‘The IT Crowd’ Series 2 begins tonight!

August 24, 2007

It’s here! ‘It Crowd’ series 2 kicks off tonight on Channel 4 at 9.30. I can’t do self-promotion so I’ll keep it short. It’s really funny.

Lem asked me about my ‘process’. I write the whole thing on my own in a very untidy room, working from notes I’ve collected over a number of months, using various tricks to keep things interesting. Index cards, for instance. Here’s a taste of what’s in store in series 2, in index card form.


Looks good, huh?
The series took a while to write because when there’s only one of you, things do take a bit longer. Sorry about the wait, and sorry there’s only six episodes, but really, if there’d been eight episodes, two of them would have been bollocks.

Anyway, I hope you like it! Baby needs shoes!


  1. Cool picture! I’ve tried index cards with writing but have always just become more confused. Perhaps I need coloured cards! That looks far more interesting!

    Can we expect a cameo by your good self this series? Actually, I have a question regarding cameos, when you’ve written the parts you’ve played in Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd, have you written them thinking “Okay, this’ll be ME”?

  2. Good luck, Graham. I’ll be watching, along with the rest of C Wing. It better be funny.

  3. Simon, sometimes I’ll write something that’s so stupid (like the book guy in Black Books or the ‘Mexican’ in series one of ‘The IT Crowd’) I know it’ll be easier to play myself than explain it to a third party. Other times, I write something at such a late stage that there’s no time to cast it. Such was the case with episode 6 of this new series, where you’ll see me fumbling about in my usual manner.

  4. Ps. tonight’s episode? Slow start, but it gets better as it goes.

  5. Hi Graham,

    Is this series availabe as a torrent like the last one? I live in Japan so CH4 is out of reach :-(

  6. Ooh, I dunno. I was annoyed about the DRM on series 1, so I thought they just dropped it. Maybe they haven’t though. Try the C4 website.

  7. Hi Graham,

    Had something to ask/tell you about the IT Crowd but I didn’t want to clutter up your comments for other blog subjects. And now that you’ve written about The It Crowd I can’t remember what it was I wanted to ask/tell you. I think it was something to do with The Scotsman article the other day.

    Oh yeah and I read Matt Berry is in this series. Huzzah! Really looking forward to it tonight, will be watching.

  8. Graham, as an IT professional and self-confessed uber-geek (it’s an AFFLICTION I tell you!) I’d like to say how much I love the show! I was watching Calamity Jen again the other night and was in stitches the whole time!

    Who gives you the insight? When I worked in desktop support (way way back when) that “stuck under a lady’s desk” thing almost happened to me a few times!


  9. Hey, Olly. Matt Berry isn’t in it tonight, but he’s on his way.

  10. Y4Y!! 1T Cr0wD is teh rox0rz!! Ph34r teh Maxl3y d00d th0. h15 C64 pwns ur sp3c7ru|\/| 48 but ur writin p0werz are teh l33t!!!

    Good luck and hope C Wing doesn’t injure you too much if they’re disappointed :P

  11. Really looking forward to the new series tonight, Graham. I hope the finished production makes you smile as much as it will the rest of us. (does that make sense?) Good luck man!

  12. That’s cool! I heard from the Futurama commentary (yeah, I listen to those) they colour-coded their cards. I think pink was a court scene. Is there going to be loads of court-room scenes in the new series?

    Looking forward to it though!

  13. my colour-coding is pretty haphazard. I think pink means ‘not shite’.

  14. So, Graham, I just have to say that what makes me a diehard fan of yours, aside from the non-stop hilarity you produce, is your openness and approachability about the process of writing. Most people are so territorial and insecure about their art, frightened of tearing away at the mystique of their talent and thereby diminishing it—I’ve seen it in a number of disciplines. You’re a good egg, Mr. Linehan. You make people laugh and you encourage them in their careers. As we say here in the Southern US, your momma raised you right.

  15. I have to wait until episode 6 for your cameo? Aw…

  16. Wow! EaLa, that’s probably the nicest thing anyone’s ever written about me. Thank you very much.

  17. I entirely agree with EaLa. I had the pleasure of getting to say a quick hello to you some tears back. I was already a fan of your writing and left with such a positive impression of you. Keep it going, Mr Linehan. You’re a funny, funny man.

  18. I meant ‘years’, not tears.

    Did I?

  19. I love you.

    Possibly even in a gay way.

    Tonight’s episode was excellent, really looking forward to the rest of the series.

