I just coughed a sandwich through my nose

August 18, 2007

Who’s would win in a fight between a grown man and two toddlers? There’s only one way to find out!


  1. Oh god that’s hilarious.
    Have you seen episode 2?
    He beats his kids with a plank of wood…

  2. A word of warning: don’t use the wood featured in the second film for any of your DIY needs. I currently have two halves of a table and a lapful of casserole due to it’s low quality.

  3. Fighting is bad… OW!

  4. I just spat Shreddies all over my keyboard. Frosted ones at that. Damn.

    P.S. This video now sits firmly embedded on my blog. Hurrah!

  5. […] I just coughed a sandwich through my nose Who says child abuse can’t be funny? […]

  6. That’s nuthin’! I just snorted an aubergine through my navel.

    Very funny :)

  7. Just coughed two Weetabix, a pot of tea and fourteen Chocolate Kimberleys through my nose.

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