The whole experience of being hit by a bullet is very interesting and I think it is worth describing in detail.

August 15, 2007

George Orwell on being shot.

I love the way he writes, at one point, that his may not have been the thoughts of a dying man because he wasn’t actually dying. A true writer; striving for accuracy with a hole in his neck.

The best line is mangled on the site. He talks of the “violent resentment at having to leave this world which, when all is said and done, suits me so well.”


  1. Very interesting, cheers.

  2. What a guy, over 50 years later two of the most popular TV shows take their names from one of his novels, and he had the foresight to change his name from Blair.

  3. […] greatly). Looking back through some of his previous posts I found that back in the middle of August he blogged a page which has George Orwell’s facinating account on being shot in the neck by a sniper. The year […]

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