“Look at that horse.”

September 9, 2007


  1. You couldn’t make stuff like that up.

  2. I HATE HIM.

    and myself.

  3. “Actually, it may in fact be a moth.”
    Little late to be a smart arse, isn’t it?
    That last comment made me lol out loud! :|

  4. Jaysus. :lol:

  5. Ha ha. Cool.

    Came to this blog to find hints and tips on comedy screenwriting but instead found one of the most entertaining and addictive blogs on the internet. Excellent.

  6. That horse is beautiful!!!!!


    tim kurek

  7. It’s marvellous how he can tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth but not between either of those and a horse.


  8. it would have been funnier you hadn’t blown the best part in the title.

  9. This guy has great comic timing! Funniest thing I’ve seen for ages, actually.

    More funography spotted on forward-thinking BBC 3 – ‘How Dirty Can I Get?, in which daring reporter Nicky Tailor stops washing or brushing her teeth to see if it will make her smell after 6 weeks.

  10. Quality

  11. What a ridiculous man.

    I saw this and it felt wrong that I hadn’t been sent to it by this blog:

  12. That’s priceless. “I know a horse when I see one, goddamit! There were three of them flying round my lightbulb last night.”

  13. I’ve always wanted a camera with a Four Ex zoom. Now I know which one to get.

  14. The disconnect twixt brain and ocular cognition in that instance is genuinely something to treasure. But what a nob-end, eh?

  15. Actually there are quite a few horses in my garden right now…

  16. Hi Graham, not sure if this is the best way to get in touch but what the hell. I’m just after a bit of advice really, I made a sitcom pilot last year and it’s in the development stage with rte now (they gave us money!) so i was hoping i could pick your brain about the dos and don’ts of getting a sitcom made and maybe get your opinion on our pilot and planned scripts.

    Also on the off-chance you actually read this, i’d like to thank you for your commentary tracks on Father Ted. They really helped me get over the chronic insomnia i had there for a while.


  17. Sorry, Ray, but stuff like that has to go through my agent or I’ll be swamped.

  18. Oh right, thanks for replying though.

  19. I think this might be my favorite thing. I mean, EVER. In my entire life. It’s been days now and I can’t stop watching it…Help…

  20. Now, look at THIS horse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIPVg6FXB1s

  21. What I find funnier is that some people record the shopping channel. That’s just not right.

  22. “My lovely horse, youre a caterpillar no more
    Flying around with pollen on your tongue, like a bat in the night…”

    (Sorry I couldn’t resist it).

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