Why you should own the Panda Bear Album

August 20, 2007

Play it loud, fool!


  1. Nice to see Margot Stilley’s getting work.

  2. No kidding, I love this album.

  3. Hi Graham!

    Completely unrelated to your blog post, I just wanted to say how excited I am for Friday! It’s been a long wait.

    I hope Series 2 of the IT Crowd does awesome for you.

  4. Thank you, sir! Very much appreciated.

  5. Damn, how long must I wait to see series 2??? Can’t you just throw it all on a DVD immediately?

    I live in the U.S., but grew up in Scotland loving British comedy. My wife is now similarly addicted.
    Been a fan of your stuff for years, Graham. We order it on DVD from the U.K. (we’ve hacked the region code on our player).

  6. […] Why you should own the Panda Bear Album [YouTube] Play it loud, fool! […]

  7. Ah! Panda Bear is at least seven shades of mightiness! A fine recommendation. Looking forward to series two of The IT Crowd – I feared it would never come.

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