IT Crowd Ep 2. Eek!

August 31, 2007

9.30 pm. Don’t miss the start!

What can I tell you?… Maybe I’ll let this nice interview in The Scotsman do the talking.

Ooooh! Hope you like it!


  1. Last week’s episode was fan-tas-tic! I was practically in tears.

    I saw episode 2 being filmed & I am most excited for it tonight! :]

  2. Just opened up my copy of The IT Crowd series 1 that I bought off of Amazon after seeing it last week.
    I’m shoving money down your panties. Metaphorically speaking. Or is it? Yes, it is.
    Now I’m off to buy vodka (I’m Scottish and it appeals to my sense of stereotype. Not the vodka, that would be Russian, I just mean the alcholism.)
    Any chance of a cameo by Dylan Moran in series 3?
    I asked last week but my comment got lost in the 100+ that have followed it.
    Does vodka go with IT Crowd? It did with Black Books.

  3. Last week’s was brilliant, although I do spend half the time trying spot all the posters of bands on the walls. I get a little giddy every time I see the GBV one.

    I have high hopes for the episode this evening.

  4. Yes, I hope everyone enjoys the IT crowd and has an amazing time while I go home to the 3 channels that I can actually tune in on my non-cable American TV and watch back to back reruns of “The King of Queens”. Don’t let my pain ruin your evening, by all means…

  5. This may be a weird request, but does anyone know which episode was filmed on 20th April? Me and my fiancee had tickets to attend but had to give them away due to unforseen circumstances. It would be nice (I think) to know which episode I missed.

  6. Episode 1, what a triumph!

    The most convoluted and twisty plot I’ve ever seen, but what’s more it worked. Superbly.

    Roy and his acid mangled legs, slowly being winched up into yhe back of a bus, Roy crashing through a teetering stack of wine glasses, Richmond ‘That’s just bloody rude.’.

    First class. Well done that man…

  7. Great stuff again this week. I hope those enormous black and white pictures of Chris Morris end up on eBay eventually, the sad-face one especially would enliven any living room.

    Particularly enjoyed the quick hands-by-the-sides leap out of the window and the literal interpretation of those Deathclock websites.

  8. Well i’ve wet em’ again!! That was another brill episode.. shame about Chris Morris leaving, but having Matt filling his shoes was the best decision you could have made .. he’s great with his sexy voice.

    Seeing Jen smoking with a beer in her hand while watching Eastenders – Well, my head hurts from laughing so much at that image.

    Thanx again x

  9. Great Stuff Graham mate! I just loved the calmness of Denholm just opening the window n Jumpin out. No More Denholm nooooo!………’whistles’

    Very Good Replacement tho…Matt Berry yayyy!

  10. bEAUTIFUL STUFF. Damn you, caps lock!

    Yes indeed. Missed episode one LIKE A FOOL but I’ll buy the DVD so it’s all good. That was great, esp Denham’s leap, Chris Morris shd do more physical comedy, it’s a disgrace shutting him behind a news desk.

  11. “The difference in quality between last week and this week couldn’t be more pronounced”

    It’s with a heavy heart that I have to agree. There just weren’t many laughs in tonights episode :(

    Still, onwards and upwards….ep3 to look forward too(and thank god big brother has finished!)

  12. Nice to finally hear Jen’s last name! An excellent episode, very funny. Roy plus the phone at the funeral, so funny!

  13. Aw, thanks, Chris! Again, very good of you to get in touch on the night the show goes out.

  14. That’s what the internet’s all about, instant feedback and all that. Should negative comments be left for a day or two then? I was just SO annoyed at the drop in quality here, this is a show I’ve defended a fair bit, and one I think has bags of potential. Last week saw it almost getting back to the heights of the stress one from the first series, but this weeks…

  15. “A dream.. and 6 million pounds” ha! Shame no more Morris. Enjoyed this. Also I must be a dumbarse ’cause I never knew it was going to be his mobile.

  16. Thanks Neil! I’ll certainly try to return to the quality of the first few episodes. And you’re right, the instant responses are very valuable. I’ll certainly be taking your thoughts into account when I write the next series.

  17. Oh, and the laugher track seemed fine this time.

  18. Jeez…….nothing like creative criticism.

    Personally, I feel that the I.T. Crowd has one of the most comically competent casts (nothing like alliteration either). All of them have a natural sense of comedy performance and understand the honed and well written script perfectly.

