“I could cut a man in half!”

September 19, 2007

I didn’t go for ‘Taladega Nights’, and this is apparently from the same bunch, but I love John C Reilly so much I’m happy to go and get fooled again.

The reason I’m posting this, though, is quite simple. Jack White as Elvis! He’s hilarious!

Actually, there’s a second reason…years ago, Arthur and I wrote a fake biopic of Elvis along much the same lines as this. I thought Arthur might get a kick out of seeing how it could’ve turned out.


  1. John C Reiley & Jack White are each top of their respective games. thanks for the vid, cannie wait til friday.

  2. Not only that but Frankie Muniz as Buddy Holly and celebrity fun pals Paul Rudd/Justin Long/Jason Schwartman/Jack Black as the Beatles

    The pofaced rock/country biopic has had it coming, that’s the problem (like’s there’s only one) of the likes of Date Movie and Epic Movie, ‘spoofing’ already lighthearted fare, adn by spoofing merely retreading the jokes with poorer scripts.

    I love how Johnny Cash in Walk the Line is just addicted to ‘pills’ what are they, do we know? no, some dodgy-looking guy just comes up to his house with a brown paper bag filled with…pills. It’s meant to be Johnny Cash’s life story and it’s like an episode of the O.C. or something.

  3. Agh! Exactly! I hated ‘Walk The Line’. It actually made me question whether I liked Johnny Cash. It wasn’t until I heard one of the prison recordings in a cab that i thought–wait, no, he WAS great! It was that FILM that sucked!

  4. That’s amazing. I love Jack White and it’s about time he stopped taking himself so seriously, that’s nice to see.

  5. No “Taladega Nights”, huh? You probably didn’t see the gritty realism of the film that we here in Nascar lovin’ Southern U.S. understood. It wasn’t comedy, it was cinema verite…

    Looking forward to this next one.

  6. Will Farrells “Working Man” Trilogy is always worth a watch (Anchorman, Talladega and Blades of Glory). I’ll deffinately be seeing Walk Hard though!

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