‘Why men suck’

September 15, 2007


One of my favourites. Click pic to read it. (Warning: Not for kids.)


  1. Hehe, at least he has a fetish for brunettes and not the usual blondes. Yes, I am a brunette…

  2. Thanks! I’ve never read anything like this before. Really enjoying it.

  3. Looks mad, got to page 24 so far..
    Be sure to check out The Fabulous Furry Freak Bro’s, i’m sure u know them.
    cheers for the link!

  4. Jeez…….we’re one and the same.
    But will I change? I bloody hope so.

  5. Just sat and read the whole thing, and then realised that the other half is up tomorrow. What I presumed was the ending would have been quite fitting, actually.

    Anyway, I’m certainly not complaining. I’ve flirted with graphic novels for a while, but I think this gem may have finally have set me off.

  6. I just spent so long reading that and now I can’t wait to see the end. Thanks for posting.

  7. I read all 92 pages too. Really enjoyed it. All the while wondering why she hadn’t chucked him years ago.

  8. Depressingly realistic, and therefore entertaining. Thanks for that.

  9. Wow, this is just great!!! Read the whole 92 pages and loved it… Do you happen to know if it’s possible to get this in (comic)book form??

  10. This is really good, thanks for posting the link graham!

  11. you can pick up ‘the poor bastard’ and matt’s other work ‘fair weather’, ‘peepshow’, and his latest – ‘spent’ in most comic shops…

    i think he’s developing an hbo tv show based on the auto-biographical comics at the moment.

    great blog graham. enjoying the show too.

  12. This comic is scarily accurate in a few ways!

    I only saw IT Crowd ep 4 last night so sorry for the delay, but I really liked it. It flowed really well and I laughed at the thread that followed. Especially Neil’s comment that Jen not knowing that guy was gay was similar to Seinfield’s ‘is he black’ storyline. Because race and sexual orientation are the same issues.

    Anyway IT Crowd is the best comedy on at the moment – well done Graham. I work in IT and the things that happen are mad!

  13. I read it all and can’t help thinking it’s a little too self-depricating and renders the main charater plain unlikable. But I did laugh here and there.
    Question from one comic fan to another:
    Preacher or Watchmen? Or neither, maybe?
    I’d have to say Preacher, it got me into graphic novels (and it was an impulse buy!)

  14. Never get bored of Alan Moore. Didn’t really take to ‘Preacher’…should I?

  15. Though I enjoyed it, I found Preacher to be a little preachy, funnily enough. Even though he’s a fellow Belfast man, Ennis is a little bit… self-indulgent, which Alan Moore always seems to avoid. That’s why I personally think he’s the better of the two writers.

  16. Any chance someone could lead me to the second part? I can’t find it. Cheers.

  17. Loved it. The very worst thing about the whole story though is that after reading it through I immediately went and bought a Viewmaster™ on eBay…


  18. I probably hold Preacher up there because it was the first graphic novel I got into, same way I feel about GTAIII with games (I’m twenty…)
    I tried describing it to a workmate once, but failed horribly, “…Oh, and there’s this guy called Saint Of Killers and he’s completely invincible, at one point he literally blows the Devil’s head off! And…”
    The ending let me down though, Watchmen’s certainly didn’t. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a more violent, funnier comic with deep characters. Plus, it’s got the most evil villains I’ve ever come across.
    Give it another try. I implore you!

  19. I would agree with Wrong, it’s worth another go.

  20. When it comes to comics, I lean towards personal, indie, Fantagraphics-type stuff, but lately there’s been a drought of quality material of that nature, so I’ve been experimenting with genre stuff.

  21. i’d like to say “have a quick look at my comics on my website if that brand of auto-biographical, navel-gaving alternative comic is your thing” but i’m worried it would come across as rather shameless self-promotion…


  22. Absolutely excruiating from the first page to the last. But oddly compelling.

  23. I only got it a few days ago and i’ve already read it about five times! I loved it

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