say I finally watched the last episode of Series 2 of the IT Crowd and I absolutely loved it! Those last two episodes were great!

    It was cool to see those geeky references, like the huge buzz of scoring 100% in Guitar Hero 2. If you’ve not already tried it, you should give Psychonauts a go (on PC, PS2 or XBox/360). It got great reviews but remains a little-known classic, and has tons of good-natured charm and wit. I reckon you’d love it, and it’d be cool to see it referenced in the show, too.

    Is it just me, or was Jen wearing the same outfit for the last two episodes, including in a flashback scene to a meeting earlier in the week?

    Anyways, the whole of Series 2 was utterly brilliant and it’s nice to see a comedy show actually improve and move forward from series to series. (Matt Berry was an inspired choice, too!)

  8. Wow. Brilliant video, BTW. Who directed that?

  9. Way ahead of you, Johnny! I wrote this when WTD was with Livejournal.


    As for the director, dunno who it is. He really knows how to throw a camera about, doesn’t he?

  10. Alma Har’el directed it. Don’t know how to pronounce that though.



  11. Tremendous….

  12. […] bought a Beirut album today after seeing them on Graham’s site – thanks for the reminder Graham – and listening to a few more tracks online. I also downloaded […]

  13. Everything about that was stunning. Thanks! I’ll check out their other songs.

    (Another great band that’s just getting recognized is The National.)

  14. I really should be working but you’ve done it again, you and your distractions – now off to Amazon…

  15. Not sure I liked the video but the song was great!
    Totally agree with you both about Psychonauts, it was the last great platformer.
    On that topic, why have they suddenly stopped making old-fashioned platform games?
    Ratchet and Clank is next-gen but it’s more of a shooter, the Jak & Daxter games lost their way too.
    Naughty Dog are working on that Tomb Raider-style game now.
    I’m actually wondering if Crash of the Titans is any good (God, I hate that bandicoot…)

  16. Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, LocoRoco, Wrong Headed?

    Always hated platform games, ever since my mates were considerably better than I at Mario on their NES, the wealthy upstards. I was always the best at Rampage tho, the greatest game ever made.

  17. I’ve been discussing this with my mate from way back when (the hated NES owner) and he reminded me that we had decided, drunkenly, two Christmases ago to name Gunstar Heroes as the greatest platformer ever. settled.

  18. When I said ‘platformer’ I was thinking of the ones where it’s just you and a load of platforms to test you skills without an AK-47 in sight.
    Gunstar Heroes (having just googled it (I’m twenty…)) seems to be more of a shoot ’em up like Ratchet and Clank.
    I really, REALLY tried to like Ico (puzzle game) but just felt it was over-hyped. Only played a little of Collosus.
    Jak & Daxter and Psychonaughts where what I’d call ‘old-fashioned’ platform games. No drive-by minigame in those ‘uns lol.

  19. I get where you’re coming from, again LocoRoco rocked (or did it roll? *groan*) my world, for about 2 weeks, Ico did get massively hyped, as does everything these dark days, the kind of hype that never helps people truly enjoy or feel part of.
    Damn you consumer capitalism and your marketing devil bots!

    The simple but deep joys of discovery are dying, I think its a real human need, wonderment at finding something without it being shoved down your eye holes at every corner, tipped off, ending ruined, aeris dies. The internet playing nemesis and redeemer. (Like the above video, great find, and a nice hook to get back on topic, athankyuhverymuch)

    I un-digress, Gunstar Heroes is worth anyones time, though theres a clue in the name as to its raisin debt.

  20. Gunstar is on the wii virtual console and has been for a year…..



  21. oh, between the characters, I’d have put “Is feeling a keen warm sense of discovery and wonderment” but somehow it vanished.

  22. Well, there you go, just goes to show – I thought Graham was being sarcastic with this blog entry. I thought both song and video were awful. I expect it to be top of whatever kind of chart-thingy exists these days before the start of next week.

  23. Graham if you like that one have a look at this other Beirut video. Its from the same album – the acoustics are amazing but the whole video is superb the way the instruments come in as he goes down the stairs


  24. Thanks, Colin! Loved it.

  25. No worries – its mad to hear an American band creating such a distinctly un-American sound – if you know what I mean!

  26. Graham! Excellent! That’s so cool that you’re already a fan of Psychonauts, it is a most wonderful game, isn’t it?

    I imagine this might tickle you:

    Check out that T-shirt!

    Double Fine (the bods responsible for the electronic joy that is Psychonauts) have also just announced their latest game, too:

    And, of course, their blog is ever amusing:
    http://www.doublefine.com (where you can also buy those cool T-shirts)

    I love being a geek! :)

  27. Wow. Good stuff. Todays post on my blog as of now.

  28. fucking splendid

  29. I loved this clip – reminds me a bit of Devotchka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeVotchKa

  30. Oh, yes! Devotchka is lovey loo!

  31. Thank you so very much for posting that, as I’d seen that video on the TV about a year ago and was extremely frustrated when they didn’t say who it was at the end of the clip, you wouldn’t believe. I absolutely adore this video and the song.
    Also much like this, thank you for introducing me to Tokyo Police Club, I bought their first album a few days ago and it’s rather good!

  32. Graham, you may enjoy this song

    It’s a couple of years old, but it’s got that whole indie-electro thing that you seem to be fond of going on.

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