Indie kids. I love ’em

August 17, 2007

You know the way, on Big Brother, whenever they pipe an R Kelly number into the house, or whatever, everyone in the house knows it and sings along? And you think “Why do they all know this terrible song?” And then you remember, oh, wait, yeah…they’re all…you know…idiots. And they only like music that comes from The Man. Well, I’m sure the people in this video are annoying too, in some way, but I know who I’d rather have round for cake.


  1. Just got their album. This isn’t on it but v good nonetheless.

  2. cracking song by a fantastic young band.

    still, it doesn’t have a lot of crunk in the trunk and that.

  3. I love indie kids too. You never see an group of indie kids on a bus or train playing shit tinny chipmunk music loud out of their stupid phones.

    Just gone and got one of their albums based on this blog post. Great stuff! Thanks! :)

  4. Nice video, but the song really isn’t doing it for me.

  5. the kids of the indie genre are sadly few and far between in the south bit of the US. I miss them…

  6. Hey, lemmy101! That’s made my day!

  7. That song made me happy. I’ll be buying that album as soon as possible. Thanks for posting that, Graham. You’re fantastic, by the way.

  8. I guess knowing the bands name would be helpful. Anyone?

  9. Nevermind – I found it. Tokyo Police Club! God, this whole internet thing is great. I hope it catches on.

  10. Am I missing something here?

    Am I too f*cking old?

  11. Yes, you’re missing an insanely catchy song.

  12. :) Great tune!

  13. […] never heard of Tokyo Police Club before I stumbled across a blog post on Graham Linehan’s blog (he of Fr. Ted and the I.T. Crowd […]

  14. Saw them last night – they were awesome live!

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