Ginger ninja’s sneaking challenge

August 23, 2007

“Put simply I aim to put my Ninja sneaking talents to the test and bet
that I can remain in my parents house for a full 24 hours without being
seen. My plan is to say that I will be going to a friend’s and spending
the night at their place. I will then then open the front door and
close it again making them believe that I have left. after this I will
sneak about the house for the next 24 hours attempting to hide in every



  1. It’ll all end in tears when his still-poorly da catches a glimpse of the little hooded bugger gecko’ed to the roof of the bathroom, then suffers a massive stroke.

  2. Hey Graham. Please tell us all about the new IT Crowd series starting on Channel 4 tomorrow at 9.30pm. Don’t be shy!

  3. Why, that IS delightful!

  4. What do you want to know, Lem?

  5. I don’t think you can do it, but having said that, I am interested to see if you can. Will you be camoflauged or actually in full traditional ninja garb?

  6. Umm.. let me think. Do you lock yourself in a room to write, or jot down ideas as they come? How is it different writing without a partner? What are the timescales of each part of the process? How long does an episode take to record? Any interesting people you would have liked to have casted? Will Chris Morris be making an appearance this series? And stuff like that.

    I’ve been looking forward to the new series for several weeks now. Thanks in advance! I’d buy you a pint if I could..

  7. I like this website, I really do. But when I come here sometimes all the posts will show up, sometimes the newer ones have disappeared. It’s very upsetting. Is it me? Is it vista (likely, the cantankerous hunk o junk)? Is it wordpress?

  8. god dont let Bioshock be crap, ANY game but Bioshock. your post has left me cinical.

  9. Cathy, I don’t know what’s happening there. Sometimes I post things, realise they need work and edit them while they’re up. Could that be it? Anyone else having issues with this site?

  10. All appears normal each time I log in.

  11. Lem, I don’t have time to fully answer those, but let me say that Chris Morris will be appearing in this series.

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