White Heat/Wipe Out

September 20, 2007

The Ventures make me want to fuck shit up!

(more at Metafilter)


  1. Great tune. I blacked out midway through the second drum solo. When I came to, my shit was all fucked up.

  2. So many film soundtracks and TV shows wouldn’t be the same without this song.

    This is proper rawk. I didn’t think they did it back then really!


  3. It’s not a million miles away from Lightning Bolt, is it? Or Deerhoof – now there’s a drummer!

    Thanks for this clip Graham, it’s ace!

  4. I like the Ventures. They’ve created lots of classic sounding stuff, always used, never credited.

    The other day I heard ‘Passport to the Future’ which sounds so much like they heard ‘Telstar’ once, then tried to recreate it. Then I realised, they did a popular cover of ‘Telstar’, so my thoughts no longer made sense.

    My particular favourite is ‘Walk Don’t Run’.

  5. That drum get in your soul. I just sat down to the Dean Learner Glyn Nimron ep where Richard is freaking out to the drum on ‘Deano’s After Dark’. Noble & Silver are wonderful, do you know if they have a dvd release? Thanks for the vid.

  6. That’s some insane drumming!

    I too enjoy Dean Learner’s dance in that episode.

  7. THAT’s how IT’s done!

  8. Excellent.
    My favorite insane drumming moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRjQzSwmEHw. It gets going at 2:30 with a corny yet delightful treat at 4:25.

    I can’t really vouch for the “fuck shit up” factor.

  9. And now for something completely different:

  10. Miles: Nice! You found the 6th Rat Packer!

  11. I’ve just tried to surf my coffee table, I wish I closed the curtains first, and put some clothes on.

  12. Excellent clip! It just goes to show that you don’t need 15 foot high Marshall stacks in order to musically fuck up shit ‘n’ stuff.

  13. Thanks for all those links, people! I’m going to watch them now…(although, Eatla, yours didn’t work for me…incomplete url?)

  14. Try that ‘un.

  15. Wow! Fantastic stuff. and Miles, I’m having that.

  16. Amazing clip, Eatla! I love ‘Ball of Fire’…I remember it from when they used to show good films on TV. Didn’t they remake it with Danny Kaye?

  17. You are correct, sir. They changed the focus to music instead of slang–“A Song is Born” It was chock-a-block full of musical legends and was almost as entertaining as the original. Despite Virginia Mayo.

    That’s right. I said it. I ain’t afraid to dis the Mayo.

  18. Oh, Gary Cooper! When will you get hep?

    I have never forgotten that matches thing…

  19. Absolutely brilliant tune and has unfortunately led me to be addicted to this other ‘The Ventures’ performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeUan4As5wM&mode=related&search=

    Incredible5 min drumming solo

    It sounds like some retro tune Tarantino would use that sounds like it was used by Benny Hil.

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