    I don’t know though, Graham. It’s hardly ‘2 Pints of Lager…’ is it?

    The use of ‘bleeps’ for Roy was great.

    Thanks, Graham.

  19. Graham, you forgot to thank those who left postive comments for getting in touch on the night the show went out.

  20. You’re right, Daniel. Thanks, everyone, who took the time to write something nice. It means a lot!

  21. I can’t comment on whether there was a drop in quality over last weeks episode as I sadly missed the first one but I really liked this episode and made sure to tune in when I read on this very blog that Matt Berry was due to make an appearance. I don’t know what it is about him but his stentorian voice never fails to crack me up. Hearing him shout “Father!” at full capacity probably gave me the second biggest laugh of the show. The first being watching Roy wigging out when he thinks he is going to die after his mobile phone goes off.
    What can I say? It was a funny, funny episode. I will make sure to tune in for future shows. :)

  22. I enjoyed it. On the whole, I thought maybe the first episode worked a bit better, but this one had some incredibly funny moments. Sod Del Trotter and his bloody “falling through the bar” scene – Chris Morris jumping out the window was one of the best visual gags I’ve ever seen. And the “bleeping” scene in the church was a classic too (yes, I had forgotten about the phone).

    Looking forward to Ep 3 (also looking forward to the suicide scene turning up on YouTube… and very much hoping to find one of those black & white pictures for my desktop).

  23. I seem to be disagreeing with a lot of people, but I thought tonight’s episode was fantastic, better than last weeks (which was also fab!). I love Matt Berry, I have for a long time, but he really seems to shine as Douglas.
    Thank you Graham, I can’t wait until next week!

  24. Drop In quality? What.

    I thought it was a great introduction to a new character ( Denholm’s Son )

    I must be loop de loo or somethin because i was Laughing.


  25. Drop In quality? What.

    I thought it was a great introduction to a new character ( Denholm’s Son )

    I must be loop de loo or somethin because i was Laughing.


    I thought the apple eating at the end was funny, I love that kinda stuff.

  26. *Note to all*

    Surely there’s a more appropriate forum to discuss this.
    I come here to see what the interesting daily posts are.

    It’s like someone hanging around your office at the end of the day and saying ‘You sent a really good email today…..but the rest of them are shit. And as for your coffee making skills? Jesus, you’re awful’
    All of us have slightly differing tastes, but I feel it’s rude to come here and air them so openly.

    Graham Linehan appears very open to people leaving criticism but this still may not be the best place to do it.

  27. Sorry for the double posting.

  28. Oh, mercy. I love Matt Berry and I’m so pleased to see him join the cast. Here’s to more shouting, pointing, winking, slap-fighting and making of sex-noise. Yay, Douglas!

  29. Tonights show was my 3rd favorite episode of all time, the first being the series one episode with the new number for the fire brigade and the second being last weeks show. I loved the silliness and ‘Ted’ undertones in that series one episode.

    Be careful how you word criticisms folks. When real people, not critics who are interested in getting more readers by being completley pro a series or utterly against it, attack something that you make it hurts. Remember Graham is as human as you or I and blatant criticism hurts, but constructive criticism is probably welcomed.

  30. Oh jackoftheshire, will you marry me? x.

  31. pure genius. Thank you again X

  32. Oh


    I thought that the show could not get any better than Roy’s vibrating heart attack, and Jen’s drain death stick…but dare i say it, when Matt walked through those church doors i stopped breathing.

    You know when you laugh so hard you do that silent thing where you shake and sorta sit there not breathing with your mouth open wide enough for a small child to sit in? and the people around you wait for the catastrophic explosion coming at any moment when you take a breath?

    yeah… that happened as soon as he said FATHEEEERRRRRRRR!!!!!

    absolutely pure genius.

    That is all.

  33. wait… sorry its not all,

    Noel Fielding is pure sex appeal and should be permanently employed as my own goth to live in my own plange storeroom.

    im done now i promise :D

  34. Well that cheered me up. Don’t know why but I always seem to be going through one of life’s shit-patches when IT Crowd is on. Watching it always makes me happier, so thank you sir.

