U.S. Rep. Pete Stark “Comes Out” as an Atheist

October 1, 2007

“Although Stark denies a belief in a god, he was quick to note that the Stark family does recognize a supreme being: Mrs. Stark.” Link


  1. Sorry Graham, but your a little late with this one. He announced that he was a ‘nontheist’, back in March of this year.

    That said, its worth people in the UK knowing that the US isn’t really full of the ‘crazy ones’, something Bill Maher can say, much better then me.

  2. I understand not wanting “announce” being an atheist, you’re automatically looked down on – good old Christians and their forgiving ways. I remember seeing an episode of 30 Days a poll showed that the average person trusts Muslims, gays, lesbians and immigrants more than atheists.

  3. […] Graham Linehan, the USA gets its first atheist member of Congress, Pete Stark of California: Stark, who is a […]

  4. Interesting to see how he does at the next election. Apparently he came out in March and this was just receiving an award. I wish I had an award.

    Have we any candidates in Catholic Ireland who stand on an atheist ticket? I’d almost move to vote for them, on that basis alone. I think its a neat word to describe “rational”, in these increasingly irrational times.

    As an atheist I’ve never experienced anything other than strictly secular canvassing, religion being merely alluded to by stance on abortion, which (of course) no one has a stance on, so religion can’t come into it.
    Abortion is always a great one to spring on door knockers, count the seconds as they read your face, looking for the answers.

  5. wish my family would acknowledge my elevated status! I’m just dogsbody round here…..

  6. Hi Graham,

    It’s been impossible to find your e-mail, I just want to ask you something, would you please please send me an e-mail to be in touch? Thanks a lot!!


  7. Hi Graham

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you, too. Can you send me your bank account details, home address and used underwear please?


  8. How can anyone be an atheist once they see the glory in this virgin Mary’s smile, eh?


    I challenge anyone to remain godless after seeing that!

  9. Ach! Kunst ist tot, und Sie haben es getötet!

  10. I have no idea what Andrewdcs is saying in the comment above me but I am impressed by his zeal… Such use of exclamation marks.

    A quote from the article:

    “More people were willing to support a woman, homosexual, Mormon, or a 72-year-old.”

    Bother to that. I know who I would vote for… A 72-year old lesbian Mormon! That would be most sweet.

  11. By the way, a link that you might enjoy:


    A reminder of some real Irish identity, lest the Celtic Tiger cleanses us completely of our roots!

  12. Breaking news from the BBC:

  13. Breaking news from the BBC:

  14. Sweet god, no! I thought the violence had ended in my homeland! I have to go back in 3 weeks for a wedding, and now this shadow will be hanging over the entire event.

  15. Oh,la la ¡¡


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