  20. Great episode tonight, Denholm’s dead!, was chris morris not available?

  21. “Every value I have ever held has been questioned and I’m loving it.”

    Great work. Genuinely worth staying in for.

  22. Heh, I LOL so little at things these days I get a little shock when it happens. :)

  23. My god that episode was brilliant!

  24. ah bollocks! guess who thought it was on at 10pm and not 9.30
    .That’ll learn me for watching most of my TV off the back of the internet :(
    They’ll probably repeat it …er right?

  25. Aw man, that was bloody awesome. My tummy muscles are aching a bit from laughing. So glad to see Richmond back as well, he’s brill.
    The bit where Moss appears behind the bar, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages, and you didn’t give me much time to recover before the next one. I know I am biased being a fan already but that exceeded all expectations by miles. It’s always nervy when you watch ep 1 of the second series of something you love, just in case it turns out crap, but to be honest I was pretty sure you’d come up with the goods.

    Anyway I’ll stop fan-girling at you now. Well done though!

  26. hey bob, if you have digital you can watch it on channel4+1 in an hour

  27. Also , before its pointed out , I should learn to actually READ the time when its been neinficially mentioned in this here blog.I was just excited by all those notes,and scrolled straight down to them OK!

  28. “A slow start”? Hell no! This series has hit the ground running and I’m really looking forward to next week’s show. Top stuff!

  29. Sadly the tv selection here isnt great , so no C4+1.
    I’ll patiently await a rerun , or …cough….lookforatorrentofitontheinternet*

    *which is of course bad and wrong and makes baby jesus cry.

  30. Wow! Thanks everybody! I’m slightly overcome. And listen, torrent away. Just please buy the DVD when it comes out (unless you hate it, of course, in which case that would be mental).

  31. But seriously, thanks. It means a lot to know we hit the spot. I’ll be texting my collaborators with your responses tonight. Or the gist, anyway. xxxxx

  32. Great stuff Graham!

    After a cruel review in thelondonpaper today I was glad that series two is a triumphant return to form with many excrutiating moments! Hooray.

  33. You have a blog, and talk to your fans? That’s pretty damn brilliant to see.
    Really impressed with tonights episode, took a bit to totally get going but it was hilarious with lots of top-notch moments. It’s great to see the characters back, and how they respond to things not in the office such as this, and the stereotypical gay jokes were a laugh.
    Slightly disappointed to see not so much at work or in the basement itself, but, wouldn’t be good to have too much of that and it’s good to get some variety, but I hope there’s more office stuff as we go in: tonight’s episode was more “it crowd” than “I.T. Crowd”, though that’s not always a bad thing.
    I’d say last series the balance between in and out of the basement stuff was good, with hilarious moments in both of those.

    Loved it this week, looking forwards to next. Brilliant job!

  34. This was my favourite kind of episode – the set up, the farce at the end. Several perfect moments. Up there with the best Ted episodes. Graham, you are my god. I hope you’re having a well earned celebratory drink right now. If you get the chance, please share more about your writing. Thank you once again (from my wife too!)

  35. That was brilliant. In fact, i’m going to watch it again

  36. Hi. Loved the mental sillyness that you do so well. Cast wearing their suits rather finely now. Looking forward to the rest!
    I do however agree with Marcus Bigstock (serious about comedy on bbc7) that the audience laugher was a little too loud and intrusive.

  37. Well, that’s the laughter we got. But thanks.

  38. I just mean the db levels or whatever.

  39. Well done Graham and crew. An excellent start to the new series! Looking forward to the next one.

    Nice to see Ash getting a cameo this series…

  40. right, well, maybe. I always try to bring them down to a level that doesn’t seem crazy, but too low and it starts to sound like the laughter on ‘The Flintstones’. Sort of…well, fake. It’s a difficult question and I agonize a lot about it, but it’s too late for me to do anything about it now. Thanks for the note on the first night of the show, though!

  41. I laughed my head off as I wrote that last line. I really don’t mind.

  42. I nievely imagined that should you have agreed you’d able to race along to ch4 and tweak it for the rest!

  43. No…it’s a tweak that would take probably two weeks of studio time with my sound guy. And I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, least of all me. (not that I don’t love my sound guy).

  44. well, what can i say apart from:
    nice one!

    very good start to the new series. I noticed the basement has been done up a bit, will we find out what’s behind the green door this series?

