Worst . Verdict. Ever.

October 5, 2007

Jammie Thomas, a single mother of two, was found liable Thursday for
copyright infringement in the nation’s first file-sharing case to
go before a jury

$222, 000! This makes me want to pirate. Anyone like to swap some music?


  1. Speechless.

  2. I’ll trade you 1 Robbie Williams album for 1 Radiohead album.

  3. Ouch.. Id be paying billions..

  4. I’ve got about two dozen spare, unloved Bowie tracks I’ll swap for, well, just about anything that’s not written by Katie Melua.

  5. I missed the last episode of S2 of the IT crowd and downloaded it from the pirate bay. How do you want your $222, 000, cash or cheque?

  6. oh my god!

    thats ridiculous – alright fair enough to take action, but how on earth does 1 song add up to so much!?!?

  7. What that article fails to mention is that the woman was offered a fine which was a few thousand dollars (as has been standard), however, she rejected that option and chose to take it to court.

  8. ^^^

    I just want to add, I’m not saying she deserves the fine but my reaction was more “she had a fine, she took a risk and now she’s screwed”.

  9. Yes she took a risk, but good on her for trying. It’s not as though she decided to bet $220K that she could beat the RIAA– that amount represents actual damages, which is utter… utter… oh god my vision goes blurry just thinking about it.

  10. BTW Graham, like almost everyone I loved your anti-piracy warning in the German episode. Everytime I have to sit through one of those (having already paid to see the movie of course) I want to yell out “I’M NOW GOING TO PIRATE THIS MOVIE IN RESPONSE TO THIS DEEPLY INSULTING CAMPAIGN!”

  11. Hell, I live in that backwards country and streamed each and every episode of Season 2 of the IT crowd. I don’t have them on my computer, and I never did.
    But the Internet is a series of tubes! So should I contact your lawyer, Graham?

    If I should, I really hope it’s Dylan Moran covered in post-its.

  12. Who cares? I don’t know for you but I’m in Europe so the RIAA can put their jury where I’m thinking.
    But well, that’s still sad. There’s no way this poor woman is going to be able to pay.

  13. Oh my Christ, who was in that jury? A cage of chimps?
    Let’s dress up as pirates and protest against this. Let’s!

  14. The horrific injustice is all the more mind-blowing when you note that it’s for downloads of *Journey* and *Green Day*. You would hope that if her children are going to be made to go hungry, it would at least be for, I don’t know, some bootleg recording of the Higsons or something. Not for something you are pretty much guaranteed to hear any time you turn on any classic rock station in Minnesota.

    So, I suppose it’s just a matter of time now before they get me for my years of downloading and take the $5.78 I’ve managed to save up over the years…

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