    Loved Chris Morris’s lines in particular. I thought Matt Berry’s performance was great, really laughed at his “faaather” moments. I’m sure that he’ll add to the show and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next…

  35. Ah, the internet. I briefly forgot where I was and started engaging in discussions with negative people! Sorry, all the nice people. I’ll figure this internet-accessibility malarky out by next week. Meanwhile, negative comments get marked as spam, because they make bunny cry.

  36. I’m torturing myself reading about episodes I won’t be able to see here in the states for ages. Thank dog for Region2 DVD players. Series 1 gets funnier every time I watch it. Like Black Books & Father Ted, the comic effects seem to be cumulative. …kind of like lead poisoning ;)
    I’m as eager to see series 2 as I am filled with dread to see what NBC may do with their ‘Americanized’ version. Actually, I’m not too worried. If it doesn’t work I’ll just turn it off & try turning it on again.
    Enjoy V2.0 while I wait for the DVD package. May it follow it’s predecessors & give us 3 great seasons …and a holiday special.

  37. Is that Drinky Crow on Roy’s desk?

  38. “Speak Priest.”

    I love Matt Berry :)

    Great show, looking forward to next weeks episode.

  39. Just saw ep 2. Roy’s freak out in the church is an instant classic. I had to rewatch it three times.

  40. Yes, Roy’s freak out was excellent.

    Great job, Graham!

  41. Series 1 far is a real progression on series 1. It has justified its commission, characters more extreme and its opened up the potential for crazier plot lines. I think Roys character is especially better this time. Last series his cynicism was comical, but he’s just so much sillier, gullible and funnier now..superb raw material for sitcom. Denholm’s sad demise forgivable in how brilliantly it was written and denholms son is just going to be hugely popular with all viewers….even the deaf and blind…very un pc I know but you dont even have to look at him to laugh, oh I just love him.I hope Jen will be ok with him sniffing and grunting around.

  42. Sorry typo – “series 2 so far a progression on series 1”

  43. Absolutely fantastic stuff. Best thing on telly since.. I forget when. Maybe I’m obsessed but a website I designed this week used pictures of Moss and random quotes from him as a placeholder for the design! *eeep*

    Really enjoyed this episode, as with all the rest. Well done to all those on the team! x

  44. I feel awful slating it now. It would seem i’m in the minority here :( I just thought last nights episode lacked the sparkle of the previous one(and the entire first series for that matter)

    Love the show though and i’m definitely looking forward to next week.

    Btw Graham(and this has probably already been asked before, but..), do you know if there are any plans for a Hippies dvd?

  45. It was still a good episode… it’s quite hard to write something making death funny, what with it being a big taboo and all. Even so, the line ‘don’t turn it up to 8 Moss, it’ll blow my cock off’ had me laughing HARD. Roy going mad with the F-word was great too.

    Now, I’d like to know – is it ‘The I.T. Crowd’ (as in letters) or ‘The it crowd’ (as in the word)? Like it matters much, just curious. And yes, Hippies should have been on DVD LONG ago.

  46. “Ah, the internet. I briefly forgot where I was and started engaging in discussions with negative people! Sorry, all the nice people. I’ll figure this internet-accessibility malarky out by next week. Meanwhile, negative comments get marked as spam, because they make bunny cry.”

    But Bo Selecta was brilliant. You’re a negative person for not liking it! LOL!

  47. Aw Graham, for someone so awesomely talented how have you not turned into an arse yet? You’re still like a normal person, finding it easier to take criticism than truly believe any praise you get…

    Still if you did find it easy to take praise you probably *would* be an arse, so there’s no getting round it really is there.

    I loved last night’s show, I felt a huge rush of elation when Matt Berry showed up, the guy is a genius. The whole episode was like balm, except it was two short. It needs to be 90 minutes at least. I had a really crap day yesterday, I barely got home in time for the show. It really cheered me up. Felt much better by the end of it. I think the bottle of wine helped as well. Can’t wait for next week!

  48. Joe in Boston – I share your pain. I’m in Connecticut and I’m dying to see the new episodes. Between this series and the upcoming Mighty Boosh season, I’m seriously considering immigrating. Again.

    ‘Til then, I guess we’re stuck with our endless stream of “reality” crap and what passes for sitcoms over here.
    God, I miss Arrested Development…

  49. You’d have to ask Arthur about ‘Hippies’. I didn’t work on it (don’t be fooled by the ‘Created by’ credit–the BBC just wanted to say “From the writers of ‘Father Ted”).

