Death and The Mall

August 30, 2007

The inspiration for Richmond came when I saw a teenage goth couple playing crazy golf in…God, Blackpool, was it? Somewhere like that. In my memory, the guy has a huge skull on the back of his T-shirt and white make-up, long buckled-up boots, the whole bit…and he was very carefully writing down his score with one of those tiny pencils while standing beside a miniature windmill.

In the end, my Richmond has been bouncing back and forth between extremes…I never know how far to push the make-up, but this picture suggests that, when it comes to real life, there is no such thing as ‘too far’.



  1. Perhaps he has the long tongue necessary to be able to pull off the KISS look.

  2. Yeah is quite KISS-like alright. He looks lonely.

  3. It’s almost Pagliacci-esque. Man, creativity all comes down to weird juxtapositions, doesn’t it? That and things found in a food court…

  4. Richmond is definitely one of my favourite characters in the show. I knew a guy who looked (and acted) almost exactly like him in high school. Never be afraid of taking it too far with a character. Life is stranger than fiction.

  5. How do you know this isn’t a demon or spirit caught on tape? Did anyone serve him?

  6. Hi Graham

    I confess to being a something of a goth some thirty years ago. All I can say is: there’s no such thing as too far!

    Great to see the poster for Open Rights Group in the new series! Lovely prominent position too. Do you have a mole in our organisation? Or do we have one in yours? ;-)

    Looking forward to tomorrow night.

    And if you ever feel the inclination to hook up with geek central (ORG has literally hundreds of them), drop me a line…

  7. Goths– battling against conformity by…dressing the same.
    Unfortunately, I knew some in my skater days.
    One time a goth kicked my football with his stupid comedy-sized boot and burst it. Stupid goth. Stupid!

  8. He applies make-up better than I do, such precision.

  9. At what age does the Goth leave you? Anyone ever seen a 25+ year old Goth? 40?! Robert Smith doesn’t count since it’s his look they’ve knicked!

  10. Did I really spell nicked with a k? Hmmm…

  11. As an ex-goth, I should point out it was never about ‘battling against conformity’, we just liked dressing in black and listening to ostensibly gloomy music (although most goth bands had a few comedy covers in their arsenal – The Sisters of Mercy’s ‘Jolene’ being a particular favourite).

    People always used to say ‘well how would you like it if everyone dressed like a goth’, the answer to which was ‘that would be quite nice, as perhaps we wouldn’t get spat on in the street quite so much’.

    I do think the americans have gone a bit mental with the whole thing though, bless ’em, a bit of eyeliner and foundation was quite enough in my day.

    Yours, Colonel Dirge (retired) Goth Warlord of Derby 1991-94 (weekends only).

  12. PS: I decided twenty three was a venerable age to quit – mainly because I getting a bit porky, and a fat goth lets the whole side down, frankly.

  13. Yours, Colonel Dirge (retired) Goth Warlord of Derby 1991-94 (weekends only).


  14. looks to me like he’s on his way to a kiss convention.
    i can only assume he’s saving those seats for the rest of the band, who are still queuing for tea.

    cheer up, goth!

  15. We have been saying it for years – Metal Ruins Lives! http://www.metalnames.blogspot.com

  16. Meatloaf’s really let himself go, hasn’t he?

  17. Aww, the poor bloke’s all on his own!

    I’ve noticed that whenever I go out, whether wearing my dog collar or too much pink, I am subject to uncomfortable glances, but I think that the goth part of me sort of welcomes that, so I suppose the more makeup and the more people to stare, the happier the goth.
    Richmond probably is my favourite character, my parents accused me of having a “Noel Fielding tribute haircut” at one point (pure accident).

    Really loved episode one of the new series, I reckon it is looking better than series one so far, and the taping of Moss And The German was ace, I’m well looking forward to the rest of the series. :D Well done!

  18. Sorry to spoil your fun but that picture is from an anime convention called Necokon so costumes weren’t all that unusual even though I don’t see that kind of black metal -style blending in… anywhere. Nekocon was held in my hometown of Kuopio, Finland in 2006 and that is the only reason I know the origin of the pic… I hate anime.

  19. Thats no Goth… Where’s his HEAT Magazine?

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