    I was laughing so much at the wheelchair lift, Roy’s face was classic, it actually made me cover my eyes in embarrassment! And the first view of Moss behind the bar, that’s got to be in the running for best comedy moment of 2007.
    Cant wait for the rest of the series.

  45. Excellent! Great first episode!

    Moss standing at that counter had me howling out loud. And yes, Roy on the chairlift was funny. Plus you got away with that joke TWICE! I think that’s called ‘having your cake and eating it’.

    Nice cake too. I think it had raisins in it.

  46. It’s an IT-Crowdless day in Canada.

    *Awaits Torrent*

  47. Terrible terrible loud sound of audience laughing. Loved the writing/jokes etc, what was with the audience levels? We all know how funny you are- why shove it down our throats? again great funny episode-well done./

  48. Bloomin’ hilarious. I laughed my oul balls off. Funniest thing on TV in ages.

  49. […] ‘The IT Crowd’ Series 2 begins tonight! It’s here! ‘It Crowd’ series 2 kicks off tonight on Channel 4 at 9.30. I can’t do […] […]

  50. Talk about a great start, Graham!

    Loved it! If this is the benchmark then it’s easily surpassed the first series.

  51. Please, enough comments on the laughter. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Try ‘Star Stories’, if you’re up for something with no laughter.

  52. Graham, C Wing’s telly got broken during an argument over Davina McCall. Tell us everything that happened in the episode will you?

  53. Well, like an utter fanboy I’ve just blown-up and enhanced the noteboard photo, and I’m very pleased to have discovered that “I4 foce the pyalty. A doke [something]e a tenuwch” is to be an upcoming joke on the show. Roy turns out to be Welsh, perhaps?

    Seriously, brilliant episode last night. I haven’t seen anything this funny on telly since… well the last episode of Season One I guess.

  54. Hi Graham,
    ‘Twas a dead funny episode and a great series opener. I like the new look of the office, still boyish and geeky but you can see Jen’s influence too.
    Cheers for the laughs

  55. I’m going to have to do the “dishonest” thing and download it, as I’m in Australia. But I’ll also watch it when it airs here, and buy the DVD also.
    I need to know what happens so I can update the Reynholm Industries Corporate website:

  56. Despite some slight distraction of an inebriated girlfriend, with me trying to play catch up, I thoroughly bloody enjoyed that episode.
    It made me do one of those laughs that take you by surprise, you know… those loud real laughs you do when you don’t get to have that split second moment of adjusting your laugh to sound all sexy.
    I did an un-sexy laugh. A few times actually.

  57. By the way, meet the top shelf of my DVD collection:


  58. Excelsior to you, Graham, and the rest of the team. Simply one of the funniest, sharpest half hours of comedy I have seen in a long time. Roy’s crumpled face on the excruciatingly slow wheelchair lift was a picture. Friday night’s for the next couple of months have been emphatically reserved.

  59. I think this may have been the best IT Crowd so far.

    As it happens I work in IT and I also work with several disabled people so I’ll be interested to hear their take on it when I get back to work.

  60. Favourite line: I’m very comfortably with my sexuality, I just don’t want to be slapped in the face with their sexuality.
    One of several laugh out louds.

  61. Well having just seen it I have to say…Graham, you did it! That was one of the funniest TV episodes I’ve ever seen, I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!
    Thankyou!!!!!! :D

  62. Graham, that was an absolutely great start to the second series! Thank God, there’s at least one sitcom being made over here that is actually funny. Me and my girlfriend laughed out loud. Can’t say I noticed the laugh track (which is how it should be) and I think it works with something that’s prepared to be as wonderfully silly as the IT Crowd is – it’s not meant to be The Larry Sanders Show.

    I’m a cartoonist and it’s great to see all the comics stuff in the office and the characters reading them as if it were just an everyday thing to do.

    Many thanks to you, the great cast and all the other people involved. Comedy ain’t easy but when it works it’s an absolute delight, can’t wait to see the rest and I hope it’s hugely popular, it deserves to be.

    Moss smashing the glasses…twice. Just lovely.

  63. I Dont wanna sound like im kissin ur arse but Your a Sitcom ( and comedy ) genius. There had to say lt.

    Great Episode mate, A fantastic start to the series. I havent laughed that hard ln a while on a comedy.

    I love the simple but effective settings of your sitcoms but your not afraid to take it out of the box like The Theatre on last nights ep. Your legend I love everything u do. ( Im not a stalker ) Im begining to sound creepy so Good Luck With the 2nd Series and Keep up the good work mate.

