Cause and effect

October 24, 2007


  1. Worst example of booing since Croke Park last week……

  2. Thanks for bringing that in to my life!

  3. Just shows how screwed up this world is. There is no truth only belief.

    I can’t believe I wrote that without adding a fart gag.

  4. There is a shiny sixpence for any man who transcribes the heckling in that there moving image sequence.

  5. What was the movie where Mel Gibson was a conspiracy theorist guy?

    That was a load of shite.

  6. What’s with the woman mentioning the 1st amendment at the end? Is there more to the clip? Cause if she’s even trying to defend someone shouting like an arse…

    I’ve had a conversation with a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and it was very surreal. Up until that point I’d pegged them as an intelligent, sane person.

    “The footage of the Pentagon! How can you even claim that’s a plane? It’s too blurry!”

    — Err…. so where did the plane go then? What could have crashed?

    “Who said there was any plane to begin with?!”

    — Err… planes are big. You don’t think a single person associated with either the departure or arrival airport would go ‘hey, this flight number doesn’t exist’ or ‘that flight number landed’.

    “There are so many planes, how can everyone keep track of them?!!?”

  7. Never forget.

  8. Some people are such silly billies! Pardon my language.

  9. what are your thoughts on this G?

  10. That was class. The way Bill Maher dealt with it was superb.

    9/11 conspiracy theorists really make me laugh. Bush is an idiot, he’s not Dr. Doom.

  11. I loathe Truthers. I have a little bit of sympathy for them in the sense that when you’ve been lied to so much, about so many things (torture, WMD, yellowcake uranium etc etc) then I guess it’s somewhat understandable that you might just go a little bit crazy, and start doubting reality.

    But really, in the end they’re just crazy, and they’re an absolute gift to the Right.

  12. I can’t believe you lot are so blind!!! Look around you?!!! Diana was obviously killed because she was going to marry a Muslim!!! The trade centre planes were hijacked by the CIA to stoke up anti-muslim feeling!!! The government fomented the postal strike to prepare to sell off the Royal Mail’s monopoly on postal services prior to redirecting all muslim communications to GCHQ!!!

    It’s so obvious it’s silly!!! You think you’ve got a grip on reality?!!! Really?!!! Sitting there behind your computers, in your poncey middle class homes, scratching yourselves, passing judgement and never actually getting out there and seeing what the system in the real world is doing to you?!!! Don’t you get it?!!! You’re all being fooled!!!

    Graham isn’t real!!! He’s a government plant!!! You only have to look at his picture to realise he’s just a cartoon!!! A fucking cartoon avatar for the fucking system, man?!!! You’re drones!!! Drones!!! Wake up!!! Wake the fuck up!!!


    Yours Sincerely


  13. So you’re saying that just because you don’t agree with their view point then it’s fine for burly security guards to manhandle people who disagree with you ? I’m not a Truther but they’re as entitled to their opinion as anyone else and don’t deserve to be paggered for voicing it.


  14. “I’m not a Truther but they’re as entitled to their opinion as anyone else and don’t deserve to be paggered for voicing it.”

    Oh, please!

  15. To be fair, it’s his show – as he says, they are the audience.

    Having said that, dismissing this conspiracy as the work of crazies is stunningly naive.
    Bill is paid to have an opinion, it’s his job, it doesn’t mean everyone has to.
    I’m more than happy to admit I really have no opinion or idea what ‘really’ happened. I relish my freedom to sit on the fence and distrust everyone and believe in no one’s ‘truth’.

  16. They deserve to be shot out of a cannon. Like clowns. Think for a moment how painful it must be for the relatives of the dead to hear this bullshit. And they want a televised debate? They’re fucktards, and they’re lucky that every single person in that audience didn’t kick their heads in. Being manhandled by a security guard should be the least of their problems.

  17. Wow, T&T, that’s impressive. Do me a favour, though. If you feel the same way about the Holocaust, the authenticity of the moon landings, or the findings of Charles Darwin, keep it to yourself.

    “Stunningly naive”. Jesus.

  18. I wish I lived in your world G. Must be filled with bunnies and rainbows and neatly delineated good guys and bad guys. Sounds lovely.

  19. Wow, well coming from someone who is ‘sitting on the fence’ as regards whether or not a couple of planes crashed into the World Trade Centre, you can imagine how that wounds me.

    Enough, Toilets, take it to the crazy websites. There’s plenty of them.

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