Love that Tom Gauld….

October 24, 2007


Especially his stuff from The Guardian Saturday Review letters page


  1. Jesus to God, “Don’t take it so personally Dad” as he reads the God Delusion…..Bwahahahaha

  2. :D

    Tom Gauld is one of my favourite illustrators! I get an RSS feed of your blog on my Livejournal & it made me really happy to see this on my friends page!

  3. I like his plymouth argyle a lot. He did an animation/music video recently, I’m sure its on youtube.

    I know Graham abhors webcomics (even xkcd!), but for anyone else who hasn’t seen it in the guardian or online http://pbfcomics.com/ well worth your time.


  4. Oh, man, not all webcomics! Just ones like CtrlAltDel and Penny Arcade. The kind that keep popping up on Stumbleupon. I love ‘Get Your War On’ and ‘Achewood’ and ‘Alien Loves Predator’…

  5. All generalisations are dangerous! apology extended ;)

    I’d like to hear you opine on pbf and xkcd; merely cos I like them a lot and think they have fresh ideas, arn’t afraid of ‘schmultz’ (spl?) and pbf has some rather beautiful illustrations, especially of boobies. :)

  6. Tis ‘schmaltz’, and it’s exactly why I can’t bear it. Way too cutesy for my tastes.

    PBF I think is ok. The subject matter–fairytales etc–not really my thing.

  7. that’s it, Schmaltz: Liquid fat, especially chicken fat.

    Maudlin sentimentality, however, is my goto place if I’m “at” the whiskey, think Peggy Gordon round the fire, but not like this: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=TgHxIWbLiBI

    Back to Tom Gauld, if ever I go wrote a buke I’ll have him do the cover. Is that a legally binding contract now?

  8. btw, above video not for fainthearted…. should have put warning etc. sorry. The Proposition is bleak bleak bleak.

  9. Thanks for making me aware of this guy. My girlfriend was reading a Jose Saramago novel and I really liked the cover, but I never thought about looking up the artist. (Oddly enough my gf also loves Fluffy, which was done by Tom’s partner Simone.)

  10. It’s so great to see Tom Gauld blowing up. His postcard sets and minicomics are so hilarious and un-perfunctory– he deserves are the exposures (and $$$ for these fancy book covers) that he’s getting.

    If you haven’t read it, his Guardians of the Kingdom is a MUST HAVE. It’s a bit hard to get his stuff over here in the States, but some of the cooler indie shops carry his stuff via buenaventura press.

  11. I know this thread is over a year old, but I thought I’d just mention that Simone isn’t Tom’s partner, but they do self-publish together under the imprint of Cabanon Press. You should also check out Simone’s work in the DFC (new British weekly comic), which is wonderfully surreal!

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