  64. Ive Also left a Bowl of Bread out for……’Friends’

  65. lonnnnng time reader – first time commenter yadda yadda yadda….

    Just like everyone else, I want to comment to say how good last nights show was! (didn’t notice the laughing track so much)
    I was excited when I first heard it was coming back – tho the trailers/adverts for the show on channel 4 weren’t great – they picked rather unfunny bits to plug the show. The advantage of this is that the episode wasn’t spoilt, and the funny bits were in the show – not the trailer. Did you have any say over the marketing/trailer?

    (am I jumping the gun asking about the US version – I wouldnt ask if I wasnt a big fan) Are there only 6 eps for the US series? Are you involved in the writing for it? Is it rewrites of the first season or all new stories?


  66. I caught only parts of the first series of The IT Crowd and didn’t like it (wait, it get’s better) but I caught last night’s episode and as I’d been eyeing up your blog recently (found through Adam Buxton’s) I thought I’d give it a chance because I love Black Books so much.
    I was entertained from the start but when I saw the the Irish guy (Roy, is it? The guy from Festival, good film, he’s great in it) on the wheelchair elevator I laughed out loud and for the rest I was giggling like a school girl.
    Any chance of you and Dylan Moran working together again? Or did you have a big falling out or something. Harsh words were said, mothers and hairstyles were involved, etc. A Notting Hill-style cameo from him would be good.

  67. Just read the comment above mine, why in God’s vain name does America have to have their own version of things?
    The Office, The Thick Of It, The IT Crowd…
    You don’t see us asking to make a British version of The Simpsons or Friends.
    I suppose if they’re funny it doesn’t matter. I suppose…

  68. With the first series of The IT Crowd I was on the fence to whether I liked it or not, some parts could be really funny but then other parts fell really flat I felt.

    But I’ve got to say last nights episode was great, it started off a little slow, but the second half was very consistent with gag after gag. The reveal of Moss behind the bar was a great moment. So just want to say well done and thank you for that half an hour of comedy.

    Oh and in response to Andy, we the British do make versions of American sitcoms except we just blatantly try to rip them off without asking permission…Annually Retentive (Larry Sanders), Extras (Curb/Seinfeld), Lead Balloon (Curb) etc.

  69. Andy; it could be argued that Coupling was a British attempt at Friends, if not a confirmed remake.

    Plus after the horrendous attempt to remake That 70s Show, I’d much rather leave the remakes to the Americans, who at least have a decent hit rate for The Office alone.

  70. RE: the laughter track. With all due respect, Graham, I don’t think the laughter track issue is as simple as just ‘if you don’t like it, don’t watch it’. I very much enjoy The IT Crowd, but I feel the intrusive nature of the audience laughter to be a bit grating, especially when even little jokes seem to get huge laughs (an example of that being when Noel Fielding’s character turns around to find Moss/Roy etc have left). It’s not that I’m against audience laughter in sitcoms, some of my favourite comedies (including Ted) have laughter, but it sounds natural in those cases. You say “that was the laughter we got” which is fair enough, although having been in the audience for recordings in recent times, I have to say people seemed eager to laugh like hyenas at every single joke, I even heard one guy behind me at one recording say “I bet when I hear this on the radio I’ll be able to hear myself laugh at that joke”. If you think there’s no problem with the laughter levels on The IT Crowd, I guess there’s no reason why you should change it (even if you could) but I still feel it’s a fair criticism from people regarding the show, and certainly, if that’s the biggest problem with it, then you must have done something right.

    Anyway, sorry for the longwinded response and all, and good luck with the rest of the series :-).

  71. Sigh. Thanks. But please, once again…I can’t do anything about the laughter, so how about letting it go now?

  72. Great show last night. When Jen turned to Barman Moss, that was incredible! Thanks!

  73. I didn’t notice anything different about this audience’s laughter compared to Black Books or Father Ted, or even IT Crowd series 1. I can’t believe how many people are whining on about it here.
    Moss says shut up, or he’ll murder you with a hammer.
    (He won’t even leave you a rose!)

  74. Who give’s a **** about the laughter track.

    Graham Linehan what a guy.

    Thanks For doin the Commentary on The Father Ted DVD Graham. Cheers

  75. Hello Mr. Linehan,

    Big fan from Spain here, I managed to download yesterday’s episode thanks to the magic of torrents. Needless to say, I think it was great :) Can’t wait for next week and for the DVD when it comes out. Keep the good work and thanks!

