‘It Crowd’ cast conquers music world, America

October 15, 2007


Whoo-hoo! The utter Hai Karate manliness of Matt Berry has claimed another victim! Apparently the very fabulous Sarah Silverman wants him to be in her equally fabulous show, The Sarah Silverman Program (I started watching season one last night. Funny! FUNNY!). Knock ’em dead, Matt!

Also, and I realise I’m dead late with this, Richard Ayoade directed this splendidly violent video for The Arctic Monkeys ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’. The band were so happy with it they described it as “the best thing we’ve ever done”. It is very good ‘n all!


  1. Yeah, I find the Sarah Silverman show very funny. I started watching series one on paramount and love her recaps at the end as well they way she bulldozers through controversial issues. Good on the lads, I hope Chris O’Dowd gets some interest as I think he seems to be extremely under-rated as a comic performer.

  2. I don’t understand why people find her funny. I really tried to like her stuff, but I’m not even outraged by her jokes, I feel nothing!

  3. Lilbarbie, have you died? :P

  4. I kind of agree with lilbarbie. The stuff I’ve seen so far hasn’t inspired me. But then, I’m slow to find the funny sometimes. I didn’t like the first Serafinowicz show, but the second seemed better. Will persist.

  5. Has anyone seen Flight of the Concords? BBC4 (Tues). I watched the first and thought it was ‘Meh’ but just watched the third and thought it was brilliant. It would be interesting to know Graham’s view.

  6. Love The Flight (as no-one calls them) but I haven’t seen the series yet. Actually, just off now to one-click it.

  7. Watched one of the Flight of the Conchords but switched off halfway through. Apparently it’s getting a cult following, but that came from the TV announcer so I suspect they’re hoping that by saying that it will actually come true.

    That saying, will persist with that, too. I’m still at ‘Meh’.

  8. I’m suing Richard Ayoade! I own clowns! Me!

  9. I should explain, DC did a really cool short film concerning criminal clowns. I do think that anyone thinking, in future, of anything involving clowns, should seek permission from Mister Cairns. But I’m sure that Richard trespassing on the disputed territory was entirely accidental.

  10. Sarah Silverman is my new obsession. Not in a dirty way, mind; there’s an incredible charm in what she does, whereas many other people doing the same would come across as intensely dislikeable.

  11. Here’s a mash-up of DC’s film (DC, can you post a link to the real thing?)

  12. I’m just kidding. When you do something involving clowns, or pirates, you get hyper-alert about other uses of the same thing, but I don’t see any criminal conspiracy here! Nice video.
    I had to take the film off youtube because there was a prospect of the BBC making it available on their short film site, but nothing’s happened yet.
    Here’s my pirate film instead:

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  13. Good for Matt Berry! The more British comedy talent getting US exposure the better I say.

    LOVE The Conchords! Some of the songs have magical lyrics. The track “If You’re into It” has a place on my mix list.

    I’m currently watching the Sarah Silverman episode where her dog is taken away because she’s caught licking its ass to see what the big fuss was about. I think she has her moments but I find you have to watch a lot to get a laugh out loud bit. Oh and she’s more obsessed with poop humor than I am, and that’s saying something!

    On my flight back to PDX I watched the “I’m disabled” episode again, soo many laugh out loud moments I could tell the guy next to me was straining to see my tiny iPOD screen.

  14. The incestuousness of British comedy these days just keeps getting better and better!

  15. That comment I made above didn’t really say what I meant to. I was meaning something along the lines of the incestuous nature of British Comedy (the comedy family) growing outwith to the wilds of America… or something. I hate it when I can’t put what I mean into words… Seems to be happening a lot recently… maybe it’s a very very early case of alzheimers? Oh crap…

  16. But how do you mean, incestuous, Kirsten? I hear this a lot and it always confuses me…people seem to think there’s something nauseating about people who work in comedy knowing each other and hanging out together. Don’t people in other lines of work hang out together?

  17. Ah, I’m never sure what other people mean, but I mean it in a good way. I just mean that I like how it seems everyone in British comedy these days have worked with each other at some point, it’s like a big famly but you still do have the groups who are in lots of different things together. I find it all genuinely interesting. Does this whole post make sense? I’m thinking no, but I know that if I get into it further it’ll be an over-analytical ramble of illegible phrases strung together. Like that last sentence.

    I like this sense of unity you see in other fields. It’s the same in music scenes, for example, in Glasgow, I love it how practically everyone in bands have worked with each other at some point. I think the comedy and music thing is very similar here.

    What the hell is this post all about? I apologise, Graham!

  18. Also meant to ask, on topic to your entry, have you seen that lovely lovely Matt Berry is in the equally lovely lovely Richard Ayoade’s video for Super Furry Animals – Run Away ?

    I like it!

  19. Oh, wow! I’d forgotten about that. Great song too…

  20. Berry for the win! Will he shoehorn in some “Fathaaaaaaaaaa!” or “OrdinARY Boys” lines? Certainly hope so. Really liking the Sarah Silverman show, didn’t expect to.

    Also, many congratulations on this, Graham! (click the link)


  21. That’s awesome. I love the arctic monkeys and that’s my favourite song by them. That was a good video too. Richard did a good job.

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