An actual chance to stick it to The Man

October 9, 2007

Donate money here to Jammie Thomas, the woman who refused to lie down for the RIAA.


  1. Should you though? The RIAA are a bunch of knackers and the damages figure is ridiculous, but Jammie Thomas is hardly an innocent download virgin when you get right down to it. Surely there’s a better way of hammering the suits?


  2. Well, maybe, but what about all the innocent download virgins who settled? Maybe taking a stand like this will dissuade the RIAA from going after people in future?

  3. I was going to record a charity song for her……..but I figured that people would just download it for free.

  4. “Free the Jam” Chorus:
    “Uh! Stick it Jammie, you sticky sticky Jammie! Jam it Jammie, wooo ooh ooh! Stick it to The Man yeah! Woooo!”

    Crooned to the ripped off catchy chorus line of some prolefeed. We could get Prince to do it. He loves him his genuine fans!

  5. When are these people going to realize that downloading and sharing music will never cease to exist? It’s going to carry on happening until some bright spark creates an even easier way to get music… like absorbing it via satellite.

  6. Katherine – Can we use your quote as the rap interlude, please?

  7. Of course you can. I have often thought about entering my talents in to the art of rap music.

  8. It all seems a little odd that people who happily download music for free even though there are avenues to pay for it are now happy to give money to a woman who broke the law.

    That said, I think the downloading of music is a great tool to get a taster of a band / artist PROVIDED you support them if you like them by buying their albums. My biggest gripe is with people who call themselves big music nuts but haven’t bought an album in years. Not to mention people who download independent artists’ material. Makes me mad!

    And Andrewdcs is right about Prince! There’s a fine line between being a hardcore Prince fan and being hunted by his lawyers.

  9. Personally, i think the only way to listen to a record properly is via the stereo, using a cracked 7″ from the bottom of a box bought at a car boot sale.
    But if people want to download then go ahead.

  10. Can we still dress up as pirates…?

  11. err… I frequently donate money to people breaking the law, I pay my taxes in England!
    Great work on the protest song – a Piratey rap with sugar pop chorus.


    *obligatory Ted/band quote*
    Just play the f**king note you were f**king playing there! F**king what you where just f**king doing! Play the f**king note!

  12. *insert “Yesterday’s Jammie” pun here*

  13. I prefer humming.

  14. Simon, I agree that people should pay for music. What I don’t agree with is the record companies then dictating what I can and can’t do with the music I paid for. Also, I don’t like them going after kids who are really just acting as unpaid PR people, spreading the word about the music they love.

    Also, CDs have been overpriced from the get-go. The way I see it, the record companies owe US money.

    Besides, the real reason the record companies are responding the way they are is that they’re fucking terrified they won’t have enough money to spend on bloated blue whales like Britney or whoever, where each video costs more than most bands spend on an album.

    Y’see, they know where they are with Britney, but they’re lost when it comes to real music, because they HATE real music. And file sharing, downloading, Radiohead’s new move…that’s the death of everything they understand.

    So please, don’t stand up for the record companies. They hate music, they hate bands and they REALLY hate you.

  15. “Y’see, they know where they are with Britney, but they’re lost when it comes to real music, because they HATE real music. And file sharing, downloading, Radiohead’s new move…that’s the death of everything they understand.”

    I think this paragraph sums up exactly what brought on the death of good music.

  16. On a lighter (darker?) note, has anyone checked out Radioheads album? Thinking about how much to pay made me do some sums…..

    I decided on £4, worth 9 minutes of my time at “work”.
    Interestingly (or not) I worked out that for every days work I do, about 8 hours, I give 2.5 hours to the state. This seems to make sense, given my uselessness with accounting / maths. This morning, in solidarity with my civil servant comrades (and Royal Mail workers), I spent this time drinking coffee and working this out.

    It’s also equivalent to 30,000 Kwacha, a weeks wage for a civil servant in Zambia.

  17. I see the music industry as following the same investment guidelines as venture capital in any other industry (IT / Pharma / TV / Crime / etc.) You get a bundle of cash, and splash it on 10 ‘instruments’, what sells, you re-invest in heavily (milk those cows!) what doesn’t dies away, the 90/10 rule applies as ever.
    The ideology is evolutionary, that ‘the market’ creates ‘winners’ which is true to an extent but it’s as tyrannical and brutal as ‘real’ evolution. The super pervasive (and invasive) marketing pushes this pap on us (as with drugs/war/cars/tablets) as that’s how business “works”.

    Basically I think music is just another casualty of consumer capitalism so thank Science for Last.fm and Radiohead and a billion other fantastic artists out there.

    Watch Charlie Brookers Screenwipe from last night (can’t find a link) and he says much the same thing about the News/Media industry. He’s my hero.

  18. sorry for clogging up the board but found this while trying to find out Radioheads album sales over the past 15 years. (has it been THAT long???)

  19. Hear, hear, Andrewdcs. Not only that, I suspect there’s something, well, suspect about the legal footing of these lawsuits. I got the new Modest Mouse from the library, ripped it at home, and listen to it on my ipod. Am I illegally ripping? Is the library illegally distributing? I also buy used records, digitize them, and load them onto the ol’ pod. I do the same with old cassettes. Is that illegal?

  20. Hey, John: Check this prig out for the answer: http://jeffreyseglin.blogspot.com/2007/03/sound-of-music.html It’s just that it’s not as easy to track down the source of that 80s mixed tape to fine them a quarter of a million dollars.

    Interesting article, Andrewdcs. Thanks for posting.

    And Graham, sing it out, Brother! You’ve summed up everything I have to say about this matter.

    And yet, still, I posted…

  21. Graham the link is bust. I want to give some cash.By the way , I have grabbed the I.T. file of the net , but I do intend to buy them eventually ( bought Ted and Big Train).I am on benefits too by the way. Provide a link and I will give the money I had to buy I.T Crowd v.1 to the fund .You will get it sooner or later
    ,I want a proper I.T Crowd copy. Genuinely no sarcasm intended in the above.

  22. Speaking of DRM-type stuff, the IT Crowd DVDs arrived in the mail, but they were the toughest Region 2 DVDs I’ve ever dealt with! VLC Player did not want to play them, and it took me a while to find the right software to rip them properly so that I could view them. I know that stuff has nothing to do with you, but I thought you might like to know the situation. They’re locked down tight!

  23. “Speaking of DRM-type stuff, the IT Crowd DVDs arrived in the mail, but they were the toughest Region 2 DVDs I’ve ever dealt with!”

    I think this has been rectified. I HOPE it’s been rectified.

  24. Well, after reading all of these comments i think it’s fair to say that downloading and sharing music is a very delicate subject, and i doubt it will ever be sorted out properly.

    Isn’t technology supposed to make everything easier?

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