Dang…it looked so good, too…

August 23, 2007

If you’re thinking of buying Bioshock, be careful

(via Boing Boing)


  1. I DL’d the demo on XBox 360 – possibly the most beautiful game I’ve ever played. Jawdropping graphics. How the full game measures up remains to be seen.

    Just finished The Darkness…now that is one screwed up, violent game. Brilliant though. Personally looking foward to Resi 5 coming out on the 360. Brain gravy! Mmmmmm!

  2. I think that the secureROM scares are fairly overhyped, and has been debunked from several quaters.

    Honestly, don’t let this put you off the game. Take precautions if need be, but it’ll honestly be worth it.

  3. I played the PC demo the other night. Immersiveness, originality, and creepiness, all in abundance.

    The fact that the publisher has permitted the news story to turn from how this is a shoo-in for game of the year to how egregious its copy protection is saddens me. They could give a masterclass in shooting oneself in the foot. It’s a real shame because the game does look amazing, but that was only the story for a couple of days before these onerous measures — mentioned neither in the box nor in the manual — surfaced.

    I tried to cancel my order of Bioshock from play.com but they’d already dispatched it… damn their efficiency!

    I attempted to count how many computers I’ve installed System Shock 2 on over the years. I think it’s either 5 or 6. I guess that means I fit the profile of a software pirate.

  4. I was considering buying Bioshock as I loved System Shock so much, but not after this debacle I won’t even touch the game.

    On the subject of comparing it to the Darkness up there, I have played that sorry excuse for a game but I’ll leave it to the genius of independent games designer Ben Croshaw to sum it up. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=eWS9_nrKOPA

    You could actually transpose that mini review to many of the over hyped first-person games out there at the moment, as they all try and release a gimmick to stay fresh but in the end the first person genre is stale.

  5. Hmmm…not sure I agree with Mr Croshaw’s review. What he appears to be saying is that he couldn’t find a way out of the first level and so spat his dummy out and gave up.

    For what it’s worth I thought the Darkness was a great game with great graphics, great voice-acting (for once) and a wonderfully brooding gothic atmos that never wavered in dramatic tension.
    Plus you can rip peoples’ hearts out and eat them, which is good enough for me!

  6. Although I do have to say that the crawling demon snake thing was bloody hard to control and had me swearing like Satan himself on more than a few occasions.

  7. Phew. I was fearing for a minute that Graham was going to endorse the sub-Victor Lewis Smith toss cranked out by that Fullyramblomatic fellow, but it turns out that we are OK! I fucking hated it, but confess to not being surprised that video gamers, starved as they are by anything properly funny, get something out of it. Ho hum.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway. Bioshock – like the man in the BB story says, it’s the most over-rated game of the year.

  8. Now THIS is kinda funny:

    (You’ll probably have to at least have played the Bioshock demo in order to get it, though.)

  9. aha , they’ve fixed it.
    Well not really.
    You can install on a whole 5 different machines.
    5 times each.Breathtaking.
    And they’re bringing out a tool to “uninstall” the licence each time you want to remove the game
    .You still lose a life each time your PC crashes,you have to reformat and lose everything and therefore can’t uninstall though.Still it a bit of a farce when an anti piracy tool actually causes all the grief to the legitmiate punters as opposed to the people who downloaded a cracked version and avoided them damn thing.
    Anyway , now the unhappy tears of the PC bioshockers over this was in fact drowned out by the whinging of the xbox 360 kids who’s collectors edition”big daddy” figures arms had fallen off!

  10. What I want to know is this. In the first ever episode of the IT Crowd- Jen’s scary trip down to the bowels etc in the lift. From Half Life 1 or not?
    I think we should be told….

  11. Anyone else remember when every blog didn’t yammer constantly about DRM? It was a good time to be alive, Britney was doable and no one knew what a Katie Price was.

    Seriously the restriction isn’t that bad. You can install as many times as you want so long as you uninstall it first, the software it puts in is tiny and has no other function and really it’s just nerds loving having something to complain about.

    The game aint half bad either.

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