  76. I thought it was really great Graham. Nice work. I laughed my balls off, particularly in the second half.

  77. I laughed out loud.
    I only do that very rarely and at blind people falling off of stages.
    Looking forward to the next one (although I shall be out of the country when it’s on…so I shall set my DVR).
    Good day to you.

  78. I can’t say I noticed the laughter track being a problem – although that was probably because I was laughing so much I was struggling to breathe. Excellent work Graham!

  79. I’m downloading it right now. Can’t wait to see how it turned out. Has that copycat show aired yet? Turns out there is sort of a copycat U.S. show too, called “The Big Bang Theory.” Video link here:


  80. Loved it! Brilliant plot.

  81. I saw “the working out” and i laughed for three hours.
    Greetings from México, Mr. Linehan.

  82. Hi. Love the show!

    Could you inform Ash that he looks, kind of, sweet in his ‘Mercury Mustache’?

  83. […] Linehan to IT Crowd fans on his blog, fair balls to the man. Wow! Thanks everybody! I’m slightly overcome. And listen, torrent away. […]

  84. Excellent episode and glad to see it back. Moss turning up behind the bar was comedy gold.

  85. How did you make that cartoon thingy of yourself? Trippy…..well not really.


    I Hate N.Ireland you can never find Black Books or even the I.T Crowd on DvD. >:(

    …..well where i live anyway.

    Graham sir i salute you!

  86. Hi Graham.

    I’ve wrote two episodes of the IT Crowd. Obviously channel 4 / Talkback refused them due to them being unsolicted. Wanna take a look? No stealing for series 3 ha-ha..

  87. Wow I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. Me and my partner (we are gays) literally wet ourselves.. you got us homo’s nailed. ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing Matt Berry – he was brill in Dark Place – fantastic voice.


  88. Hi from Italy! BRILLIANT GRAHAM!! I’ve laught and laught and laught and laught and laught and laught and laught!
    I can’t wait for the second DVD! :D

  89. Jan, surely you don’t mean ‘literally’ there.

    James C, I’m sorry but I don’t read scripts in general, and definitely not for ‘The It Crowd’. But cheers for the interest.

  90. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first series – although it was undoubtedly funny – but what a great start to the second! Began a little slow (perhaps allowing us to get back into the characters?), but as soon as they got to the theatre it was proper laugh-a-minute TV. Co-running the British Sitcom Guide (www.sitcom.co.uk (yes, I am that sad)), I watch an obscene amount of comedy, but it’s very rare that I literally do laugh out loud. The scene where Jen finds Roy in the chair and Moss behind the bar was little short of genius though. Big, big laugh, and muchos credit to the cast too.

    Regarding the audience laughter, I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it. I honestly don’t even notice it unless it’s pointed out to me. Have people really lost the ability to just bloody WATCH a show without trying to analyse it and pick every last scene apart?

    Looking forward to next week’s now! :)

  91. It could be worse….It could Have The Planet’s Funniest Animals’ laughter track. lol

    Darkplace…underated. Love it. BRING IT BACK…..somehow. “Im a one track lover”

  92. I actually contributed to the audience laughter, so, naturally, I think it adds to the general warmth of the show. Well, I’ve been told I did. I’ve not actually been able to hear myself over the sound of my own laughter when re-watching the episode.

    Perhaps some people feel odd about the laughter because they’re not actually used to audiences enjoying comedy to that extent any more, so they think it’s the laughter track that’s the problem, rather than the production teams/writers of other comedy.

    I’ve not laughed this much at a sitcom in a long, long , time. Well done Graham.

  93. I can’t wait, do you know if ABC Australia will be showing it?

  94. Pissor about the scripts Graham….

    Any chance of a signed pic of Katherine Parkinson instead? :-P

  95. Oh my god, Graham. I just finished watching the first episode of this new series, and while it took a while to build up steam (which is fine), I nearly fell out my chair when Jen sees Roy in the wheelchair… then turns around to see Moss. I mean eye-watering laughter. Bravo, once again.

    This is my favourite comedy series. Something about these 3 actors and the work just gets me the right way… Just when you think sitcomes are dead, boom, you pull something like this off. Can’t wait to see the next five!