    Oh, and as for the earlier question about Dylan–he won’t be coming up in any episodes of ‘The It Crowd’. Sorry!

  50. A bit of a Hudsucker Proxy opening to episode 2! I like the way you structured it so you got two gags out of him plummeting from the window at different times.

    May I ask some advice? Everyone keeps telling me I’d love Seinfeld, but I’ve only ever seen two episodes and find Kramer really quite annoying. Where should I start to get the best of George Costanza?

  51. I think I spoiled it a bit for myself because I thought the “Return of the Golden Child” was going to be Richmond and I was waiting for it to the end.

  52. The only bad Seinfeld episodes are towards the last few seasons, when Larry David left, and they’re still better than most.

  53. Last nights episode Death and Cigarettes. Watched it alone while nursing my dying cat after not having a fag for MONTHS and still laughed till I could barely breath at Roy in church.That takes some doing. Keep up the good work.

  54. Hmm…I really like the last couple of seasons of Seinfeld- the general concensus is that the show wasn’t as good after Larry David left but I thought it dipped during Season 6 (Season 7 is better though). The plotlines got sillier but some stuff is genius- I love the episode where Kramer finds the set to an old chat show in a skip and rebuilds it in his apartment…

  55. The only Seinfeld ones I’ve seen are the blood donor, Frogger and when George tries to experiment with food in bed. I absolutely loved that one!

  56. Suggestion for series 3: make a series 3.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I liked series one, but series two so far is definitely funnier. The cast seem more comfortable in their roles and I love the fact that Richmond comes in quite a few times. It’s nice to have a non-main but recurring character like that. Basically: genuinely the best thing that was on TV this week. Although I would love to see Roy reading a bit of Tominne.

  57. Never watched Seinfeld, but the it crowd is the best thing on TV at the moment, this is possibly not as much of a compliment as it is meant to be. I liked the part as they went into the church best when both Roy and Moss made their inappropriate condolences, wonderful. Please give Richmond more lines next series. At the end of the last series, I thought you would have trouble finding new things to put in this one, but everything is opening up so it could run and run. Your immagination is amazing, I still think you are writing about an adult version of my 14 year old son when you write Moss’s character. Thanks again.

  58. Hi Graham,

    I’m sure you’re a busy guy, so I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible.

    I am a software developer, and I have created a rather popular open-source (free) application for the web. I have a few hundred thousand people that use my software and watch every move I make. Your latest post about people criticizing your work got me thinking, and if you’d indulge me, I’d like to share some advice:

    Since the first day my software was released, I’ve had people telling me what is wrong with it and how I should change it for the better. I tell them that I appreciate their input, but I have a very clear vision for my project. I know what I like, and I believe that overall, I know what people want. If I listened to what every guy who knows how to type said, I would *not* have the huge following I have today.

    There will always be people with differing (sometimes hurtful) opinions. But remember that you are the man, Graham. You are the one with the proven track record of success. You know funny.

    I truly appreciate that you have provided this forum where people who appreciate your work can interact with you. But if you are a sensitive person, it can be crushing to your spirit. And when you are trying to be creative, that is one of the worst things that could happen.

    With that in mind, I suggest that you just shut down comments on your blog. You know what you’re doing – you always have. You don’t need us to confirm that for you, or tell you otherwise.

    But that’s just my 2 cents – and in the spirit of this message, please feel free to completely ignore it.

    ps. You don’t need to approve this comment – I would have emailed it to you, but your address isn’t public (for obvious reasons, I realize).

  59. This episode was OK. The previous episode was pure madness: Homosexuals AND Disabled People at the same time – this could not be topped.
    Throwing away a well established main-character was quite a bold move, but in the end Denholm got on one’s nerves quite easily, so the “boss 2.0” will certainly be an improvement.
    Anyway: I’m looking forward to the next episode. Greetings from Germany (where we can’t receive english television – but as you probably know: IT-People have their ways..)

  60. Oh, Hell, *awesome* episode. Who the fuck is listening to the audience laugh when there’s lines like “I’m not putting it up to eight, Moss. It’ll blow my cock off”? Schmucks. Can’t wait for Episode 3. Etc.

    Also, I can’t stop staring at the picture at the top of your blog. The one with the kids and the pipe. It is the best picture in the history of the world. I want to have it tattooed on my face.


