September 1, 2007

Great song, great video.

(via Boing Boing and Web Zen)

(ooh! And how about some vikings, Genndy Tartakovsky-style ? Link)


  1. The guy (Cyriak) behind it has a really nice wee site.
    I wholeheartedly recommend the ‘Dragons Den’ bit/fing/fingy.

  2. And he’s also responsible for this.

  3. I ‘hate’ to say this, especially here, but, genius!

    He pops-up on ‘beta’ and needs to be beaten! By me!

  4. Seems to have a bit of a Monty Python animation feel to it! Very cool :)

    According to Digg, this is the coolest music video ever:

    I dare you to keep a straight face when they cut to the keyboard player after 20 seconds…

  5. Jesus, i could only watch a bit of that other Cyriak thing. Yeesh…horrible.

  6. That Viking Rock one was the most rocking-ist thing, I loved it.

    Net detectivery –
    The animator:http://www.joeltrussell.com/

    Musician home page:

  7. I had the good fortune to hang out with Cyriak last year at the BBC Funny Hunt finalist’s night out, in the Frog And Bucket, Manchester. Very nice guy and obviously quite insane, he shouted “I feel like goddamn star!” at me when I bought him a pint. Top bloke and bound for big things I’d say.

  8. Have to say, that video reminds me of a lot of stuff by The Residents…anyone else agree? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Incidentally Graham, are you a fan of the Residents’ Commercial DVD? I find there are a lot of similarities between those videos and Jim Woodring’s work, in that they can tap into similar areas, and there’s an abundance of both pure terror and black comedy in their stuff.

    Some Residents videos:

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