A roundup of suggestions for a better Series 3

September 1, 2007

1. Fire the entire cast.
2. Manipulate the laughter a bit more. Bring it up in some places and down in others.
3. No more obvious jokes, like what happened with the phone. I absolutely knew that was going to happen.
4. Can you ask Chris Morris to be my mate?
5. Make everything as good as the best thing there is.

I’m deleting messages that I don’t like from now on, because they’re hurtful and not useful (hmmm…get rid of Richard Ayoade…yeah, let me get right on that!). I don’t know if that’s correct ‘netiquette’ or not, but getting into online slanging matches with comedy trolls is not the best use of my time.

Thanks to the nice people, though! Very sweet of you to get in touch.


  1. I don’t recall Graham saying he was going to delete/ignore all criticism, just stuff he didn’t like. Since he’s the one charged with the duty of making the show good, he’s entitled to decide which comments are helpful. Constructive and intelligent criticism is unlikely to get deleted, I would have thought. But he still doesn’t have to pay any attention to it, it’s his show. There are enough execs in TV that creative people DO have to listen to, whether or not they’re right, so it’s understandable if a very successful pro doesn’t want to act on every nitpicking comment from well-meaning members of the public like us.

  2. I don’t think you need to change fundamentally anything in series 3, you have a good formula. I would however like to see another really silly episode such as the fire brigade one from series 1 – just utterly ridiculous and had threads of your humor style from Ted and The Day Today – real treat.

  3. I’m sure Graham can fight his own battles but as far as I was aware, this blog wasn’t set up for people to critique his work.

    If someone walks into a house without an invitation and says “Your curtains are shit, your wife’s a dog and I need to take a dump”, I can appreciate it if the owner gets their back up. There are enough avenues in the arts / media to be criticised and unless I’m mistaken, I’ve yet to see any comments on here saying “So everyone, what did you think? Don’t hold back.”

    So, how about respecting someone’s blog and their requests? Just a thought.

  4. See how it works? A brief scan…negative? Delete. Don’t waste your time, people!

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