They’ve made ‘The Mist’!

September 2, 2007

‘The Mist’ is one of my favourite Stephen King stories. They’ve finally filmed it and from what I can see here, they’ve nailed what makes the story interesting, and topical. Let’s see…a mysterious threat that can come in a variety of forms..crazy fundamentalist Christians trying to control everyone through fear…rational people marginalised…remind you of anything?

“If anything happens, cut and run.” I mean, talk about laying it on the line! Once again, science fiction steps in where everyone else is too chickenshit to tread.


  1. Great video. Science Fiction has been stepping in and commenting on social issues since Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone in 1960. He once said in an interview that the only way he could avoid the censors and get his messages across was in the guise of science fiction.

  2. I have to agree with you Graham. I have been carping on about how this particular King story would make an excellent movie, and low and behold it’s gotten made. Looks rather like it’ll kick a s**t storm too! Fantastic!

  3. Looks great. I actually bought the audio book of this, recorded in Amazing 3D Spook-O-Sound or somesuch. Very creepy listening to it in the dark on me iPod, especially when the dog decided to lick my hand in a particularly scaresome part.

  4. The laughter track is too quiet.


  5. Ooh, didn’t know it automatically generated a smiley, when you did a colon then a bracket, my apologies for the apparent lapse in taste.

  6. Ha! i didn’t either.

  7. :)

  8. Well well!

  9. funny, the Father Ted Episode with the Chinese family thinking Ted’s racist (think its called Are You Right There Father Ted?) was just on and there’s a joke about Ted giving the priest a lend of The Shining which seems to stick out amongst the old man’s collection of leather bound pipe smoking books and I wondered if it was a joke at the expense of Mr King, but I’m guessing I’m wrong and your a fan? Looking forward to this. Makes me wish a proper film was made of my favourite King story Pet Semetary.
    Loved the “Move on” joke at the funeral on IT Crowd by the way, I would however like a shower/wake up from a dream scene to bring Denholm back.

  10. I’ve read that they’ve totally changed the ending though- Treat Williams uses an industrial vacuum cleaner on the mist, then Jason Statham shows up and reads some of his poetry.

  11. I also loved this story (novella ? novelette ? noverilla ?) particularly the character of the neighbour, Brenton Norton who was as charmless a man as you could hope to be trapped in a supermarket with prehistoric beasts and a formidible mist.
    Him and Jim Davidson.

  12. Hi Graham,

    I apologise for doing a thread hijack here (though I am quite enthusiastic about a King adaptation that compels more than simply let out a weary sigh), but I wondered if you’d be at all interested in having a listen to a comedy podcast a friend and I cobbled together, with a possibility of giving some feedback.

    It’s an affectionate needling of the world of avant-garde musicians, in the form of retrospective documentary. The artist in profile is called Reuben Bondek, and his agenda is suspicious.

    The mp3 is right here:


    Hope you enjoy it, if you find the time!



  13. Looks good, and set in a supermarket too.. Just like the Centra ad

  14. Hi Graham, this is totally unrelated to this post, but I just spotted a quite fantastic piece of Funography in the Radio Times, a programme called ‘Help! I Smell of Fish!’
    It is, of course, being shown on BBC3

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