October 16, 2007

You young people are probably all over this already, but I had to post this great video from Justice.


  1. I’m young and never even heard of this band, do you know how out-of-touch you’ve made me feel?
    Like the song though.

  2. Nice!

  3. Surely you’ve seen and heard the equally awesome video of Kanye West’s unscripted confrontation of the dudes from Justice at the MTV-Europe music awards.

  4. Justice’s album is treeeeemendous. Ed Banger records has pretty good out-put all round, actually

  5. Ahhh, lovely, a double helping of whipped French irony, served on a bed of nostalgia, avec jus.

    I’d swear my t-shirt was doing that the other night….

  6. I’m with youngheaded, I feel all out of touch and think I may actually be old now. Marvellous though, may go and spend my morning productively hunting down the album

  7. ha meant wrong headed… oops. The thought of being ‘old’ must really be affecting me on a subconcious level.

  8. I think I have their CD somewhere, it’s quite good and the clip is not bad either. Love the idea of the tshirts.

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