September 2, 2007

“A YouTube clip of President Ronald Reagan saying, twice, in
public, in front of television cameras, that he wants Space Monsters to
invade Earth so we will have a common enemy and then be able to be
friends with The French.”

via Wonkette

Can you imagine being a UN translator and having to relay this? If you said “Ah…he seems to have gone insane”, would you have lost your job?


  1. My God – I’ve just wet.
    I’ve never seen that before.

    Poor guy just couldn’t get ‘E.T.’ out of his head.

  2. Graham, you are such a geek. You remind me, in a more crazy way, of a certain Irish character in a certain sitcom set in a certain IT department.

  3. Oh it’s not so crazy, everyone believes in aliens.

  4. In retrospect, it sounds a bit silly, but the sentiment is good. If we were confronted with alien visitors (good or bad) suddenly all of our little human differences would seem like nothing. This is quite a visionary concept coming from a US president (which is not normally considered an intellectual post). Can anyone imagine Dubya expressing the same thoughts – or even having them?

  5. Visionary? Intellectual? He’s talking about little green men in front of the UN!

  6. I never realised that the villain in Watchmen (spoiler alert) was based on Reagan. Although that came out while he was still president, so maybe it’s where he got the idea.

  7. I remember being in a more or less constant state of outrage over the meanness and stupidity of Reagan, but seeing good ol’ Dutch up there talking about little green men makes me feel kinda nostalgic.

  8. Graham said: “Visionary? Intellectual? He’s talking about little green men in front of the UN!”

    Okay. He is expressing it very badly. Also, I remember the man and NOBODY ever accused him of being “Intellectual”.

  9. His comments have been covered extensively on UFO sites. Obviously he’s telling us there ARE Aliens and we SHOULD all unite to fight them.

    I had a brief interest in UFOlogy a while ago before I realised it was definitely rubbish.

    On a brighter note, where else can you discuss The IT Crowd, Watchmen AND UFO’s in once place? I’m home.

  10. I’ve spent decades as an armchair ufologist, and I think I’d summarise my feelings on the subject as: yeah, 99.9% of what you can read about UFOs and aliens is either ill-judged nonsense or honest mistakery (ok, that’s not a real word, but it’ll do!)… but there’s that 0.1% that isn’t quite so easily dismissed. Governments and military organisations all over the world have demonstrably been _very_ interested in UFOlogy, a fact that indicates the subject deserves at least a small portion of our attention.

  11. This is actually the day when Kurt Vonnegut Quantumleaped into the body of a senile old man and desperately tried to change the world while we all looked on cynically.

    Or maybe The Gipper had borrowed Slaughter House 5 from Bush Snr – apparently a massive KV fan.

  12. Didn’t Reagan say this kind of shite all the time when testing his mic? Stuff like “Lets bomb Russia” and the like.

  13. Looks like Mr Reagan couldn’t get that famous old 1960s episode of the Outer Limits – ‘the Architects of Fear’ out of his head.

  14. Too bloody right our “differences would vanish” Any hostile aliens advanced enough to travel all this way could vapourise us instantly!

    It’s a bit like people who bang on about how wonderful the blitz spirit was, forgetting the minor inconvienence of all that death and destruction.

  15. […] Raygun […]

  16. He sounds like Derek Davis talking about fishing, almost wistful!

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