Funography…the final frontier.

September 13, 2007


I’ve been trying to process this for some time now and, uh, I have to say, I’m having a little trouble with it. I simply don’t know what to say.

I tell you what. I’m just going to post the link and go to bed. Maybe things’ll be clearer in the morning.

Here we go. This is a clip from a BBC show called The Truth About Food, and…uh…

Maybe you should just watch it.

Anyway. I’m going to go to bed to stare at the ceiling.

(Warning: It’s a clip from a BBC light entertainment program that shows women doing something that would not expect to see on a BBC light entertainment program.)

Thanks for the link, Mark G.


  1. No. Nononononono. No. No. Please God, no.

  2. That is very, very disturbing

  3. Interesting that it’s the men getting freaked out by this experiment.

  4. Oh good lord. Was that really necessary?

  5. So…they’re proving…what? That jizz tastes of what you’ve eaten?

    SO WHAT????????

    This isn’t the truth about food, it’s the truth about how wretched television is becoming.

  6. Isn’t this from an episode of ‘F**k off, I’m a jizz guzzler’?

  7. In 1973, the BBC produced The World At War. In 2007 they’re showing slappers guzzling jizz for science.

    It’s all education, Graham!

  8. I don’t understand, what are they trying to show? Are they suggesting that people should regulate their diet in order to give their spunk the best taste?

    “It tastes like semen – hahahahaha!!” It seems odd to me that someone would even attempt to make a joke when they’re drinking man-batch on TV; surely endeering yourself to people in any way becomes sort of redundant, I mean they can’t think any less of you so why bother?

  9. Jesus wept! Whatever next? Scavenging through turds to see if the “previous owner” liked sweetcorn????

  10. It’s not even BBC3 either, it’s BBC2. It’s over.

  11. What is genuinely astonishing is that to get ANYTHING commissioned at the BBC these days your programme has to go through commitee after commitee with different levels of management deciding whether it is suitable for their genre area, time-slot, channel etc. They spend so long worrying about random, relatively unimportant, strange internal BBC political things that the idea that people don’t want to see women guzzling spunk doesn’t cross their minds.


  12. Guys, we’re leading by example here, so let’s try and refer to the ‘incident’ as tastefully as possible. Be creative! Less of the ‘guzzling’ and whatnot, as I need to somehow erase the thing from my mind while still writing about it.

  13. “Mm, that’s a tasty beverage”.

    I’m now deeply, deeply scarred.

  14. My God. That really is genuinely grim.

    Right I’m off to watch Television X…I need some culture.

  15. I seem to remember seeing this when it went out the first time. I obviously erased it since then from the data banks. Thanks Graham. Thanks a bunch.

  16. That is fucking grim

  17. Simon, it was ITV which produced The World at War – another broadcaster with a proud heritage now reduced to flinging shit at the public.

  18. Hah, sorry Graham – you quite rightly erased my semen euphemisms. I didn’t read your request for less graphic comments.

    Mind you, “monkey custard” is funny…

  19. Maybe the first time you hear it, and even then, not so much.

  20. Is ITV so bad, John? it seems to me the only channel holding out against funography. And at least it has Harry Hill and ‘TV Burp’.

  21. I want you to know that it was very unfair for you to lead us all to the slaughter like that. By the way, I am interested in knowing how you came across it.

  22. Someone posted the link as a comment.

  23. How in God’s name did they advertise for these participants? I know they are all american ladies, but exactly where did they go to recruit them?

  24. ITV is a very strange organisation indeed. They have genuinely interesting and thought-provoking programmes on occasionally (although the occasions are becoming more… er… occasional) with people like John Pilger turning up now and again. The problem is that their day-to-day news and current affairs output is so Daily Mail-y that it rather overshadows their brief moments of intelligence.

  25. Goodbye TV

  26. John, thanks for pointing that out. I always just assumed it was BBC. Silly me. My knowledge of ITV (as someone overseas) is simply dodgy news and Ant & Dec.

