Non-poker players need not worry about this one

October 5, 2007


Can anyone tell me what it is about the Full Tilt site that attracts so many arseholes? For a site run by poker players, there’s an awful lot of vicious trash-talk that you just NEVER hear from any of the top pros. The other sites I play on, maybe from time to time you get the odd idiot, but on Full Tilt it’s just endemic. Has anyone else noticed this?


  1. Yes

  2. Perhaps the players have decided that as the site is called “full tilt” then a secondary aim is to upset people in an attempt to make them play badly?

    It’s pretty lame, whatever the reason.

  3. Looks pretty wacky to me! – I’m guessing a site like that, with all the crazy cartoons, looks pretty fun, attracts more ‘idiots’ than a site that was more traditional. I don’t know a thing about poker site though

  4. Maybe because they are heavily advertised on late night TV here in the U.S.? That’s probably a less sociable crowd.

  5. I’ve not played for cash online ever (yet) and have only played on a crappy little Facebook application – despite it being free to play there was almost no moronic smack talking, which I found odd.

    Must just be something about Full Tilt, then… maybe it’s the type of TV programmes it’s advertised during (like Britain’s Most Explosive Sandwiches and Easy Girls Show Their Giblets IV)

  6. I forwarded this to my boyfriend who plays online poker. He said he tried that site one day and couldn’t stand all the jerks.

  7. what you mean by hit tilt?

  8. Why are there no dogs playing poker?

  9. BTW – This is his icon (he hearts Moss):

  10. hurray for him! It’ll be odd meeting him at the tables…

  11. off topic, apologies:

    was enjoying a 1990s comedy reverie at


    where he has put up goole video of fist of fun and this morning with richard not judy, episode 5 of which features a pic your good self on their ceremonial golden grahams trolley with the description : ‘There’s Graham Linehan, he’s just a bloke we know, he wrote Paris’
    if only they knew what superstardom lay ahead

  12. I dont like it when players try and rile someone up in a poker game. Bet you a $1000 99.9% wouldnt play the same style if they were face to face!

  13. graham,

    i don’t know if you ever saw the documentary about the 1998 world series, “the million dollar deal”, but it’s available online now.



  14. Hey, thanks for that! Very kind of you.

  15. you’re more than welcome. incidentally, the people at pokerroom.com seem to be well brought up…

  16. Howdy Graham,

    Long time no etc. Hope you’re well. So it’s not just me getting abused on Full Tilt? It’s a hellhole, but I find it easier to make a few bob there than on, say, pokerstars. If you encounter any famously Galwegian rock bands (no, not The Sawdoctors) there, it’ll probably be me.


    Barry G.

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