  96. We all laughed until it hurt too much, I cried. We have recorded it as well and have watched it several times to make sure we did not miss any of it.
    14 year old son just found to have Aspergers, so my heart felt thanks for a witty and positive image of Aspergers particularly in Moss who is almost stereotypical of the syndrome and Richmond and Roy who give alternatives. Every Aspie needs a Jen to look after them. It would be nice to have a direct reference possibly at some point in a positive way, and possibly some sort of reference to how hard school is for adolescent Aspies, they need a bit more positive press, there is plenty of negative around. Sorry to be serious in your blog. Hope you do a third series and consider putting some of this in, if it would not be too obtrussive.

  97. James C, I’m sure Katherine will provide you with a signed pic, but I’m not the one to ask…try her ‘people’.

    Moss’s Mum, I’m really touched at the note, but really, Moss doesn’t have Aspergers. People say this to me a lot about Moss, but the way I see him is…he’s just Moss. It’s just his character!

    Bryce, no idea about Australia. But I can’t see why it won’t get there eventually.

  98. Dude!
    Watched the show last night on YouTube (I’m in the US) I laughed so hard I could not see. My wife came in to see what was wrong. Perfect perfomances from the players. I do not think it could have been done better.

  99. I loved the first episode too, can’t wait for the DVD and the commentary.

    I wonder why people either seem to love the show or flat out hate it? There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.

  100. Well I suppose you may not label Moss yourself, but as with all excellent comedy you characters are very well observed and many people working in IT will have Aspergers and those traits are part of what makes him so real and recognisable. The label would not be needed if difference was more valued in todays society, particularly amongst teenagers who are particularly cruel to those who are very bright or tallented as well as different. Whatever his label, Moss would have been severely bullied at school as a teenager if he had been a real person. Any way thanks for another fantastic comedy to brighten our lives.

  101. Been saving it up for tonight (too much rugby on over the weekend.)
    Only caught part of the last series but loved it to bits.
    Thanks God for series link and Sky+.
    I shrieked with delight and horror throughout the programme. BRILLIANT!!

  102. Awesome episode! I like the first series a lot (I work in I.T), but judging by this episode, things are going to be brilliant!
    I know it’s boring, but I have to mention the laughter track. I personally like it. I remember this same argument over Alan Partridge. It suits the style of the show. I always remember the Only Fools and Horses films that had the laughter removed and they seemed totally flat to me. The laughter was part of the show, as it is here.
    Keep up the good work old chap! =)

    Kind Regards,

  103. Im Glad Richmond’s got a better part in this series. He’s a great character. Is the I.T crowd the first thing the actor who plays him has done? I havent seen him in anything.

    Thanks for a great start to the series mate.

    cant wait for friday to see whats goin on with Denholm. ( Yes i know he dies or does he? ey? ey? )

  104. Did u have a cameo in Darkplace? I cant remember!

    Bloody loved that show. Missed Dean Learner tho…….gutted. Is it on DvD?

  105. DavyDock, the actor’s name is Noel Fielding, he’s in The Mighty Boosh (Vince Noir), Darkplace (Monkeyman/Apeloid in episode 4), AD/BC a Rock Opera and Nathan Barley (as Jones), Richard Ayoade was in both shows. Matt Berry was also in the Mighty Boosh.

    Graham was in Darkplace, he was the hospital porter twice.

  106. Thanks very much bbcentral. Strangely enough after i had typed that message. I watched the mighty Boosh on bbc 3. I knew i seen his face from somewhere.

    Oh Thats Rite! I feel like such a fool now. He’s gonna hate me now. lol

    3 Days to go.

  107. Brilliant first episode. My wife was actually in bits laughing when Roy was pretending to have fallen off the toilet. I liked Moss behind the bar. Great work, can’t wait for next week.

  108. DavyDock says “3 Days to go.”
    I know, I’m counting down the days too. I think everyone here is! :)

  109. Hi Graham, Can’t wait to see what you do with Matt Berry. I hear he’s a bit of a loose cannon, was he hard to control?


  110. Matt? He’s a pussycat!

    Had a small cameo in ‘Darkplace’. Security Guard.

    Was thinking of hosting my own online chat using Campfire, but that didn’t work out. Stay tuned! I’ll try and sort one out.

    Thanks again for the comments on this post. Best response I’ve had to a show in ages.

  111. […] The IT Crowd is back on Channel Four, with four episodes to go! Originally there were meant to be eight episodes, but Graham Linehan (creator of IT Crowd and of course Father Ted) noted on his blog: […]

  112. […] 2 In the comments, aristan presents compelling evidence that this is indeed the finale — bugger. (Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant on series one of The IT Crowd, and my […]

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