  61. I love the casting of this show; I want to take all the characters home and feed them soup. That is the highest possible praise I think anyone can give.

  62. I think that both episodes so far have been AWESOME. I preferred episode 1, but this week’s was also very good. Can’t wait for the rest of the series. Top stuff :-)

  63. I’m interested to know whether the episodes were shot in the same sequence we get to see them at home or have you cherry-picked certain episodes to show before others?

  64. Ep 1 used to be ep 2, but we moved it up because it turned out so well and it didn’t feature Denholm or Douglas.

    Naysay, thanks for the advice. I would turn off comments but it’s nice to hear from people and I don’t want to have to isolate myself completely. When people start attacking the cast or being abusive, it’s pretty easy to spot the tone and delete before I’ve had a chance to absorb it.

    And Moss’s Mum, you are really missing out on ‘Seinfeld’. One of the best sitcoms of all time.

  65. yay. just watched it on the old 4ods. the grandfather clock joke was pretty much perfect.

  66. The only way to make it funny again is by introducing either a) a monkey b) a sassy young child or, c) both.

  67. Just watched it on Sky+…almost wore the fast-forward and rewind buttons out on the bit where Chris Morris jumped out of the window. I think it was the way he did it with absolutely no hesitation that made me do the laughter-spunk. And that must’ve been quite a drop too!

    Other high points, Matt Berry’s understated entrance, obviously! I now have “Fatheeeeerr!” as my ringtone. His childish slapping fight with the priest was inspired too. Also loved the end gag, Matt’s phone-vibe-induced orgasmic twitches reflected in his picture on the wall. Very funny indeed. Was that a reference to the opening scene of episode 1, series 1, where we open on Denholm’s picture then pull back to reveal the real Denholm sat in the exact same pose?

    Another thing to say is, although all the cast are wonderful, I really think Richard Ayoade is coming on in leaps and bounds. When Roy was shouting at him about the website of death, it was really bugging me who Richard reminded me of, the way he was cowering and trying to avoid Roy’s eyes and looking the other way – then it came – he reminded me exactly of my labrador Lucy when I’m shouting at her for shitting / chewing / biting. Anyone who can capture that endearing look of profound guilt is okay by me.

    Anyway, all in all another great episode, only teensy crit would be the phone gag – wee bit obvious maybe, but hey, nothing’s ever perfect.

    Great job, man!

  68. Just to add – although you could see the phone gag coming, it was still bloody funny to have Roy wigging out in church, so who really cares?

    (BTW, why did they bleep Roy’s fucks? It was post-watershed after all. Kinda took the impact away)

  69. I bleeped the ‘fucks’, simply because I’m sick of the casual use of the word on most comedy programs. I needed him to curse in the scene because I thought that felt real, someone shouting ‘I’m not fucking joking’ when they think they’re having a heart attack, but I didn’t want just thirty seconds of ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ because people might think they’d accidentally turned on BBC3.

  70. Hah – fair enough. I agree the “f” word is bandied about too much these days, so much so that you become desensitized to it. But The IT Crowd is clearly not a sweary programme, so (for me anyway) it would have been extra-funny to hear Roy’s shocking four letter tirade in all its unbleeped glory – especially in the context of the church setting.

    Ah fuck it, what do I know? You’re the comedy daddy.

  71. I’m glad it was bleeped. I like a good ‘fuck’ as much as the next man, but I don’t think gratuitous torrents of ‘fucks’ work really well in lighthearted, non-“gritty” sitcoms. I can’t put my finger on it, but for some reason, I thought the bleeps added to the comic effect. I’ve no idea why.

  72. A bleeped fuck is funnier than an unbleeped fuck anyways. :)

    Would love to offer my feedback on series 2 but I avoid watching TV like the plague, and I’m more a DVD man, so will be a whiles away yet before I have an opinion… the index cards look hil-bloody-harious though! ;)

    …but I will say: try not to take any negative comments to heart, as hard as that may be to do. The worst you could possibly do is significantly better than the best the the vast majority could do.

    That’s both comedy’s blessing and it’s curse I guess, it’s completely subjective and everyone has an opinion on it.