    For people of UKland, was this show actually made by the BBC or was it bought from overseas? If it’s the former then I’m rather shocked.

  27. G, you dirty young man. I was shocked, then amused, then confused. shit, times have changed! cheers man. (sic)

  28. Sic?

  29. Sorry to be pedantic, but ‘sic’, in brackets doesn’t mean what you think it does, Damo.

  30. What the F!? Somebody came up with this idea and another person commissioned it? Then others backed it and they even found ‘lab rats’. Then someone broadcast it – without anyone saying ‘hang on we are basically showing women downing ‘semen shots’ and then doing a masterchef style analysis of the results, for no apparently good reason.’

    Could you imagine if they got the tubes mixed up? Not that the last lady would have mind, she was up for thirds.

  31. About as scientifically useful as McKeith leafing through people’s poo. Naaaaaasty. And pointless.

  32. I am truly sorry for unleashing this fetid specimen upon your corner of the web, Graham. I only lasted about 15 seconds myself.

    The previous clip I’d watched on the same YouTube channel was the promoted clip for “Tribe” titled “Cannibalism” – Which actually had very little to do with cannibalism.

    But then came the karmic punishment for my grim fascination, with a clip that had very little to do with “The Truth About Food” =(

  33. Oh god oh god oh god oh god (rocking back and forth)

  34. Television depresses me. I don’t get it at all any more.

    There’s shows I get of course (ahem) but I’d sooner buy a DVD of the series or download em. I want to pick and choose, the level of crap is just too high. Give me a way to see just the shows I want to see and I’ll skip all that other stuff, thank you.

    Light Entertainment used to mean Morecombe and Wise. Now… well.

  35. Hey, why did you delete my comment? It wasn’t THAT bad! Was it……? Anyway, hate to break it to you, but women do discuss these things and a hell of a lot worse.

  36. Chica, if you don’t think that clip is disgusting, then fine. That’s great. Personally, I find it a little depressing that you think it’s ok, but that’s my business. However, as the administrator of this site, I can do my best to make sure that this discussion never descends to the level of that TV program, and that’s why your comment was deleted.

    And please don’t think you’re getting any special treatment because you’re a woman. I’ve deleted a lot more posts on the subject by men than women.

  37. Why did I look? I need to convince myself that it wasn’t real somehow, that it was cake glaze in those horrible little vials.

  38. That’s not what I meant. Of course that clip was hideous, but it’s there and it’s absolutely ludicrous. It’s the only way to treat such things and I thought I was treating it as ludicrous enough to warrant my comment. Sorry to have offended you.

    As for women, I simply wanted to point out that when they go to the ladies room in groups, you hear far worse than that clip. It’s honestly scary sometimes the detail they can go into.

  39. Why? Just…why?

    People make me very, very sad sometimes.

  40. whould richard herring’s idea of an X factor-style show for tv executives lead to funography collapsing in on itself?


  41. I just read your message again, Graham. I think you misunderstood me – I meant my COMMENT wasn’t that bad, not that the clip wasn’t.

  42. Chica, sorry the comment went. it was just the cumulative effect of people describing the show in different ways. it was getting to me.

  43. Jammus, I just read Richard’s blog too. I think it’s an outstanding idea!

  44. That’s ok. I was just afraid I’d offended you on your own blog and that is absolutely the last thing I wanted to do. *hug* I shall endeavour to be more ladylike from now on.

  45. What makes that video clip funny is that all of the participants throw the samples back like they’re drinking shooters.

    No pun intended.

  46. Just gross. I thought american television was bad, but that is just over the top. I guess in america we’d never see that on television because the FCC would blow a fuse with all the hatemail and angrygrams they’d get from the ‘family values’ folks.

    nevertheless – that’s just icky. My eyes vomited.

  47. Yeah, puts Janet Jackson’s boob slip into perspective!

  48. I wonder if some of the participants secretly liked it. I bet they go home, eat some pineapple and coconut, felate themselves, mix it with a little rum and have the worst pina colada ever.

  49. woow funny

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