Why I stopped being a music journalist

October 12, 2007

If you’ve got a few minutes, watch this hilariously stilted and uncomfortable interview with Sigur Ros. Ooooof! That’s gotta hurt!



  1. It must be a problem with the language, because they seem to be using common aloof Indie band phrases as crutches to get through the interview. Phrases like “Whatever”, “I guess” and the classic “yeah…no…I guess, whatever.”

  2. Years ago I was in an indie band, and I had endless fun with people during interviews. One guy asked how I’d describe our particular brand of metal, and I said “Sheet metal with iron filings.” The guy wrote it down and published it.

    Hm. Maybe that made me look more foolish than I had anticipated.

  3. Didn’t you do Journalism in ‘Deh Dhulaigh’, Graham?

    It’s a marvellous facility, ain’t it?

    (Although in all seriousness most of the tutors on the journalism course were decent, hard working people… they just happened to work in a hole with no budget)

  4. I did communications…

  5. Has anyone spent time in Iceland? What’s going on there? I remember seeing an interview with the Sugercubes that was every bit as awkward and odd as this. Do you think it could be some cultural thing we just don’t get? Maybe Iceland’s idea of a delightful raconteur is a shy, socially reclusive 12-year-old-boy?

  6. Painful, painful interview. Might it have had something to do with the interviewers complete lack of ability to ask a single open question? To put that question in a more open manner, how could the interviewer have encouraged fuller answers?

  7. Ah, I see.

    Know a few people who did that course – seemed interesting if not quite up my street

  8. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  9. it’s the worst when they sneer at you after you’ve asked them a question. what makes it worse is i always feel the need to apologise to them for being rubbish.

  10. […] minutes to spare, Graham Linehan has linked to the most cringeworthy interview with a band ever on his blog. It’s an interview with Icelandic post-rockers Sigur Ros, and they seem utterly uninterested […]

  11. There was a Sigur Ros culture show segment with Verity Sharp a couple of months ago (actually, looks like it was just after this entry was posted) that had some actual proper interview bits in it as well as lots of the wonderful music speaking for itself.

    (looks like most of it’s on youtube, so you can see how the band respond to a good interviewer…)

  12. There’s an added bit on the Pixies’ loudQUIETloud dvd where Charles and Kim visit Sigur Ros at their studio in Iceland. It’s just as uncomfortable an encounter as this radio interview. Perhaps they can only be interviewed in Vonlenska/Hopelandic…

  13. It could be the language issue, but my money’s on them being precious little gits who think if they articulate their delicate little crystalline songs they’ll shatter.
    It seems that every band with pretensions towards cool has to act either like the Pistols with Bill Grundy or Dylan in Don’t Look Back (I nearly wrote ‘Dylan in Don’t Look Now’ which would have been just as scary)

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