Don’t just stand there, hack something!

October 13, 2007

For any American ‘IT Crowd’ fans out there…a quick guide to cheating DVD regional encoding.


  1. I bought S2 off Amazon last night.
    Along with Charlie Brooker’s book Screen Burn (been watching Screenwipe on YouTube.)
    And also Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, ain’t seen any of it yet but someone said they wish they could have their memory wiped so they can enjoy it all over again.
    And those were the things that I bought.
    Y’know if you buy a cheap DVD player for around £30 in ASDA (or Wal-Mart in the US) those one’s are usually region-free, yet the more expensive ones aren’t. More buck, less bang. Odd.

  2. I never understood why people don’t do this 5 minutes after the unit is out of the box. The only way to fly, baby!

  3. Thanks for this. I went the Mac The Ripper route to get it working.

    @Wrong Headed: I frequently wish I could wipe my memory to experience shows again for the first time. Darkplace is definitely one of those.

  4. Watched the show via bittorrent, but fear not Graham, we got the IT Crowd S1&2 DVDs the day they came out from the UK Amazon, shipped out here to the west coast USA! love it!
    Best Buy sell a $50 Philips DVP642 player that is a snip to unlock that I recommend
    1 – open disk tray
    2 – press 1, 2, 3, 4
    3 – then press 0 for region free

  5. My S2 arrived on Wednesday morning, I lifted a copy onto my iPOD and watched and chuckled on the flight to San Fran the following day. I use the great products from slysoft.com out of interest.

  6. I’m in Australia, just ordered it off Sendit.com! I could probably live with the torrented ones for a while, but I’m too impatient.

    By the way Graham, did you see this?

    You’ve been quoted nicely, and if the goal of the article was to get me interested in Peter’s new show…it worked!!!

  7. Slightly off topic, but I saw an ad on G4TechTV Canada last night for series 1 of the IT Crowd “Coming in July!”

  8. I live in the US, and pre-ordered ITCrowd series 2… I have a modded Xbox and a lil Philips region free dvd player… and about 40 or so non-region 1 titles. The first episode (which is brilliant) of IT Crowd will not play on either machine… I informed Amazon.co.uk, and they were kind enough to send a replacement.. which also fails to play the first episode… every 3 seconds it stutters for 3 seconds… I suppose I will try ripping and reburning the disc at this point (removing the region encoding to boot!), and see how it goes…

  9. Not encountered that stuttering you mention and I’ve played the S2 DVD in three machines now. It did arrive having popped out of its plastic holder during the flight over here however. You tried polishing the surface just in case there is an artifact or grime throwing off the laser?

  10. Oh, God, sorry Billb. This was an early batch of DVDs that was wrong and one or two are still circulating. I know it’s a pain, but return it again and the next one should be OK.

  11. Graham-

    Thank you for the heads up. I just re-requested a replacement… BTW, who ever decided to release UK tv show dvd’s within a week of the last episode is a genius … If I’d known the dvd would be released so soon, I would have passed on the torrent, and waited to get the better quality experience.

  12. I imagine it was done for that very reason…

  13. Appears Amazon.co.uk is going to investigate on their end, rather than keep sending dvd’s across the atlantic, and are refunding the cost of the dvd… anyone recommend a worthy alternative for int’l purchases of UK dvds?

  14. The way Moss’s mind works is one of the greatest things about IT crowd for me, I would love to hear moss say something like “think of the devil” as someone enters in an episode, like with “do you want to be a Millionaire”.

  15. That Wired HowTo link has changed to:



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