    Anyway, I don’t need to kiss your arse about your comedy writing prowess, IMDB will do that for me. ;D



  73. I should clarify I think I’ve replied to the wrong post here… the bit I read was your suggestions for series 3….

  74. I think Jen is better this series- seems more human and less shouty..easier to empathise with her

  75. I agree with lemmy that a bleep is often funnier. The Florence Nightingale sketch from Big Train is another great example. I showed an American friend that while I was living in Japan and he literally cried with laugher. And that’s the correct use of the word ‘literally’.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this but I think this is a great use of bleeps. It’s from an old Australian comedy show called The Micallef P(r)ogram(me).

  76. Lemmy’s right about everyone having an opinion on comedy – and I’ve often wondered why this is. I mean, I’m an up-and-coming comedy writer myself and so have a vested interest in studying comedy – especially the good stuff like Graham’s, but why people get so angry and vocal about comedy I just can’t understand.
    I’ve personally never understood hecklers, for instance. Why do these pathetic beings do it? Perhaps it makes them feel big, but in reality they’re cowards, aren’t they? Shouting unpleasantries from the safety of the dark. But why? They wouldn’t pay good money to see a band and shout “You’re shit” at them, for instance. They wouldn’t go to the theatre and shout abuse at the actors, so why the Hell do they think it’s acceptable to do it to comedians?
    I swear to God, everytime a heckler starts up at my local comedy club I want to seriously maim them.
    Anyone see the Seinfeld episode where he went to a heckler’s workplace and did the same to her? Inspired. Clip here: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xYyiajDdUp0

    Anyway, like all areas of art, comedy is subjective and there are no rights or wrongs as long as your stuff is broadly liked. Personally I’d have preferred the fucks unbleeped, whereas others prefer the opposite. It doesn’t matter. As long as the general concensus is “This is great”, then the writer has won and everyone involved has done their jobs probably. If more people than not start saying “This is shit”, then there are problems. Luckily The IT Crowd sits very comfortably in the ‘great’ category. End of story.

  77. “everyone involved has done their jobs probably”? That should of course read “properly”.


  78. OK, so I’m a little late to the party but just wanted to say how much my wife and I have been enjoying the new episodes. It’s nice having a new TV treat to look forward to.

    It’s also been fun looking for all the new stuff that’s shown up in the office decor this series. (At least I hope last night was the first time Coop’s wrench devil was there. I’ll be a little embarrassed if it’s been there all along and I’m just now noticing it).

    I have to refrain from pointing out all the stuff I recognize for fear of giving away how much time I fritter away on the net. I imagine the sheer volume of set dressing makes the comics store guy type of continuity nerds a little bit anxious.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs.

  79. I have just watched episode 2 online (because I don’t even have BBC America), and I have shat myself. If possible, I enjoyed this episode more than the last! The casting of Matt Berry as Denholm’s son was particularly inspired, and the girly-fight with the priest was just beautiful. There needs to be more random-ass male sissyfights on television!

    ….And what the hell, since I’ve reiterated what’s already been said 70 other times here, I might as well say


    It’s cathartic, it really is!

  80. The bleeps definitely made the swearing funnier. Arrested Development had some great gags from that tactic, and of course the legendary Father Ted Eurovision freakout!

    Hecklers have their place. Frank Skinner and Ross Noble weave them into their acts seamlessly and really enjoy the banter. I saw Jack Dee at Hammersmith last year and the funniest thing in the whole show was him talking to a very strange heckler. Granted, there wasn’t a lot of competition for comedy gold that night…

  81. Chemical castration is the only solution to hecklers, to insure their rancid, tainted seed can never spawn more unto the world.

  82. The hecklers in the Mighty Boosh Live DVD were extremely annoying, but Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt managed such great comebacks that the entire audience laughed at them. Being able to take that and throw it straight back is an artform. The same thing happened when Dylan Moran came here to Australia for a live show, there were a few drunk hecklers shouting out random Black Books quotes at him…”RoWEEEEnah!” He didn’t get angry, just highlighted the fact that they were complete idiots and insulted them in front of everyone. Very cool guy :)

  83. Some people deserve a badge for heckling.

    I think the master of the hecklers is Daniel Kitson. The way he deals with people is amazing. If you seen him, you’ll know what I mean.

  84. I read that the 2nd episode had almost a million more viewers than the first one:

    They attribute it to being after the Big Brother Final but I reckon that would have lost about a million so really the rise would have been two million and my head has gone with all these numbers (I didn’t use a calculator for either sum).

