Funography Watch–it’s back!

September 7, 2007


Since two people have mentioned it, it would be remiss of me not to include the latest wing to the funography poo palace ‘Help, I Smell Of Fish’ (BBC3, natch). Actually, to be fair, I’m not sure this is ‘pure’ funography–the title is actually halfway amusing and we should be grateful that they didn’t call it ‘Fuck! I Smell of Fish!” (I bet they thought about it). Also, it’s small beer next to shows like ‘Sex-Change Hospital’ and that thing in which a man walked around wearing a sign saying ‘I want to talk about penises’ ( the people who commissioned this show should be forced to wear that sign all the time).

Look at him there, wanting to talk about penises. That’s the face of public service broadcasting in the ‘noughties’. (Thanks to Arthur for drawing this one to my attention.)


  1. Look at him, the dirty hooer!! Walking around asking people about their mickies. Sure he’s only a bowsie himself!!

  2. How tv used to be

  3. phew, for a moment there, I though that was Charlie Brooker wearing said sangwich board…

  4. Have you seen this?

    The BBC! THE B.B.C.!!

  5. Have been watching Monkey Dust on YouTube. BBC3’s single great show.

  6. ?
    I thot it wos Tony Blackburn for a minute there.

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