  85. I’m not sure if my last comment was deleted – perhaps you found it negative… not sure why, but will re-post and make doubly-sure I’m not being, well, negative.

    Firstly, let me congratulate you on creating a single installation of a TV series that contained both the greatest exit and greatest entrance I’ve ever seen or at least care to remember. Morris’ jump was superb. Berry’s “father” was genius.

    Overall I think the show is vastly improved on series 1, which if I’m honest didn’t light my fire in any way (bar Morris’ character which I liked).

    It was a little sad to see Morris’ character go, I’m not sure if it was your decision or his but I assume there was a valid reason for it – either you have more material in a new character or personal schedules weren’t working as they were.

    Finally, with Ayoade and Berry on board will we have Matthew Holness Alice Lowe coming soon too?

  86. Hey Adam, Chris Morris is notorious for not doing second series, sequels, etc etc. He prefers to do something new and only stepped in to the series one role as a personal favor to Graham and both parties knew it wouldn’t be a long term thing.

  87. Hello Graham,

    Brilliant Ep.2. Matt Berry is the only man who could replace Chris Morris, so first class casting!
    The slap fight with the vicar was great, as was the grandfather clock with the second hand, in a church. Pure Linehan Magic!

  88. The only heckle I’ll allow is the one where Jim Tavare went onstage with the opening line “I’m a schizophrenic…”, and someone shouted “Fuck off then, both of you!”

  89. That makes sense, Mark – I figured it was either Morris being too busy or not being keen on playing a single character for too long.

  90. “I’m not turning it up to eight. It’ll blow my cock off.” I laughed hard at that.

    A good, solid episode. I laughed out loud several times and you can’t ask for much more from a 30 minute sitcom.

  91. yes, big hoop-la for this series.
    the only thing it’s lacking is a spot of kevin eldon, another graham cameo (as an IT uber consultant of course), or julian barratt showing up as richmond’s sensible older brother. hurrah for the incestuous british comedy scene!!

  92. I’ll miss Morris, he does deranged brilliantly.

    I can understand deleting negative comments- it’s a blog, not a forum.

  93. Rite Graham, just like to say i love the new comedy style of series two. who suggested this turnabout? you? I know its the same but
    its more “grown up” if u know what i mean

    Anyway im lovin it.

    Cant wait for ep.3

  94. Having long ago given up on reading TV schedules or remembering when things happen, I missed the airing of the first 2 episodes.
    Ysterday, I watched Episode 2 on 4OD while pretending to work from home. I enjoyed it so much that I suggested to my girlfriend that I should “look for it on the web” when she arrived home from a long day at work at 10:30 PM.
    She agreed, god bless her. After that, we decided that the only reasonable thing to do was watch Episode 1 on 4OD (at a mere 99p!). Girlfriend was cyring, making delicate snorts and plaintive noises of submission towards the end and said “this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.” (I’m too cool to say anything so emphatic.) And she’s seen some funny things. I can vouch for that.
    What I like most: the comedy skates over the same ground as the contemporary comedy of the uncomfortable and taboo but does it with such affection and lightness that it’s warming and oddly uplifting. I don’t feel uncomfortable or twitchy watching it: I just smile, laugh an awful lot and admire the way the plot development is disguised by jokes that aren’t convenient McGuffins. Farce and absurdity are a great combination.
    Well done, sir etc.

  95. Seriously loved this episode. Matt Berry is a great choice to take over from Chris Morris. Though how is a voice like his allowed to exist outside the world of 70’s voice overs? Fantastic!

    Also, Don’t get rid of the laughter track. Series 3 of The Legue of Gentlemen did it and it was never the same again!

  96. hello graham,

    Thank you for all the great comedy you’ve written and been in. The IT Crowd is better than ever. People are recording it and the episodes are put up as torrents within 24 hrs. Richard Ayoade is so naturally funny and your scripts are really good. Do you do any cameos in this series?

  97. Great new episodes! Liked the way things get out of hand on both, Moss behind the bar killed me ;) I too am sad about Chris Morris though, not to sure about ‘the new guy’, but intense stuff, keep up the good work.

  98. “Im Your Wife!!” lol Cant wait to see what all thats about! I love the way Moss Scurrys away after saying it, I dont why its funny but hey.

    Are You Pleased at how well I.T Series is doing at the moment?

  99. I’m cock-a-hoop about it, if that actually is a phrase.

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